Dota Underlords’ Season 1 is officially out and, to the dismay of some and the pleasure of others, the game is changed, changed utterly. We’ve mentioned in our Season 1 update the most important shifts that took place. If you don’t know all of them yet, we suggest you take a quick look through them.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

We also mentioned that, given the new heroes (and the ones that were rolled out, and the extensive changes to many current units), the Underlords meta is, once more, up for grabs. While we will have a separate guide talking about the best alliances, we felt it necessary to also have a tier list.

After all, surviving the early game is all about who can get as many 2-stars as possible and ride the power spike.

1. Early-Game Powerhouses

To get your economy game well on its way with as little sacrifice in terms of health, we recommend you pick up the following units in the first 10-15 rounds and try to 2-star them accordingly:


Valve is taking a long look at our boy, because he’s, once more, winning things where he shouldn’t be. The combination between his two alliances (Blood-Bound and Deadeye) alongside that Bloodrage passive, turn Strygwyr into a really scary opponent.

We’ve seen our fair share of players yoloing with 2 core Bloodseekers and some random units around them and it worked. It shouldn’t, but it does.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List


One of the few early-game warriors who can do a lot of damage. Add a Crystalis on him and his punch will start to one-shot weaker units, especially if you have a Savage buff going on. Oh, and he’s invulnerable while doing the Walrus Punch – which still has a ridiculously small CD.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

Chaos Knight 

Although Knights may not be what they once were, CK continues to ravage the auto-chess board in the first few rounds of the match. If his high base HP, good armor, reliable auto-attack rate and damage weren’t enough, the Chaos Bolt active really seals the deal. His skill can easily end up doing 200 damage and inflict a 2 second stun.

Storm Spirit

For those who are fans of late-game mayhem and might want to go the Spirit/Mage route, he’s a keeper. Much like his Dota 2 counterpart, SS will turn into a bolt of lightning and charge across the battlefield damaging anyone in his path. The further the enemy is, the more damage they take.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

2. Mid-Game Pros

With the exception of CK, all of the heroes that we’ve mentioned above are also incredibly strong in the mid-game. You just have to make sure to get them up to 2-stars ASAP. Here, we also have some new additions to the group:

Lone Druid

Syllabear was always a favorite of ours, despite the fact that we have to wait until level 6-7 to have even the slightest of chances of encountering him. As a Savage and a Druid, he goes well with Magnus. His attack speed and damage might not be that impressive to begin with, but his summoned Spirit Bear is definitely something you should be worried about. LD goes berserk if you give him a Refresher.

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Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List


This hero’s Ravage ultimate is renowned throughout the Dota 2 world. It made history at TI2 when Na’Vi invented “the Play”, as well as in TI9, in the hands of Team Secret. In Underlords, he’s one of the best CC units, due to the same ability that can stun an entire team at level two. His Scaled/Warrior combination also means he’s really hard to kill, so he might just get ultimates off (unless you have a Refresher, case in which, he most definitely will).

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

Keeper of the Light

Although more of a niche pick than the previous two, Gandalf can deal massive damage to the opposing team with the right positioning and front-line. If he gets his Illuminate off, he can do up to 100/150/200 DPS to everyone in its path.


If you happen to have just one more Vigilant unit in your comp, Mirana’s a strong choice here. Her sacred arrow will stun the unit in its path for no less than 3 seconds and deal 400 damage at level one. You don’t even want to know how bad it hurts at 2-, let alone 3-stars.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

3. Late-Game Monsters

Unless you’re in a really balanced party, the odds of making it to the end-game are quite small. However, we’ve seen many a player get here and then slowly falter due to bad hero choices. We know, because we’ve been in this position more often than we’d like. To avoid spectacular fails after a full match of doing well, these are the units you should consider including in your line-up:


She should be your go-to unit if you have another scaled (i.e. Tidehunter, which is also amazing in the late game). Even if you don’t pair her up with Leviathan, her Stone Gaze CC is often a game-changer, since the opponent cannot face their units away from you.


We still can’t believe that Axe made the jump from tier 1 to tier 5. He’s got more armor, more damage, a Counter Helix passive (which is awesome if you’re not on the receiving end of it) and the Culling Blade active.

Dota Underlords on PC: Season 1 Tier List

Troll Warlord/Disruptor/Faceless Void/Void Spirit

If you can’t manage to include either of the previous two, these are also strong choices. Disruptor is an amazing pick for when you’re mostly physical-damage based, while your enemies rely on their skills, since his static storm will silence enemies in a fairly large AoE.

As a Void/Assassin, Faceless works really well in assassin comps, who are known to lack CC potential. Darkterror will create a Chronocube (the Underlords version of Chronosphere), that stuns everyone inside the AoE while he can move freely around. For bonus points, Faceless will try to port friendly Assassins out of the cube.

So far, these are some of the most important changes to the Underlords tier list. As the game progresses and the devs get more feedback from the players, you can expect hotfixes to incredibly OP units. Our beloved Bristleback already had his armor halved. Look how they massacred our boy!

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