Crossfire Legends has two different payment and subscription systems that can be confusing for beginners: VIP and VVIP. These are not the same, and the benefits they provide are quite different. If you have some gems to spend and want to gain levels quickly, these systems offer features that will make your job quite easy. In this guide, we will explain both and also tell how you can benefit from them.

The Difference Between VIP and VVIP

The reason these systems use very close names is that Crossfire Legends has different stores in different countries. In some countries, there is no such distinction: If you are playing in an Asian country, you probably only see the “VIP” option. In Western countries, both options are offered.

Simply put, VVIP is a term used for special high-grade items you can buy with real money (gems). Some of the loot crates in the game are sold for a high amount of gems, and items in those crates are at “legendary” level. These items can be either a weapon or a special character skin:


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


No matter what comes out of the crate, all of them will be at “legendary” item level. So VVIP is actually the name of a service that offers you exclusive in-game items, some kind of “upgraded” store. The difference from VIP is that it does not require a permanent subscription. So anyone who has enough gems can buy these special items. But VIP members still get a discount:


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


The difference from the regular store is that the VVIP items are more expensive and of higher quality. And almost all of them provide you with permanent buffs – we will give more details about this below.

VIP feature, on the other hand, is as a regular subscription service. There are a total of 8 different VIP levels and players regularly paying with gems can subscribe to the system and get various advantages and permanent buffs in return. There is no such thing as VIP members getting VVIP items for free: They have to pay for these items too. However, they pay less than other players.


Advantages and Features of VVIP

Anyone who wishes can purchase a VVIP item in exchange for gems. The items and loot crates provided in this service are updated regularly. At the time this review was written, there was a “Transformers” promotion going on and all VVIP items were using this theme. By paying with gems, it was possible to purchase Transformers-themed weapons, character skins, and other items:


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


So, how are VVIP items different? Items with a “V” symbol on the upper left corner allow you to get lots of buffs permanently as long as they stay in one of your bags.  You do not have to use them: It is enough to store them in the bag. For example, the M4 Transformers VVIP assault rifle offers you the following benefits:

  • +100 more XP
  • + 20% XP, + 10% GP (when equipped)
  • Fast reload + exclusive sound effects
  • Special melee attack


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


There is more: VVIP weapons do not fall to the ground when you die. So your opponents cannot use them. In addition, VVIP buffs can accumulate. If you put more than one VVIP item in your bag, you can collectively use buffs from each one. For example, if you put two items in your bag that gives 100% XP buff, you will be getting 200% more XP than the other players.


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


Some weapons allow you to do more damage in some modes. For example, using Hellfire weapon, you can get both 50% more XP and increase your damage “greatly”. In other words, VVIP items are dangerously approaching the “pay to win” border. Did we say that these weapons are also permanent?


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


Purchasing a VVIP item gives you a lasting advantage – the buffs we mentioned above have no time limits. We leave it to you whether this system is pay-to-win or not. However, we can say that purchasing one of these items is not cheap: The M4 Transformers rifle mentioned above, for example, comes out of a crate named “Legend Pack” and this crate requires you to pay 350 gems, which are worth 10 USD or so. Since it is not guaranteed that the rifle will come out of the first crate you purchased, you may need to spend a lot of 10 dollars before getting that weapon.


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


Advantages and Features of VIP

“VIP” is the subscription system of Crossfire Legends. You have to pay with gems every month to stay in the system. VIP members get various perks, and the number of these perks increases along with VIP levels. There are 8 VIP levels in total and each level requires you to pay in increasing amounts.


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


To become a Level 1 VIP member, you only need to buy 35 gems, the system will be activated automatically. You can still continue to be a level 1 VIP member by spending 35 gems next month. However, if you want to increase your level, you need to increase the amount of gems you spend. In the table below, you can see how many gems each VIP level requires per month:


















If you remain a level 1 VIP member for 7 months, for example, you will have purchased 245 gems in total and automatically upgrade to level 2. Or, you can purchase 225 gems at once and upgrade straight to level 2 – the decision is yours. In any case, becoming a Level 8 VIP member will take quite a long time or need a huge payment. We’re talking about thousands of dollars, so it’s really huge.

So, what do you get in return for becoming a VIP? At Level 1, you get the following benefits:

  • Bonus Sign In Rewards (+1)
  • 5% Critical Rate
  • Discount on VVIP items
  • +50 In-Game Friends Limit
  • 000 Gold
  • A Desert Eagle (14 Days Limit)


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


These perks increase at every level. At VIP level 8, for example, you get the following perks:

  • 20% Extra GP
  • 50% Extra XP
  • 45% Critical Rate
  • More Discount On VVIP Items
  • A Chance To Win 3x Gems
  • World Boss Rewards
  • +90 In-Game Friends Limit
  • Permanent Weapons
  • 250,000 Gold


Crossfire Legends VVIP and VIP Guide


Remember, your VIP membership must be active for you to have access to these perks. If you do not buy enough gems for any reason, your perks will become “deactivated”. To tell the truth, VIP membership is not necessary: It does not offer much advantage compared to its price. In order to get a real advantage, you have to be at least VIP Level 8, which either takes a lot of time or needs a lot of money. For this reason, we recommend that you use your gems for permanent VVIP items rather than the VIP system: The subscription system of Crossfire Legends is not attractive enough.  We recommend you to check out our guide for Crossfire Legends items. It contains information on other items and skins that you can buy with few gems or get completely for free.

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