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Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

At the end of 2019, the developers over at Smilegate Megaport decided to introduce a pet system to one of the most successful gachas on the App Store, Epic Seven. So far, we don’t know whether we truly like it or not. What is certain, though, is that Epic Seven’s pets require a lot of work and money to completely level up. And we mean a lot. In fact, the first piece of advice we have for you is to please be careful so as to not go bankrupt trying to get S-level skills – it’s not worth it.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

Pets in ES are purely a quality-of-life addition. They will not provide any combat bonus to your line-up. Having said this, they can be extremely useful if you manage to level the right skills. In the grand scheme of things, they should come only after you have cleared all PvE content. Even with the patches to the levelling system, getting the best pet will set you back 3 transmit stones, 1500 stigma, and at least 5.5 million gold every week, all of which have to go on tickets.

Why Go for Pets at All?

Before we go on any further, you should be aware of their caveats:

  • Levelling up requires synthetizing two pets – for instance, an SR will need an S and an R. If you don’t lock which of these you want to keep in case the process fails (the S, duh), the game will randomize the selection and you might lose a really good skill. Even with the locking system, the fodder will be lost in case it fails, which tends to happen quite frequently at high tiers.
  • Insane cost, which we already mentioned.
  • The auto-treasure chest loot and auto-battle are locked behind a rare resource.
  • Pet experience can only be gained with pet food, which you get 3x a week, or fodder pets (that further increase your weekly expenses).

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

Despite the steep initial costs, Epic Seven’s pets will pay off in the long run. What can you get? Well, improved rewards from Spirit Altars, Side Story, and Adventure. Lobby companions can give you additional resources, such as gold, energy, and chests. The takeaway is that the individual character will never matter. Their skill, however, does. As such, you want to focus on getting the right skills locked-in. Here are some of the best skills for each type of pet:

Lobby Pets:

  • More gold from selling equipment. If you have this skill at S-level, you’ll be getting anywhere from 750 to 2,000 additional gold for every T70/85 trash pieces.
  • Decreased equipment enhancement cost. Although not as much as the first, you’ll also save some money with this one.
  • Increased experience for equipment enhancement. Circumstantial use, since you will rarely upgrade with too much experience. Not bad, but not amazing either.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

Combat Pets can increase your:

  • Chance to get an additional piece of equipment from Hunt. This goes really well with the best skill from Lobby pets. Even when the bonus piece is trash, this skill can give you an average of 1K gold per hunt run. Sometimes, the gear you get may actually be something useful, so you might not want to trade it for gold.
  • Chance to get additional lesser charms from Hunt. This will also save you gold, although not as much as the first skill, since using charms for item upgrade is less expensive.
  • Chance to get more crafting materials from Hunt. Viable for end-game situations.
  • Chance to receive additional rare catalyst.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

Basically, we’re looking at something to do when you’ve reached Epic Seven’s endgame and things start to get a bit repetitive. We wouldn’t completely ignore the system until then, but it’s not worth making it a priority until you have a team that’s capable of clearing everything in PvE.

How to Obtain 4-Star SS Pets

The only way to get last-generation pets in ES is through synthetizing. The system is analogous to raising fodder/dogs for your line-up, only that here there’s a chance the process will fail, as well as a chance that your pet will get a skill. With your 5.5 million investment in adoption tickets, you’ll want to get the skills above. They don’t have to be S-grade, you just need them to begin with. Once you do get a two-star pet with an S-level skill you want, you can consider levelling them to the next tier.

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Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

Once you’ve adopted 2 pets of the S skill you need, you have to raise each of them to three stars with the help of useless fodder. Skins don’t matter that much, so just make sure to lock-in the skill that you want to keep. Afterwards, you need to combine the 3-star S pets you started off with and hope that RNG hears your positive vibes. Don’t forget to send them out into the universe. If the merge fails, the locked pet will stay 3-star and will inherit the second skill, but you’ll need to raise a useless fodder to try the process once more.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

There is a chance that your 3rd generation pet will get SS, as well as the two skills you desire. This is a very rare occurrence, but, when it does happen, it can save you some millions in gold. To keep your expenses to the minimum, you’ll want to buy food on a weekly basis. Another thing you can do is resist the urge to rush to 4-stars. If you fail on your favorite pet, start all over with fodder, because in the end, it’s much cheaper.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

To be frank, our team was not that impressed with Epic Seven’s pet system. For something that took months of development and hard work, we thought we were getting something more game-changing, such as gear synthesis, maybe? Either way, we feel that this system is mostly targeted at spenders or people who are very late in their ES playthrough, since the costs are downright ridiculous. When you do get there, it can be fun, but we seriously question the decision to roll out a framework that’s intended for less than 10% of the player base.

Epic Seven on PC: Everything You Need to Know About Pets

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