Demian Saga, the newest real-time RPG to be released globally has just given a release date for the fateful event – 13th April, 2023. Developed and published by a Korean-based company HAEGIN Co, Ltd, it’s expected that the game will support multiple language at the time of launch as many of their games are known for multi-lingual support. Anime-stylized RPG have seen massive player base in recent years, as more and more games are implementing the similar art style for their characters. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, these graphics are further improved on and provide a beautiful worldview for players to interact with. Players are recommended to check out Demian Saga’s official Facebook page where updates regarding the game are being posted regularly. Demian Saga is going to be available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

Table of Contents

  1. Gameplay Style of Demian Saga
  2. Gacha System of Demian Saga
  3. Nations of Panthera
  4. Multitude of PvP and PvE Content

Our story in Demian Saga takes place in the lost fantasy continent of Panthera. The story of Jaden, seeker of the Primeval Highlands, Aisha, owner of the Key, and your band of pirates starts now. Both of them want to fight for one mission – to rid the world from Kaos, or chaotic evil monsters that appeared on the planet after a series of events known as the Fractured Night. A dark tale full of twists and turns await you in Demian Saga. Players can know more about the story of the game in the campaign mode.

Gameplay Style of Demian Saga

Demian Saga boasts a real-time combat experience which can be quite strategic but at the same time quite boring. This is due to the fact that this combat does not require much manual interaction from the player’s side. The heroes, once deployed on the battlefield, move on their own according to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) preference. The only control that a player gets is via the usage of each hero’s ultimate ability. Even this interaction can be given by AI if players choose to engage in Auto-Battle mode.

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

Another major difference when it comes to real-time combat games is that the screen can get quite messy with tons of heroes (allied and enemies) fighting each other. A slew of animations also take place which can block the view of what’s happening to allied heroes. Demian Saga solves this problem by enlisting the major stats of allies and enemies at the bottom of the screen. These include the likes of HP (Health Points), Ultimate Ability gauge, and Buffs/Debuffs (if any). 

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

Demian Saga can also be played as an Idle game, although with certain limitations set in place. This type of gameplay mode is called as “Quick Battle” in official in-game terminology. Players can get resources over time, better known as “AFK Rewards”. Quick Battle can be used daily to get up to 120 minutes of extra resources for free. The 1st time you use Quick Battle in a day is free while consecutive time’s it will charge you with premium currency that increases exponentially.

Gacha System of Demian Saga

It should be no surprise by now that Demian Saga is a hero-collector RPG that requires the players to summon for their favourite heroes. The innate gacha system contains 3 different rarities of heroes – SSR, SR, and R. Each of them is weaker in the descending order. The rates/probabilities of summoning each of these rarities of heroes are as follows:

  • SSR Heroes – 4% Probability of being summoned
  • SR Heroes – 46% Probability of being summoned
  • R Heroes – 50% Probability of being summoned

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

As you can see, the trend of gacha games continue where the highest rarity heroes are available at the lowest rates while the lowest rarity heroes are available at the highest rates. Players can make these summons on different types of banners, according to their needs. Summoning requires the use of summoning tickets or premium currency showered on new players. This premium currency acquisition rate drops significantly as you progress through the game. Hence, a judicial use is recommended. As a new player, you will also be offered a 1-time Hero summoning package that guarantees an SSR rarity hero but the package will require a microtransaction using real money. 

Nations of Panthera

The entire time that you will be playing Demian Saga or interacting with the story, you must understand what the terms often said mean. One of such terms are the names of the 5 great nations formed in Panthera after the Fractured Night. All the heroes associate or disassociate with either of these 5 nations. Here are all of their names along with their brief descriptions:

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

  • EVERWOOD – The Nation of Dense Forests

With the large, sacred tree “Palantina” at its center, Everwood is a nation of forests that preserves nature in its ancient form. The great magic of Palantina spreads throughout Everwood, giving life to the forests. It’s even been said that the fairies are able to commune with the sacred tree.

Everwood is a nation built by many races, such as goblins, beastkin, and elves, and each maintains its unique culture. The people also consider martial arts and magic training essential so they may protect their homes and families.

This nation has also made advancements in “alchemy,” the study of processing and combining precious medicinal herbs and minerals to conjure useful potions. Everwood was also made famous as an institution, regularly holding gatherings for those who study alchemy.

Recognized Symbol – Forest and Might

City Capital – Palantina

Ruler of the Nation – Tatiana, the Fairy Queen

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

  • POSEIA – The Nation of Sea and Commerce

Home to pirates and adventurers, Poseia is a nation of merchants with well-developed businesses and banks. Many of Poseia’s sailors are experienced and knowledgeable about ships, and the nation owes its wealth to its advanced navigation skills and the establishment of trade routes.

One unique aspect about this nation is that it is where “Aqua Stones,” a mystical blue stone slightly translucent and imbued with water, are created. Contrary to its name, however, it actually pushes water away, making it possible for heavy objects to float.

