Clash of Empire is a Mobile RTS with a fleshed-out RPG aspect in the form of many unlockable heroes. These characters are actually historical figures that were present in our own history, such as Genghis Khan, Elizabeth Bathory, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra, among many others. You can unlock every single one of these through the game’s gacha system and assign them to various positions in your base to improve certain aspects of your city.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

Every character has its own stats and abilities, and can come in handy for different purposes. For instance, some heroes are defense-oriented and are better suited for guarding your garrison against specific enemies, while others have specific passive skills that make them superior when fighting in open fields. You’ll have to examine each hero carefully and assign them to the correct position as the situation demands.

However, before you can do any of this, you need to unlock several characters to add to your roster. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get new heroes in Clash of Empire, as well as give some suggestions of the best characters in the game.

Unlocking New Heroes in Clash of Empire

There are two main methods through which you can unlock new characters in this game: Either by collecting hero fragments and assembling the corresponding character, or by summoning them in the Hero Hall building, through the game’s gacha system.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

Recruiting in the Hero Hall

You’ll unlock the Hero Hall shortly after beginning your journey in Clash of Empire, through which you’ll be able to summon new characters for your roster. There are two main types of summonings: Common Recruit, and Advanced Recruit. While in other games you can pay for these summonings with premium currency, the only way to actually do it here is by using recruitment cards. These tickets are quite uncommon, though there are methods for getting a few of these every day.

You can get common cards fairly easily by completing your daily quests. One of the activity rewards (the one corresponding to the 370-point milestone) is one common recruitment card. Make sure to do your daily quests regularly; it’s one of the most important parts of your daily routine in this game. Another way to get common recruitment cards is by purchasing them on the store with Gold. Meanwhile, the only way of getting advanced recruitment cards is by purchasing packs using real money.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

Once you have a card, you can simply visit the Hero Hall and select the corresponding summoning type. You may also summon in batches of 10 to save on time, though there’s really no other benefits of summoning in the manner.

When it comes to common vs advanced recruitments, it’s important to consider that the former can also give you items such as resource packs and fragments instead of complete heroes. However, every 10 attempts, there’s a guaranteed chance that you will get either fragments or a complete hero from a common summoning. On the other hand, advanced recruitments guarantee a complete hero of a random rarity every 10 summonings. In this sense, the latter form of recruitment is always better when it comes to expanding your roster of characters.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

Regardless, if you manage to save up 10 hero shards, you can combine them into the corresponding character in the Hero Hall. Whenever you visit this building, you can also check on your available fragments for every hero. Keep in mind, however, that, aside from unlocking new characters, these fragments are also used for enhancing your existing heroes.

Move to a New Kingdom To Participate in the Launch Events

A good idea if you’re just beginning in Clash of Empire is to always start in a new server. This is because, during the first week of the server’s life, there are many different events that can give you plenty of awesome rewards for your participation. Some of these prizes include common and advance recruit cards. We strongly suggest you participate in these events and try to nab as many prizes as you can, especially since these recruitment cards can be quite rare and expensive.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

If you started on an old server by mistake, you can freely switch to a new one through the settings menu, by clicking on the red “Start New Game” button on the Account screen.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire

There are 5 positions in your town that your heroes can occupy: Cavalry Commander, Archer Commander, Siege Commander, Guard Commander and General. These positions can only be occupied by relevant characters, as indicated by their type icons. For instance, Genghis Khan has a horse icon, so he can only occupy the position of Cavalry Commander. The only exception to this restriction is the General position, which can be occupied by any hero, regardless of type.

Depending on the focus of your current army and that of the enemy’s (in case you’re being attacked), you will need to assign the right hero for the job. For instance, if you’re defending against an attack, and your garrison consists mostly of infantry troops, you’ll want a hero that gives plenty of passive boosts to these units as your Guard Commander. You can always check the status of your active buffs in the “Appoint” menu of the Hero Hall.

The Best Heroes in Clash of Empire - How to Unlock New Characters in This Mobile RTS

Some of the best characters in Clash of Empire include the following:

  • Genghis Khan: Focused on Cavalry units. His passive gives cavalry troops a chance to split into two groups and deal extra damage to the enemy.
  • Alexander: Focused on Archer troops. He can summon many ghosts to attack the enemy. These units have a chance of dealing triple crits when attacking.
  • Joan of Arc: Balanced character with a slight focus on Siege units. Her passive gives catapults a chance of dealing AoE damage and also deal increased damage against cavalry.
  • Caesar: Focused on Infantry. A good defensive hero that can bring a small percentage of fallen soldiers back to life and continue fighting at the start of every turn.

There aren’t many heroes to summon in Clash of Empire, which is why finding those recruitment cards can be such a hassle. Regardless, a good hero in the right position can often mean the difference between a crushing defeat and an easy victory.

Who are your favorite heroes in Clash of Empire? Leave us your thoughts and questions in the section below!