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Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

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Everything you do in Brown Dust requires some kind of resource. In fact, you’ll spend most of your time in this game farming for gold, diamonds, EXP, heroes, upgrade materials, and other such basic necessities. Even as you finally manage to put together your dream team of 5-star mercenaries, the journey is only beginning.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

As we’ve already discussed in our guide to hero upgrades, the price tag on maxing out even one Best in Slot mercenary can be exorbitant. So how are you supposed to get all these materials and have a bit of fun in the process? That’s what we’ll be tackling next.

Campaign Stages for Diamonds, Gold, EXP, and Hero Pieces

Especially for players who are new to Brown Dust, the campaign is a fantastic place to start. As you complete the early stages, you’ll earn a good amount of EXP and gold, as well as diamonds. Furthermore, you’ll be assigned quests at least once every 5 completed stages and, aside from offering an inkling into the flirtatious (but very serious) lives of your team members, these tasks will reward you with even more diamonds and useful materials.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

Gold is good to have, but diamonds buy you pretty much everything in this world. After all, Brown Dust is a Gacha game. Unlike most similar releases, however, this mobile RPG is more than generous with its premium currency. Just by completing quests and campaign stages, you can get up to 1,000 diamonds per day – sometimes even more. To give you an idea of what this sum can buy, you can recruit 10+1 legendary mercenaries for 900 diamonds or 10+1 regular mercenaries for 600. Pretty neat.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

Every campaign chapter has 10 stages that, when completed for the first time, give you a decent reward. In addition, the last (or boss) stage of the chapter has a higher chance of dropping good items on repeat runs. For example, some bosses will drop EXP Slimes, while others will drop gold or pieces for specific heroes. If you’re going to let the game autoplay in the background, these are the stages you should focus on the most.

Co-op Raids for Soul Gear

Even as the game throws gold and diamonds at you, soul gear for certain heroes can be very difficult and expensive to obtain if purchased with currency. That’s why, when you want to equip your mercenaries, you should consider co-op raids for items or Soul Pieces.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

These events are not for the faint-hearted, though. You’ll need a strong team made of powerful 4- and 5-star mercenaries to have a modest shot at significant loot. Once you team up with 3 other players, you all take turns at the boss and your damage is cumulated. If you manage to down the different stages together, you all earn soul gear items based on your contribution. Otherwise, the consolation prize consists of Soul Pieces, which you can use to summon items at the Soul Gear shop for 300 a pop.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

Mystic Island Defense and Pillaging

Mystic dust is seemingly the primary resource to be farmed on Mystic Island (duh), but this map can also be used to level up fodder heroes effectively. The Island is split into 5 regions which produce more or less dust, EXP, as well as other resources. The rightmost regions are the most lucrative, but also the most likely to get pillaged by other players. The leftmost regions, on the other hand, are far less likely to attract attention and are therefore very suitable for leveling mercenaries.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

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To get a group of heroes started in a region, simply assign them to the respective defense formation. They will be in charge of protecting your resources in the area if and when other players attack. In addition, five times a day, you too can target other peoples’ camps for more dust. Mystic dust (in industrial quantities, mind you) can be spent at the Trading Post for various rewards, including slimes, horseshoes, hero pieces, skill books, and more.

Crystal Cave and Rune Temple for Materials

In the Challenge Screen, the first area you unlock is the Rune temple, where you can gather rune pieces by defeating pre-set groups of mobs and bosses. The temple is compartmentalized in Assault, Vital, Fatal, Rage, and Shield areas, each of which has 12 possible levels of difficulty. Naturally, the higher you can go on this ladder, the better your rewards. Once you find a suitable level for your group of heroes, you can easily get a dozen runes by re-running it for 2+ hours.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

The Crystal Cave is a slightly more complicated dungeon. It’s split into Magician, Warrior, and Defender sections where the rewards include Low, Medium, or High awakening crystals for different mercenary roles. Each section is only available two times a week, with a Chaos section for all types of crystals being open on Sunday.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

In addition, certain conditions must be met for your party to be able to clear a stage. Only 2 roles of 4 (can vary based on each section) are usually allowed inside and only a strict number of mercenaries can participate, depending on the difficulty level of your choice.

Events for Massive Rewards

Like we’ve mentioned before, Brown Dust is what we might call a very generous Gacha game. You still need to pay if you aspire to become the #1 arena master on your server, but you can get pretty far as a F2P player as well. Aside from the Campaign, another great way to acquire diamonds and other tremendously useful resources is by taking part in events.

Just take a look at this event for Kanna the Obsessed Tracker. This is a fairly good 4-star warrior that can push your team over some serious hurdles. For a limited amount of time, you could obtain her just by performing quotidian activities for a little over 4 days. That’s a great deal by any standards. Even if you already have Kana, it’s still a great way to boost her skill level with barely any effort.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

Here’s another event that took place over an entire month and that was filled with yummy rewards. To complete each chapter, you’d have to find 5 pieces of evidence using a combination of items you’d obtain from casual combat in the campaign or arenas. Each evidence uncovered offered impressive rewards and the final clue for each chapter was even more attractive.

Brown Dust: How to Farm Effectively

Who says Gacha games can’t be good guys? Brown Dust knows just how to draw you in by being liberal with its premium currency and actually giving you a chance against other players. Now, before you spend all that hard work on a hero you’ll end up disliking later on, why not check out our guide to the best heroes in the game for an informed decision? Best be safe than sorry!

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