As the latest entry into the Diablo franchise, we can’t help but be absolutely hyped for the upcoming Diablo Immortal, especially since it’s a mobile game, which makes it right up our alley. Now, we know that the game’s initial announcement was met with very negative response from the crowd, especially since the community had been waiting years for a proper mainline release. Luckily, these complaints didn’t fall on deaf ears since, due to the backlash, Blizzard immediately announced that they would also be working on Diablo 4 alongside Diablo Immortal, which means that we effectively got two games for the price of one!

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

However, while Diablo 4 is still caught up in development pains, Diablo Immortal is scheduled to launch very soon; in a couple of days in fact! In anticipation of the game’s launch, we wanted to work on a few pieces with helpful info to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting into this new action RPG. If you don’t know much about Diablo Immortal, we’ve prepared an article with a rundown of everything we know about Blizzard’s latest entry in the Diablo franchise. This time around, however, we want to get a bit more hands-on and share a beginner’s guide with valuable tips and tricks to help our readers get started on the right track.

It’s worth pointing out that all the information in this guide comes from the closed beta and all the footage and information that Blizzard has shared, so far. In this sense, it’s possible that some of the things shared here might change slightly in the final build, though the general idea of this article should still retain validity.

Let’s get started!

Your Class Choice Matters

More than just for the metagame aspect, your class choice in games like Diablo Immortal is crucial since it will alter your approach to combat, both in PvE as well as in PvP. After all, a Wizard can’t march up to the enemy and start smacking them with their wands, unlike a Barbarian with their massive two-handed axes. In this sense, make sure to pick a class that’s suited for your play style, preferably without focusing too much on the meta aspect, since it’s better to actually play something that you enjoy over the classes that are considered the “best” in the game.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

Though we’ve already given an overview of the six classes available in Diablo Immortal as of the game’s launch, here’s a quick breakdown on the play style of each:

  • Barbarian: Thrives in melee combat, especially when outnumbered. Proficient with many weapons.
  • Crusader: Uses holy power infused into their powerful flail and shields to smite their enemies.
  • Monk: Specializes in fast attacks and evasive maneuvers to overwhelm and obliterate their foes.
  • Demon Hunter: Has an array of ranged attacks geared towards dealing maximum burst damage.
  • Necromancer: Raises undead armies to do their bidding. Can use a variety of curses and magic to weaken and damage enemies.
  • Wizard: Harnesses arcane and elemental energies to rain destruction on their enemies.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

If we had to divide these classes into categories, the first two would be the Strength options; the next two would be the Dexterity classes, and the last two would be the Intelligence options, the three of which should give you an idea of how they play. As a general rule of thumb, both the Crusader and the Barbarian are the most beginner-friendly classes in Diablo Immortal, since they have lots of defenses and HP, which leaves a large margin for making mistakes. On the flipside, the Necromancer and Wizard are the ones that require the most preparation and skill in order to stay alive.

Nevertheless, if you DO want to go meta, then feel free to check out our Diablo Immortal class tier list that we’ve prepared for this very purpose.

How to Manage Your Inventory

Diablo in terms of character development has always revolved around the gear that you pick up during your travels. After all, while you can power up your character by leveling up and learning new skills, your performance will always be defined by the quality of your gear. However, obtaining new armor and weapons is impossible if you’re constantly dealing with a full inventory.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

Inventory Management is an important aspect in Diablo Immortal, and you should always try to keep your bags empty before every hunting trip. Luckily, if you’ve played Diablo 3 in the past, you might be pleased to know that inventory management in this game is quite similar. Specifically, if your bags are full of unwanted equipment, all you need to do is visit a Blacksmith and salvage it all. This not only will free up space, but it will also yield valuable materials for crafting and upgrading your gear.

Keeping Your Gear Upgraded

One of the interesting things in Diablo Immortal, as far as the gearing process goes, is that you never have to think twice about upgrading your weapons and armor, or whether or not you should attach valuable gems to lower level gear. This is because your gear upgrades transfer to newer pieces once you swap out your current pieces for better ones.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

With that being said, don’t be afraid to go all out with your gear upgrades. As soon as you get a good gem, make sure to socket it ASAP to start receiving the benefits. And if you ever find better pieces of gear, these bonuses will automatically transfer whenever you swap.

Creating Your Own Meta

Diablo Immortal follows the same formula as Diablo 3 when it comes to learning skills. That is, as you level up, you’ll unlock a variety of different skills from a few skill trees. And while you can unlock many skills, you can only “equip” a limited number of these, as determined by your current skill slots. In most cases, the skills that you unlock at higher levels will usually be stronger or more useful than the ones you get earlier on. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your old skills don’t have a use, especially since they will also go up in rank as you continue leveling up, increasing their effectiveness.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

As far as skill usage goes, we strongly suggest you try out each and every skill that you unlock along the way, and choose the ones that you like the most to keep them in your current lineup. However, even the newer skills that you’ve just unlocked and that are of a lower rank might have practical uses, so don’t shy away from experimenting with new setups and combinations as the situations demand.

How to Get Around the Map

Diablo Immortal is, by Blizzard’s own words, the largest Diablo game to date, at least in terms of the number of areas available. This means that players will have a very large world to explore, and lots of different dungeons and perilous regions to farm and grind in, and this is without mentioning the instanced challenges and PvP modes. 

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

However, a larger map usually comes with a big tradeoff: moving around can quickly become tedious as you’ll need to cover a lot of distance just to get from point A to point B. Luckily, the devs have addressed this potential issue with a very easy fix: Fast travel. At any point during their adventures, players can simply open up their maps and click on any area that they have previously explored, as long as they discover the corresponding warp point.

This exploration aspect goes hand in hand with the game’s codex feature, which rewards the players for going out of their way and completely mapping out the areas as they discover them. In this sense, whenever you get to a new area, we strongly suggest checking out your map and navigating towards the different points of interest, just to see everything there is to do. At the very least, try to find the warp points so you can easily go back at another time via fast travel.

Farming For Monster Essences

While a lot of your progression in Diablo Immortal will come from working through the main quests and completing daily bounties, another good source of materials and experience is the bestiary. This feature consists of a list of the enemies that you’ve fought along your travels, along with a few bits of information about them. However, you can expand your knowledge of these enemies by farming their essences, which they drop when defeated. After you’ve farmed enough essences of a single monster, their bestiary entry will be completed, granting you experience, and sometimes even a permanent boost to your stats.

Beginners Guide For Diablo Immortal - The Best Tips and Tricks to Get a Head Start

Whenever you’re not feeling like doing quests and just want to grind, make sure to hunt for the monsters that you haven’t yet completed in the bestiary, to work on completing your collection.

With these Diablo Immortal beginner tips and tricks, you’re now ready to march across Sanctuary and defeat the forces of hell. Happy hunting!