Let’s face it: when you’re engaged in a complex mobile strategy game, you want to keep an eye on your kingdom at all times. What if a massive army is mobilized against you and you lose all of your best soldiers in one go? What if an ally needs urgent help? What if your resources are about to be plundered when you were this close to upgrading your castle to the next level? You have to be able to respond immediately.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

The same holds true for Clash of Empire, a mobile RTS where every second counts if you’re at war. It’s a great thing that you can take the game with you everywhere you go – for example, on the bus or the train – but what about the rest of the day? A mobile phone, no matter how good, just doesn’t have the juice to run CoE all day long.

Enter BlueStacks, the emulator that lets you play Clash of Empire on your PC. With BlueStacks, you can run the game at all times and, while you’re at it, you gain access to a few awesome features that can make your life much easier. Take a closer look!

Enjoy a Seamless Experience on Your PC

Clash of Empire isn’t just a complex mobile RTS game. Thanks to the Heroes system, the devs were able to incorporate a number of Gacha and RPG elements as well, which makes the game even more engaging. Heroes play an essential role in both the development of your kingdom and your military success, so if you want to be one of the best rulers on the server, you have to interact with this whole new dimension of the game in addition to its base-building, war features.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

Plus, Clash of Empire looks stunning. From the world map and monsters to your own kingdom and heroes, everything shouts immersion so that, as a player, you can form an attachment to your base, army, and alliance. But none of this works if you can’t run the game on decent settings, which is often the case with older smartphones. You also don’t want to have to wait a century in order to switch between the kingdom and world view, especially since you sometimes have just a couple of minutes to save your army or assist an ally in need.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

If CoE doesn’t run properly on your mobile phone, BlueStacks has the solution. With this emulator, you can transfer your game to the PC and enjoy seamless gameplay on the highest graphics settings. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about lag again. Forget about enemies who try to take you off guard with a surprise attack. You’ll be able to navigate the different menus of the game in an instant, communicate with your alliance, and plot an immediate response.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Kingdom

Speaking of surprise attacks, one of the main things you can do to progress faster through games like Clash of Empire is to always pay attention. If you play CoE exclusively on your mobile phone, then you will be forced to close it, at one point or another. If, on the other hand, you play on your PC, you can always let it run in the background. Your PC, after all, won’t run out of battery or become worn out in the process.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

Play Clash of Empire on PC

Even if you can’t spend all of your time checking out the game since, well, you’ll probably have work or other things to do, you’ll at least be able to Alt-Tab to the BlueStacks window whenever you feel the need to. Got a notification that someone is marching towards your kingdom? Switch to the game immediately instead of waiting for it to load on your phone. Then, prep your defenses or send your army away in case the attack seems overwhelming.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

Use the Macro Recorder while You’re AFK

As we’ve already mentioned in our list of tips and tricks for beginners, gathering as many resources as possible is a necessary condition to progressing through Clash of Empire. However, Farms, Sawmills and other resource buildings won’t manage themselves. Every 6 to 10 hours, you have to collect the resources that have been gathered in order to avoid a loss in production.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

You could do this manually on a smartphone or… you could let BlueStacks do it for you. When you have the luxury to log into the game every morning, this is not so much a concern. Provided that you’ve collected your resources before going to bed, your production buildings should be able to store the materials that they gather throughout the night. But what if you can’t log in in time?

Well, you can always let CoE run on your PC and use the BlueStacks Macro Recorder to automate resource collection. All you have to do is to press the Record button and then collect each type of resource without moving the screen. For this purpose, it might be useful to build a farm, sawmill, iron mine, and silver mine in 4 adjacent slots.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

Once you’ve collected everything, end the recording and name it. Then, you can set the macro to run on a continuous loop, once every 2-4 hours. Even if you don’t get to collect the materials manually, the emulator will ensure that your production remains optimal.

You can even run a second macro to continue helping your allies even while you’re AFK. Just create a simple recording of pressing the Help button on the right side of the screen and let it play indefinitely while you’re away from the game. It’s that simple. Your alliance will think more of you and you’ll accumulate the maximum amount of points for helping others.

How to Play Clash of Empire on Your PC with BlueStacks

We bet it crossed your mind at least a couple of times that your account on Clash of Empire would do much better if you could somehow automate most of the repetitive tasks in the game. Well, now you can do just that. What will you do while BlueStacks takes care of the chores, you ask? For one, you could spend all of your time focusing on the best part about CoE – conquering other players!

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