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Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Although it’s not technically a live PvP mode, the Arena in Brown Dust is one way to test the strength of your team against other players. To participate in basic arena matches, you must complete the Campaign mission 4-10, but don’t worry – it doesn’t take a long time to get there. What might take forever, though, is to put together a team made of the best heroes in the game.

These are the heroes we’ve selected and described below. Each is a powerhouse for its respective role and has added bonuses to boot. Yes, it takes a lot of patience to land and upgrade one of these characters, but, boy, do they make you proud once you manage to slot them in your PvP team.

The Most Effective PvP Defenders

Defenders are heroes with a hefty HP pool and outstanding DEF stats, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch too! The heroes we’ve selected for this role are veritable sandbags during Arena matches, as well as decent damage dealers.

Lucius. This is, by far, one of the best heroes across all four roles in Brown Dust. Although Lucius does not have the highest HP pool among defenders, he does have one of the highest DMG ratings and a significant +50% Crit damage. What makes him truly fabulous, however, is his Resurrection skill, which brings him back to life once per combat. Also equipped with a Death Guard skill that ignores the first 6 attacks and a Masochism (awakened) skill that heals the hero when he receives damage from enemies, Lucius is as tough a defender as they come in this game. Best enhanced with a DEF and/or HP rune.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Arkan. This defender may not be as flashy as Lucius, but at approximately 13000 HP, he has the highest health pool in Brown Dust. His DMG rating is just a bit lower, but he makes up for this through his Shock (awakened) skill, which can incapacitate a high-threat opponent. Arkan’s Sacred Armor skill starts by buffing him with +60% DEF rating and gradually decreases by 1.5% per turn. When depleted, Arkan disappears from the battlefield.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Seir. This hero has significantly less HP than other tanks, but she has one of the highest DMG ratings, a 20% Crit chance (double that of Lucius and Arkan), and +75% Crit damage. In addition, the debuffs she applies to all enemies who attack her can be extremely useful for the survival of your team, while her Masochism skill heals her for 30% of the damage she takes. Her (awakened) Taunt skill further ensures that your other heroes stay alive long enough to cast their abilities.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

The Strongest PvP Warriors

Warriors are damage dealers who attack every turn for moderate to high damage. They usually target the first enemy in their line of sight, but can also attack the second or the last enemy on the lane.

Edin. This warrior is incredibly strong across the board, which makes him one of the best damage dealers in Brown Dust. He has a good amount of HP, the highest DMG rating (except for the suicidal Wiggle), a decent 15% Crit chance, and +75% Crit damage. Edin targets the first enemy in his line of sight, as well as the enemy immediately behind the latter. His Curse Barrier skill reduces all incoming damage by 70% and debuffs all enemies who target him. In addition, Edin’s Final Bash deals more than 350% of his base damage and can therefore be devastating for most targets.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

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Valzé. Although she boasts only half the base DMG of Edin, this hero targets the last enemy in her line of sight, as well as all other enemies on that vertical lane. Her Nullifier skill removes all buffs from targeted opponents, while her Bloody Bash deals tremendous damage and heals Valzé for a portion of the damage dealt. Her (awakened) Death Guard skill ignores the first hit she takes per battle.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

The Best PvP Magicians

Like warriors, magicians are damage dealers, but unlike the latter, they only hit once every two turns. This might seem like a handicap, but, if you can help them survive, some magicians perform overwhelming attacks that actually make them preferable to warriors in PvP.

Levia. This magician is one of the best damage dealers in Brown Dust, in spite of the fact that her base DMG rating is deceivingly low. She targets the first enemy in her line of sight and also damages all enemies on the same horizontal and vertical lanes. In addition, her Summon Demon skill adds fixed DMG to her attacks – 450% against the main target and 125% against AoE targets. When you add it all up with her self-healing Masochism skill and her Curse Counter skill, you can see why it’s worth waiting two turns for Levia to make her move.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Velfern. With a fairly high DMG rating and plenty of self-sustain, this magician is just as impressive as Levia. He hits the second enemy in his line of sight, as well as all enemies surrounding the latter, while his Darkness Bash applies additional DMG based on the number of curses on each target. His Death Absorption skill adds even more damage depending on how many graves there are on both battlefields and his Energy Guard skill gives him a decent shield that helps with his survivability.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

The Most Useful PvP Supporters

Supporters are not as ostentatious as damage dealers in Brown Dust, but they grant invaluable buffs to your party and are therefore an essential part of each PvP team. Unless you have extraordinarily strong supports (that are better than your warriors and magicians), you should include no more than 1 of these heroes in your party.

Venaka. This supporter buffs the hero that follows her in the order queue, as well as up to four other heroes adjacent to the latter. She increases her allies’ DMG rating and heals them for 6% of their total health per turn. Venaka also boosts her targets’ Crit damage and can remove DMG reduction buffs to boot.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Walya. This hero has a much heftier HP pool than Venaka, as well as a 10% DEF bonus and an Endurance (awakened) skill that applies self-healing each turn for survivability. She buffs the next hero in the order queue, together with all allies behind the latter on a horizontal line. Walya increases the Crit Chance and DMG rating of buffed allies, can heal (when awakened), and can taunt to draw enemy fire.

Brown Dust: The Best Heroes for the Arena

Beautiful, aren’t they? These heroes are nothing short of eye candy for all players of Brown Dust and especially for those who want to climb the ranks in the Arena. If you’ve already managed to get your hands on a couple of these, it’s time to study our advanced guide for PvP and obliterate your opponents for impressive rewards.

Otherwise, don’t worry. We also wrote a guide to the best 3-star heroes that you can use to enjoy most aspects of the game early on. With a bit of patience, better and better characters will soon flock to bolster your ranks!

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