In this CoD Mobile guide, you will be learning all the rules that are needed to win in this game. Once you have learned these rules, you will be burning your enemies or killing them in the game. Either way, the point of this CoD Mobile battle royale guide is to help you win your engagements. 

Rule number 1

Eliminate your enemies one by one. It is extremely important that you only deal with one enemy at a time or at the very least try taking on only one. You are just one player and no matter how skilled, no one can survive under the fire of network lag. You have to knock down one enemy as quick as possible. Then move on quickly to the next safe spot. You may also take cover and ambush your enemies when they come to rescue their teammate or collect his dog tag. Use the mini map or listen to the footsteps to track your enemy. If you see multiple enemies coming towards you then better stay low or just retreat. 

Rule number 2

Be aware of your surroundings and be patient. Always keep an eye on the mini map and be alert of any incoming threats. Let’s say, you see two helicopters in the air coming for an airdrop. It could be more than one enemy squad coming for the airdrop. In situations like these, you need to retreat first. Find a good spot with cover and observe enemy squads, also catch a breath. Let the enemies fight each other first. Once they are busy fighting each other, engage with one enemy, and eliminate that player quickly. Make sure you stay covered and wait patiently for the next chance. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

The more enemy squads entering the battlefield the better chance you can survive this. Sneak in, sneak out and strike your enemy with all your shots. Remember to be patient and stay sharp. You should always look out for any leftover or reinforcement enemies.

Rule number 3

Knock down one enemy and use it as bait to lure the enemy squad. The game has a feature called Dog tags that come alive after a player has been knocked in duo or squad games. You can use this against your enemies. Just hide around the dead enemy and wait for the enemy squad to come for rescuing and then finish them all. Make sure you are in a good position and stay covered.

Rule Number 4 

Use the flashlight in close range fight. With the flashlight mod, you can be just as annoying as the defender class in close range fight. The flashlight mod gives you a 1-second advantage in close range fight. It’s the matter of 1 second that determines you live or die. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

Make sure you open the scope to trigger the flashlight in a close enough range. Otherwise, you will just be wasting the advantage of a flashlight. There is a 30-second cool-down timer until you can use the flashlight again. So use it wisely. 

Rule number 5 

Use the smoke grenade to cover your team. The airborne machine is widely used in a squad battle. However, you will be extremely vulnerable when you launch it. It is a good practice that you always throw a few smoke grenades to cover the airborne machine. Another good practice is to use smoke grenades is to cover your teammates before you revive them. This will buy you some time and save their lives. Now, you know the smoke grenade is super useful but how do you deal with it when it’s being used by your enemy? The answer is throwing a Nova gas in the enemy smoke, obviously.

Rule number 6

Always get to high ground. High ground is the king location in battle royale games. Whoever controls the high ground, holds a huge advantage against the others. That’s the reason why Ninja is one of the favorite classes in CoD Mobile battle royale. Being a Ninja, you can get to any high ground in a jiffy, and attack your enemies from the skies. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

No one can deal with multiple enemies at the same time. You have to eliminate your enemies one by one. Most of the time, the mute mod is your best choice. If you already have the high ground, with the help of a muted weapon, you won’t get spotted easily by your enemies. So don’t lose the high ground advantage.  You can keep hunting down the target without even being hurt. Moving from one high ground to another is always the best approach for relocating. As you can avoid any danger from the potential enemy on the ground.

Rule number 7 

Strike the enemies from their blind side. Always attack your enemy from where they are unconscious about your approaching. It means you’d better attack the enemy from the back, or any blind side that they can’t see you from. Even if your opponent is a pro player, worst case scenario, you can still start the fight in an offensive move. You will have a better chance to win the fight. You can even deal with multiple enemies at the same time but it’s all about approach.  

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

It’s hard to approach your enemies without being noticed. This is why taking high ground is so important in this game. Use a smoke grenade as cover before using your airborne machine. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

With all of these enabled, you just watch and listen for any shadows or sounds coming towards you. In a particular case, let’s say your enemy is up on the hill, and he will try to jump on you and make the kill. Since you already know that’s about to happen you start sliding around and prepare for it. Now, keep your eyes and ears open for any incoming threats. The first thing that you will see is a flying shadow, and then it’s game over for the opponent.

Rule number 8 

Always take cover, and use anything as your cover. As a newbie on the battlefield, taking cover is your first lesson to learn to save your life. In some critical moments, you have to deal with multiple enemies at the same time. A good cover is your only hope to survive. The high ground can become your best. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

Just go prone to take cover on the high ground, and fight back as soon as you are recovered. If you are under attack, and you can’t locate the enemy immediately. Just stay behind a cover, and start searching for the source of the attack. As soon as you find the enemy, you can plan the next move. This is an advantage of playing TPP mode rather than in FPP mode. Keep that peaking in mind.

Rule number 9

Use drop shot, jump shot, and slide shot. These are the 3 trick shots techniques that every CoD Mobile player should learn. It is recommended that you incorporate these shots into your gameplay for better performance. Drop Shots basically mean proning while shooting. This trick is highly efficient in CoD Mobile Battle Royale, as the third-person view also makes it difficult to aim with the crosshair. Not only does it catch the opponent off guard, but it forces them to change their position as well. Slide shot means sliding while shooting, or shoot after sliding. This is also a very useful technique in a close range fight, which makes it hard to aim.

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

If you face to face with the enemy, the slide shot will save your life. First, you slide to the left to dodge some bullets, and then start fighting back. As you will see in the game, the slide shot is very effective with a shotgun. 

Jump shot, as the name suggests, is jumping while shooting, or shoot after jumping. It can be used against the drop shot. Since your opponent uses the drop shot, his aim will drop as well. If you jump shoot at that moment, very likely you can dodge a few bullets, and kill him first. 

Rule number 10

Always stay alert and keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Keep looking for any movements and listening to any sounds around you. You should be aware of enemy footsteps when they are close enough to you. Footstep is the best alarm in this game that can keep you alive. On the other hand, the footstep is your biggest enemy as well, which will sell you out to others. That’s why Ninja is overpowered in the BR. The passive skill of Ninja can hide your footsteps, which will keep you hidden for the most part. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

Once you find the footsteps, you can pretty much locate the enemy in a rough way. This means you can plan your next move in advance, according to your play style and your inventory. If you are an aggressive player then you can choose to rush the enemy, smash him first. This could turn to be a reckless move because it is dangerous to rush a camper these days. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Guide - This is What it Takes to Be a Soldier

Also, there could be traps all around set by the Trap Master. You can also choose to retreat to avoid engaging the enemy. Worst case scenario, at least you will know where the threat IS coming from, and prepare for a big fight. This is the most important lesson you need to learn in this game. Apart from the footsteps, you can use the gunshots to track and find the enemy.