We’ve all had those games with those teammates that make the match seemingly unwinnable, but it’s important to remember that while a CoD Mobile multiplayer match is a team effort there are a lot of things you can do individually to help bring everyone over the line. This CoD Mobile guide is going to focus on how you can better carry your not so skillful teammates and start clutching more often. If you want to be able to carry your teammates you need to be a very skillful player yourself. You need crisp consistent aim, proper movement, and tremendous game sense. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

Despite even all of that once again CoD Mobile is a team game, so carrying is meant to be hard. Making sure that you can always rely on yourself during a match is the key. You need to win as many fights as possible to carry your team to victory. To win these fights you need excellent aim and the only way you can improve your aiming skills is by practicing as much as possible. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

The level of your aim pretty depends on the development of your muscle-memory. Pointing your gun at the highest level should be thoughtless so that you can focus on positioning and situational awareness. If you want to get better muscle memory you simply need to repeat the same routine over and over again. Now, let’s start with probably the only CoD Mobile guide in the world that can make it happen.

Spray Control

The biggest difference between CoD Mobile and other FPS games is definitely the recoil system. In other games what mostly matters is reaction time and accuracy but that won’t make much of a difference if your bullets can’t connect. In CoD Mobile each weapon has its own spray pattern. If you take a gun in the game and dump a couple of full magazines at a wall you’ll notice a pattern for each one of them. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

This bullet spray can be controlled. Practice and muscle memory will eventually let you place all those shots in the same spot. Newer players just pull their crosshair down and hope they’ll hit a target, or they prefer to shoot just one round at a time no matter what. You can get kills doing that but consistency is what you want to achieve if you want to solo carry in the time of need.

Movement and Peeking

Using good movement and the right peeking techniques is the next most underrated aspect of having a good aim in CoD Mobile. The most common movement mistakes players make is moving forward too much and peaking at the wrong speeds. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

Every angle you clear in the match should be done with the strafe and counter strafe. Strafing in FPS games is just a name for sideways movement. Counter chafing means pressing the opposite strafe key to stopping your movement. In the match you need to stop to shoot accurately and peeking sideways lets you place your crosshair.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is when you tactically position your crosshair to make sure you have to do as little aiming as possible. It essentially comes down to preemptively placing your crosshair at a head level as you peek at an angle instead of only moving your crosshair to your opponent’s head once you spot them. By doing this you’ll manage to shave off quite a bit of time that you normally would have spent aiming. Meaning that you’ll be able to react faster than your opponents.

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

In the higher ranks of CoD Mobile multiplayer matches, a duel is decided by the first shot or two because of that you’ll definitely want to get off the first shot. That being said it doesn’t mean that you should come around the corner while already firing just to get the first shot. Rather you’ll want to peak it so that you’ll hopefully have to do little or even no aiming at all, and you’ll only have to do a quick counter strafe and a one-tap combo.


You really need to practice in order to become better in CoD Mobile. The team of better individual players is usually the one that wins. Except for the highest level of play where it’s all about team play first and then individual skill. But in your own matchmaking games where you and your teammates aren’t put on a leash and are essentially free to do whatever you want, it really just comes down to how skilled everyone is. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

If your team is more skilled and able to win duels easily then you’ll win a lot more matches. And to get better you need to practice. If you want to become a better player then mechanically practice your aim practice, your counter strafing, and practice your gun control. That’s the only way to really get better

Grenade Stacking

Grenade stacking is when you and your teammates all throw a grenade in one specific position at the same time. The objective here is to take out a player on the enemy team without having to actually take a duel with them. When done effectively it can give your team the man advantage without much effort. A lot of teams can benefit from grenade stacking in certain situations, and they should try this a lot more often.

Tracking Opponents

Lastly and arguably the most important tip here would be to keep track of your opponents and their tendencies. Every player has a certain playstyle and most of the time each player has his own spot and doesn’t randomly switch positions. So if you’re in a clutch you can and should have a general idea of where every player can and can’t be.

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

You can plan a clutch around your opponent’s play style. If you know your opponents prefer playing more passive or more aggressive or if you notice some other tendencies then you can build your clutch around it. So try and keep track of which players are playing where and what their tendencies are so once you get into a clutch or even outside a clutch you can abuse this knowledge. If you start keeping track of all these bits of info you’ll immediately notice that you will start to predict what opponents are going to do or how they’re going to react before it even happened. 

Carrying Solo in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Matches, It's Way Harder

The more you practice it the more it will become second nature and more often than not you’ll be able to recognize patterns that will allow you to win a lot more matches.