Tools and bonuses in Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 play an essential role in the player’s success when playing the game for the long term. Even though many players stubbornly hold onto the idea that using tools and bonuses is cheating, there are simply some puzzles that are designed to force players into using their resources. With the limitation of the energy system in mind, players simply have no choice but to use these tools and bonuses on the more difficult puzzles.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

Players can use as many tools and bonuses as they have when solving a puzzle. These tools and bonuses can be purchased in the shop using the premium currency – Crystals – which can also be earned by completing various missions and achievements. Players can buy them, but it’s a good idea to save your tools and bonuses during challenging puzzles and when they meet the right situation to use them. Here is our guide to using tools and bonuses in Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3.


The Hammer is a one-time-use tool that destroys one layer of a specific tile. Using this tool on an obstruction with multiple layers will only remove the first layer, so goals that are stuck inside those obstructions can’t be collected. As stated in our Beginners’ Guide, once a tool has been consumed, it will not be refunded regardless of whether or not the player completes the stage.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

The Hammer can be purchased in the shop and is the cheapest bonus on the list. The best time to use this tool is when players need to get rid of the last piece to complete their goals and have less than three moves left without any nearby tiles offering a way out. Since the usage is extremely limited, it doesn’t usually result in a miraculous way to impact the board resulting in a combo chain. This is why this tool is often reserved for finishing the stage at the last step to ensure they don’t have to repeat the puzzle.


The Mixer scrambles all of the pieces on the board randomly for a chance to improve the state of the game. This is the most complex bonus to use on the list because it doesn’t offer an ensured way to give the player an out on the dilemma they are facing. The Mixer also doesn’t affect obstructions or non-chip tile pieces, so scrambling won’t help you overcome those challenges either unless the scrambling results in tile pieces being landed in places where they are matched, giving the player a way to destroy obstructions.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

The best time to use the Mixer is when the board is filled with many pieces belonging to one or two types. This increases the player’s chances of getting random matches that would help them secure their goals. Another good time to use this tool is when many of your goal pieces are stuck inside multi-layer obstructions. This allows the player to find a way to get them out without wasting moves trying to destroy all of the layers of the obstruction holding them captive.


A bomb is a tool that detonates a 5-tile plus-sign shape of an area of your choosing. The explosions will collect all tile pieces in that area and destroy one layer of obstructions. Additionally, it will activate all special tile pieces caught within the explosion radius. Since the explosion is tiny, its usage is also very limited but is helpful regardless of when you will use this tool to help you. It’s one of the most commonly used bonuses alongside the Hammer.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

The best time to use the Bomb is when you have two different special tile pieces near each other. By using this tool, the player ensures that a large portion of the board is reset and all goals and obstructions within that explosion radius are removed. It’s a good idea to use this in obstruction pockets or areas where a large cluster of obstructions are clumped together to make it difficult for the player to clear out. The final usage is using it on exposed goal pieces that are side by side or nearby.

Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra is a tool that randomly destroys 12 tiles on the board. This is another problematic tool because it doesn’t target specific tiles but does so randomly. Luckily, the effect is powerful enough that it doesn’t matter whether or not it hits all of the pieces you need it to hit. Keep in mind that this tool will only try to target tile pieces, so obstructions that don’t cover those tiles will not be selected, which is probably a good thing because you’ll only need this to hit your goal pieces.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

The best time to use Eye of Ra is at the very beginning of the stage when the player hasn’t moved or destroyed any of the obstructions yet. This is because you won’t know which pieces will be targeted, so it’s a good idea that the player uses this tool first to figure out what to do with the advantage at the beginning of the puzzle. Of course, that means that you must have attempted the puzzle at least three times and failed so that you can plan better.


The Chariot destroys all tiles in one row (horizontal line). This is the most straightforward tool on the list and is the easiest one to use. It collects all the tiles in a line and destroys one layer of obstructions in the direction that it goes. It’s beneficial in very large maps and puzzles which have created barrier obstructions that allow tile pieces to fall to the bottom of the board.

Cradle of Empire Egypt Match 3 - A Guide to Using Tools & Bonuses

The best time to use this puzzle depends on the situation. Players can use this at the beginning of the puzzle to remove a linear obstruction. On the other hand, they can use this to destroy a row filled with special tiles or goal pieces that they need to make their lives easier. It’s the best tool to use in any situation.