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Dota Underlords on PC: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

First released back in 2019, when the game was still in early access, underlords have gone through significant changes before finally making it to Season One. If you haven’t caught up with the latest news yet, we discuss the update and the official release of the game at length in this article.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

However, if you’re already familiar with the new heroes, alliances, and items, then it’s about time you meet the four fantastic underlords – Anessix, Hobgen, Jull, and the newly introduced Enno. Each of these characters comes in two variants and, at round 10 of every match, you are given a choice between a random version of each. The decision you make is guaranteed to impact the rest of your game – for better or for worse.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

So, at this point, you have to ask yourself: roughly what comp are you trying to build and which of the available underlords can help make it better? You have two reasons to pick one underlord over another – 1) they cover up for a weakness in your comp or 2) they emphasize a strength of your comp and make it downright OP. Sometimes, both can be the case.

But if you’re not yet familiar with the characters and how they are best used, the decision might be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all possible underlords and the alliances that need them the most.

Anessix: Mistress of Secrets

A mysterious demon summoner, Anessix is a support-oriented hero, but depending on her build, she can fulfil a couple of different roles. No matter the version you get in-game, Anessix will always summon a small ranged demon to fight by her side. The latter is fairly useless in face to face combat, but can add a bit of DPS to your team if it survives long enough.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Anessix Damage Support

This version of Anessix is best used with comps that rely heavily on DPS, such as a Bloodseeker-Bloodbound build. Her first skill, The End of Medicine, will significantly increase the attack speed of all allies and can therefore help Bloodseeker finish off his targets one by one before dying himself. Enthrall also works very well with heroes like Bloodseeker because once they are given the opportunity to focus down an enemy, they rarely leave the job unfinished. Besides, it can never hurt to take control of another hero, especially if Anessix casts her ability on, say, someone like Tidehunter.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Anessix Healing Support

In her healing variant, Anessix sacrifices 5% of her health in order to heal all friendly units, which is no small feat. The skill itself doesn’t recover too much HP per hero, but if you pair it with a 4 healers alliance, its efficiency is improved considerably. Plus, if she stays alive long enough, Anessix will summon a massive golem on the enemy backline. For a comp like Knights & Healers – which suffers from lack of CC and doesn’t have a reliable way to dispatch squishy backline heroes – the golem can be a blessing.

Hobgen: Arson Afficionado

Unlike Anessix – who doesn’t do any direct damage – Hobgen doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty during combat. Regardless of whether you get him as full DPS or as a support, his auto-attacks will set enemies on Fire and deal 2.5% of their max health as damage per second for 3 seconds. If nothing else, Hobgen loves his arson!

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

High Damage Dealer

In this version, Hobgen is an unstoppable pyromaniac, with two DPS-focused abilities and plenty of AoE potential. While Implosion is particularly good against clumped-up heroes, Friendly Fire will hit almost every enemy on the map regardless of their positioning. Plus, by the end of his act, Hobgen will have set everyone on fire. As a high damage dealer, this underlord works best with comps that are as chaotic as he is. That’s right: we mean Spirits.

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Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Support Damage Dealer

With a bit of CC and a significant team-wide buff, support Hobgen can be just as extraordinary as his alternative self in the right situation. His Shockwave works just like Implosion, but sacrifices a bit of damage in favor of a 1.5 second stun. Meanwhile, Let’s Go Crazy increases the attack speed of all allied heroes and makes Hobgen switch targets until all enemies are afflicted with Fire. In a Savages & Hunters comp, for example, support Hobgen can add to the devastating damage inflicted by your team while also giving your main DPS even more speed.

Jull: Icewrack Bootlegger

Jull has fallen off slightly with the new Season One meta, but you can still find uses for him in certain comps. He is best employed as a massive tank regardless of whether you get him in his aggressive or healing form. Plus, the more units you stack around him, the more armor he has and the longer he can stay alive.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Aggressive Tank

Jull’s aggressive version can take bucketloads of damage thanks to his Roundhouse ability, which essentially reduces 50% of all incoming hits. The +200 attack speed paired with a massive lifesteal buff give him some offensive potential, while also improving his durability even further. Barrels of Fun, on the other hand, works as a team-wide buff, since it either increases the attack speed of allies or decreases the resistances of enemies. For a full assassins comp, Jull can make a phenomenal tank, which this alliance sorely needs.

Healing Tank

Like his aggressive counterpart, Healing Jull gains 50% damage reduction from his first ability, but this is now accompanied by a powerful heal for all adjacent units. At the same time, Happy Hour works great with squishy comps – again, assassins fit the profile here – because it allows them to mitigate damage until a heal is available. Although slightly weaker than Anissix, healing Jull can also work wonders for a Knights & Healers comp.

Enno: Scavenger King

Having been just recently introduced to the game, Enno – the ranged menace – has stolen most of the other heroes’ thunder. He works well with almost all of the most powerful comps currently in the game and he features a decent CC on both versions.

Dota Underlords: The Complete Guide to Underlord Characters

Healin’ n’ Stealin’

This version of Enno has pretty much removed Jull from most of his former functions. Dr Enno’s Soothing Balm applies Poison to up to 5 enemies while healing all allies at the same time. The underlords starts with the most injured friendly hero and works his way up to the rest, which is a good way to ensure that everyone stays alive in the process. Yoink! allows Enno to steal and use items from his enemies for the duration of combat, while the Poison he applies to enemies deals damage and reduces healing to boot.

Rabid Furball

By far the better version of Enno, the Rabid Furball is an excellent choice for Savages, Spirits, Bloodborne, and Assassins; basically, for pretty much every comp that matters. His first ability no longer provides any healing, but it does deal additional damage to enemies, while his All Out Attack! poisons all enemies with an additional 2 stacks, deals a decent amount of damage, and stuns for 1.5 seconds. It’s not too early to call it: Enno is just OP in this meta.

These are the four underlords that have made it to Season One and, by the looks of it, they’re here to stay. Sure, some fixes might be applied – better yet, should be applied – here and there, especially where Enno is concerned, but since the little scavenger has just joined the stage, there’s no harm in letting players enjoy him the way he is a while longer.

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