Because it changes shape when in contact with magic, it is easy to work with and widely used to construct ships and buildings. It is also what gives the buildings of Poseia the characteristic blue glow. Even after airships have already been commercialized, Aqua Stones are commonly used to this day when producing magical items in Poseia.

Recognized Symbol – Water and Courage

City Capital – Athantis

Ruler of the Nation – Enrique, the Fairy Queen

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

  • ELYSION – The Nation of Devotion and Hope

Elysion is a nation united by the teachings of the Order of Hope. They believe they are the final bastion that protects the world from darkness. The people named the nation Elysion to pay tribute to “Elysia, the god of light.”

They believe the people in the past were divided because of their foolishness, and only when Elysia appeared they finally understood each other again.

Much like their god, who shines her grace unconditionally in every corner of the world, believers are taught to devote themselves to the world. Their legion of followers continues to grow in other nations thanks to their efforts of actively eradicating the Kaos threat.

The capital of Elysion is “Sanctuary,” an aerial city safe from enemy attacks and natural disasters. Though the magic behind the floating city is unknown, the people of Elysion believe that the city took flight thanks to the powers of Elysia. The nation is also famous for its fancy and majestic buildings built to inspire courage and hope in those that gaze upon the capital.

Elysion also has the “Paladins,” a group of devotees who have sworn their lives to protect Elysion and the Order of Hope. Not only are they composed of just knights but also priests, and they are always the first to appear when the Kaos attack. The Paladins also heed their teachings by regularly going on pilgrimages to help those in need.

Recognized Symbol – Light and Order

City Capital – Sanctuary

Ruler of the Nation – Archbishop Elena

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

  • GIGANTRIA – The Nation of Steel and Technology

Gigantria is a nation of steel and technology, famous for its arcane engineering and automatons. Their creations are ahead of their time, and arcane engineers create new inventions daily in their personal workshops.

The people of Gigantria take pride in their civilization, as other nations highly revere their items and weaponry. “Arcane engineering” first started when people wanted to build objects that transcended science.

Magic is involved in all aspects of production, from materials to parts and even their assembly process. Everything is made by hand, so the quality solely depends on the competence of the engineer.

Every engineer’s goal is to join the “Royal Arcane Workshop” owned by King Reton. Those who are not wealthy usually work for nobles to make money for their next invention. They work hard to make their dream of being recognized as the best in their field and working in the Royal Arcane Workshop come true. The “automatons” are self-automated puppets crafted through arcane engineering.

Typically, they are built with gears and springs, which are then imbued with magic. It’s been said that automatons built by the Royal Arcane Workshop are hard to distinguish from actual people.

Recognized Symbol – Steel and Technology

City Capital – Remnos

Ruler of the Nation – King Reton

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

  • AKEROTH – The Nation of Mages

Akeroth is a nation of mages known for its destructive magic. They used to be part of a brilliant civilization in the past, but everything was destroyed in a prolonged civil war that devastated the land, making it difficult for people to live there.

However, the survivors later built a new nation on top of the war-torn city and called it Akeroth. Fights break out frequently due to limited resources and are also why the people are under strict laws to prevent further chaos. During the Apocalyptic Civil War, “black magic” was favored for its necromancy, curses, and offensive spells.

The spells used were devastatingly powerful, but they also destroyed the casters. As a result, Akeroth started focusing on using more stable and less dangerous forms of magic. The “Black Tower” is Akeroth’s capital, built by mages from across the nation.

Its function is to mediate when random conflicts break out amongst the schools of Akeroth and forcefully intervene if needed. They are always watching over to ensure the schools with power and land do not start another civil war.

Recognized Symbol – Darkness and Magic

City Capital – The Black Tower

Ruler of the Nation – Archmage Brahms

Multitude of PvP and PvE Content

Demian Saga is not a stranger to overloading content. The game is stated to release with over 20+ different game modes, some PvE-based while others PvP based. Such a large number is unseen on a common basis. Most games add more game modes as they mature over time and receive more updates. It seems the developers are quite confident that players will be able to progress at a fast pace, hence, they have deployed multiple game modes to make sure they are engaged and entertained at all times.

Demian Saga – Everything to Expect on Global Launch

The Adventure mode is going to be your friend at all times. Perhaps the best advice any veteran players who has played games like Demian Saga will give is to always focus on the main story first. The entire Adventure mode is divided into the different locations, with each location have its own map. Adventure mode can provide you with tons of progression-based resources such as Experience, Rum, Gold, Premium currency, Map Fragments, and more. Each stage in the Adventure mode will have several conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to get extra rewards. These conditions are denoted by Stars and each stage contains 3 stars. At the end of each map, you will get rewarded by special rewards according to the total number of stars you achieve from all the stages in the map.

Players can play Demian Saga even more on a bigger screen of your PC with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!