Defense Derby is a next generational tower-defense RPG that is developed and published by Krafton INC. It features a wide array of exciting features such as 4v4 Derby Mode, 3 on 3 Battle Royale, 40+ unique collectible heroes, and much more. Unleash your inner PvP freak in tactical and thrilling battles that will leave you gripping on your toes, wondering the next move of your opponent. Climb the ranks to show your dominance and mastery over the game. Of course, you will be rewarded greatly in proportion to where you rank on the global leader boards. Defense Derby is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Defense Derby – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

In this article for Defense Derby, we will be sharing some of our personally observed and tested tips tricks to winning more battles in real-time in Defense Derby. Use these tips and tricks to master the game and see a steady rise in your win rates over time. Create formations by wits and attain full control over the battlefield as you manipulate your opponents into playing your own game. 

Tips #1. Go through the Tutorial Guide Missions

Defense Derby is a strategic tower-defense RPG that takes into account various different formations, unique characters, positioning of these characters, and much more. Players need to firstly learn about the basics of the game, and Krafton does a great job at this. They have a set of guide missions instead of a fixed tutorial. These guide missions explain the different aspects of the game and its various systems in detail without simply saying stuff and showing you how do it practically. Glorious rewards to help you on your progression are also available to be claimed once you complete the missions. These are important for your growth in-game as well to give you a profound foundation in terms of learning about the different available gameplay mechanics

Defense Derby – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #2. Access the Different Available Game Modes 

Defense Derby offers a wide variety of adrenaline rushing intensive PvP oriented game modes that will keep you on your toes at all times. It’s a majority PvP only game, with little to no things to do in terms of PvE. Do not fret as some PvE inclusive mode such as Dungeons and Blitz do also exist to help you get the best timers using your wits and deployment strategies. A lot of unique game modes featuring some out-of-the-box gameplay mechanics are also available. Hence, it’s interesting to see the multiple available game modes if you’re tired of playing the classic tower-defense experience. The first time you play through a game mode, you will also get tons of rewards to encourage your growth and immersion into the ever-growing strategic aspect of the game. 

Defense Derby – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #3. Get Familiar with Betting Royale

A unique mechanic exclusive to Defense Derby is the “Betting Royale”. It is essentially betting on your stakes to win the current game using a currency called Derby Chips. Players can raise or lower the stakes according to the situation they feel they are currently in as well as by seeing the opponents’ bids. It’s not just betting, as it is an integral part of the game with full-blown card drawing mechanics also involved. In the second round of the game, all 4 players get the opportunity to draw the same unit card. The player who throws in the most Derby Chips wins the bid and gets the card. Similarly, in successive rounds, the bidding continues. It’s crucial to understand the intricacies behind this system and bid in a thoughtful way instead of simply tossing out the highest bid all the time. 

Defense Derby – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #4. Mastering the Gameplay

Defense Derby is a strategic tower-defense title that boasts a vast variety of deployable units and cards. Players need to have a thorough knowledge about each of them as well as their synergies. A lot of countering can be done in the pick/ban phase while the rest continues in the successive Bettle Royale phases as we mentioned in the above tip. One of the best ways to increase your power in-game is to deploy your cards in a strategic manner, such as inside the castles 3×3 grid. The cards can be further aligned in rows of 3 like a bingo system, depending on their attributed and factions. Deploying units of the same faction either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to each other will also have a profound increase in their Attack. 

Defense Derby – Tips and Tricks to Progress Faster

Tip #5. Upgrade your Cards Constantly to Increase your Chances of Winning

Defense Derby takes into account a lot of the usual RPG elements, with the most profound one being the card upgrades. Players can upgrade their cards in multiple ways, such as the Auxiliary systems, Card growth, Talent system, Artifact system, Army system, and many more. Out of these modes, definitely the Card Growth system is one of the most important ones as it directly enhances the value of your cards that you deploy on the battlefield, making them a bigger threat to deal with. 

Players can enjoy Defense Derby even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!