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Tips and Tricks for Era Origin on PC

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

In our BlueStacks guide for Era Origin, we went to great lengths to describe how the game’s powerful automation system can greatly simplify your life, and how our Android emulator can help take this automation to the next level. However, while most of this game can be automated through the combination of our platform and the game’s own automation feature, you’ll still need to care for the development of your character. In other words, while the game can control your character and even help to defeat most enemies, it can’t do anything if you’re severely outclassed by your foes.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

In this sense, it comes down to you to keep your character strong at all times so that you can use effectively make use of the automation feature without having to babysit him at all times. Leveling up, enhancing your gear, upgrading your mounts, and empowering your skills are some of the things you can do to improve your strength in this game. If you want to learn how to prepare yourself for most challenges in this MMORPG, then you’ll definitely need the tips and tricks we’ll be sharing in this guide.

Playing with the Best Performance

Era Origin is a very fast-paced MMORPG where you’ll frequently square off against hordes of enemies. More often than not, you’ll find yourself surrounded by throngs of foes looking to take your head. Luckily, with a few exceptions, most of these mooks are pushovers that can be easily brushed aside. However, every so often, you’ll run into a boss enemy that is much stronger than the rest and that will require a degree of care if you want to come out on top.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

As we mentioned in our BlueStacks usage guide for Era Origin, most tough enemies tend to telegraph their attacks, giving you ample opportunity to slip away from their range before taking any significant damage. However, in order to react accordingly, you’ll need the best performance for your inputs to function smoothly. In other words, even if you want to get out of the way, you may have a slight delay in your reaction time if the game is running at a low framerate.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

Luckily, BlueStacks is a powerful emulator and can easily run this game at a stable 60 FPS with no slowdowns. Nevertheless, before enjoying the silky smooth performance that our platform provides, you’ll need to adjust your in-game settings accordingly. All you have to do in this regard is click on the “settings” button on the lower left corner, and adjust your quality settings to the max. Remember to also “unlock” your framerate so that you can play your game at 60 FPS and significantly improve your reaction time.

How to Empower your Character

Now that you can effectively dodge and react to your enemy’s attacks (in part thanks to the Keymapping Tool), you’ll need to secure the means to defeat any and every foe you come across on the battlefield. As we mentioned above, there are many ways in which you can increase your strength in the game, chief of which being the act of leveling up.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

Leveling Up

There are two ways in which you can level up quickly in Era Origin. The first and most obvious method is via completing the main story missions, which can be done automatically simply by clicking on the quests in the mission list. Once activated, your character will automatically interact with NPCs, receive quest rewards, equip himself with items, and complete most objectives of the main story, which means that you can relax and do something else while you level up.

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The other ways of leveling quickly in Era Origin, which also rely heavily on the auto-battle feature, is via fighting in dungeons and completing daily missions. By clicking on the “Daily” button on the upper right corner, you’ll gain access to a large variety of challenges that refresh every 24 hours, and which grant a wide slew of rewards, including experience for leveling your character. Even if you don’t want to level up, you should always try to complete your daily challenges as the materials and gold are of the utmost importance for improving your combat power.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

The most important dungeons and challenges for leveling up include Grimmos Temple and Dragon Shoal. The former allows you to team up with two other players to face challenges of increasing difficulty. The more players you have in your party, the greater the XP reward. The latter, on the other hand, is a chaotic place where everything goes, and where you can even come under attack by other players. In both areas, you’d do well to find a good group to help you out and to protect you as you level up.

Enhancing Your CP

Everything you achieve in Era Origin contributes towards raising your Combat Power (CP), which is a measure of your overall strength and progress in this MMORPG. While leveling up and acquiring better gear from quests and dungeons is a good way to directly increase your CP, there are also other methods through which you can empower your character, including the following:

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

  • Gear Enhancements: While swapping your gear out for better pieces can increase your strength, you can also upgrade your gear slots using gold, which will add additional stats to your equipped gear. Additionally, you can also sacrifice other pieces of gear to increase your gear star level, further boosting your stats and CP.
  • Rune Enhancements: Runes are special elements that you can equip onto your skills to change their properties. Just like with gear, you can use materials to enhance your runes, increasing the strength of the effects that they bestow on the player. In this case, instead of using gold, you’ll need to pay with Rune Enhance Gems, which can be farmed in Naras Spire, or purchased from the store using Diamonds.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

  • Wings Upgrades: Like Runes, Wings are also special pieces of gear that, when upgraded, increase the stats they bestow on the user. This time around, you’ll need to pay with Feathers in order to upgrade your wings. Feathers are obtained as rewards from the Camp Way event.
  • Mount Upgrades: Like in many other games, your mount in Era Origin will help with much more than just for moving around the world. When equipped, your mount can increase your stats and CP. When fed with Forage Grass, your mount’s level will increase, upgrading the stats that they grant to its user.

Tips and Tricks for Era Origin

These are only a handful of ways in which you can increase your combat power and strength in Era Origin. Since the game plays automatically, for the most part, finding your bearings can be a bit tough at times. Luckily, with the tips we’ve shared in this guide, you have everything you need to excel in this MMORPG.

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