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Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

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We all love trips to the beach. There’s something about the warm, white sand and crystalline water that manages to enrapture even the stoicest of hearts. However, there is a very big difference between relaxing on the beach, and trying to survive in a tropical setting. Dawn of Isles is the survival crafting MMORPG by Netease that tasks you with traveling throughout many tropical settings in order to save the world. However, along the way, you must gather, craft, and build in order to make it through the game’s many challenges.

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles is an awesome game. It puts you in the role of an island native in a quest to rescue his sister from an evil overlord and, in the process, also save the world. While the argument is generic, at best, the means and the events that lead up to the game’s many pivotal moments are very entertaining to experience. Furthermore, in terms of overall gameplay, Dawn of Isles strikes a unique chord for mobile games as it features elements that are seldom put together. In this sense, we have a mobile game with traditional MMORPG controls, but with the resource management and crafting aspects of a survival titles. Read our Dawn of Isles review if you want to learn more about the game’s premise!

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

Understandably, this premise could be a little overwhelming for some users, especially those who are new at these types of games. So, in the spirit of giving everyone a fair shot at this game, we’ve written this guide. In the following paragraphs, you will find all you need to get started in this game.

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Introduction to Classes

In most MMORPGs, for mobiles or otherwise, one of the first things that you’re always tasked with is creating your character. In fact, the class select screen is often the first menu you encounter before entering the game itself. As such, creating your character and, most importantly, choosing your starting class will be the first meaningful decision that you’ll have to make; and this is all before even starting the game!

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

But don’t worry, unlike other MMORPGs, which feature lots of different classes to choose from, Dawn of Isles currently only has 4. These are the Fighter, the Ranger, the Dancer , and the Warmage. As you can imagine, every class has an area of expertise, be it close quarters combat with heavy weapons, ranged damage with bow and arrow, or even flinging spells and unleashing elemental devastation, there is something for everyone in this game. Let’s take a closer look at what each class has to offer:

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

  • Fighter

The iconic “tank” class of every MMORPG got revamped here in Dawn of Isles as it can also double as a strong DPS class. The Warrior comes jam-packed with skills to control crowds of foes, while also bringing elemental devastation to the battlefield in the form of attacks that leave their foes with nasty burns. However, the Fighter relies heavily on proper positioning and movement techniques to obtain his full potential. Because of this, and in contrast with the “warrior” classes of other games, this class is not very beginner-friendly in Dawn of Isles.

  • Ranger

A nimble and agile class that employs a bow and arrow to dispatch her foes from a distance. She’s pretty easy to use, but relies on maintaining proper spacing in order to keep safe while pelting her foes with arrows. She has some crowd control skills, which also allow her to go up against hordes of enemies with relative ease. Her element is ice, which she can unleash through various means, and combine with elements such as fire to douse her enemies and prime them for other elemental combos.

  • Dancer

The beautiful dancer lives up to her title by both excelling in combat prowess and exhibiting awesome dance moves in the heat of battle. This gorgeous character is, arguably, one of the most unique classes in any MMORPG that we’ve tried. Not only can she deal great damage from a distance, but she can also summon pools of poison that damage her enemies while deploying healing orbs that restore her allies’ HP. The Dancer is the easy class in this game due to her simple skills and ample healing capabilities, which allow her to survive in many encounters with ease.

  • Warmage

The powerful Warmage wields the elements of nature to rain destruction down on its foes. This class is all about high damage and low survivability. Not that it matters since what is already dead can’t kill you. As such, if you choose this class, you’ll find yourself trying to dispatch enemies as fast as you can so that they can’t even reach you. Furthermore, their control over the elements makes this powerful class ideal for unleashing elemental combos, especially those that revolve around wielding the power of lava.

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Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

The Crafting System

As an MMORPG with tons of crafting elements, you’ll find yourself constantly skinning animals, breaking rocks, and chopping down trees to gather materials. Furthermore, you’ll use the said materials for all sorts of purposes such as erecting buildings, upgrading the structures in your personal island, and for crafting new items at a crafting station.

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

Aside from needing sufficient materials, you also need to fulfill certain prerequisites in order to perform certain crafting projects. Buildings, in particular, require reaching certain parts of the story in order to unlock them. For instance, you need to advance in the story to unlock the level 2 upgrade for the Deity Altar. After upgrading the Altar, you will unlock two new buildings in the Island, the Greenhouse, and the Lumber Mill. We’ll explain in further detail about the construction aspect of this game in another guide, so stay tuned!

Beginner’s Guide for Dawn of Isles

When it comes to things that you can do in a game, Dawn of Isles does not disappoint. There are so many elements to explore, animals to tame, buildings to construct, and worlds to save. The only bad thing about this game is that, every time we log in, we literally can’t make up our minds about what to do! Luckily, if you’re new to this game, you can read this guide to find that class that best suits you. Furthermore, you can also make your way through the initial crafting quests, and unlock many other features as you progress.

Good luck!

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