Evony: The King’s Return is a unique portrait-oriented SLG game that features a military-stylized campaign system and lets you create your very own empire! To establish and maintain an empire, you will need a constant trickle of resources and a strong army. In this guide, we will be sharing some tips to ensure your armies are up to the challenge and able to conquer foreign lands. Let’s begin!

Understanding the Different Types of Troops in Evony: The King’s Return

To make sure you understand how to build a strong army, it’s necessary to understand what type of troops exist in the game. After all, an army comprises the majority of its troops.

  • Ground Troops – Soldiers who engage in direct combat with the enemy are known as ground troops. They typically have superior defense and HP stats as a result. In the barracks, they receive training. 
  • Ranged Troops – Soldiers who engage in combat with adversaries from a distance. They have lower attack and HP stats than ground troops, but stronger defensive and HP stats. They receive instruction in archer camps.
  • Mounted Infantry – Given their extreme damage and hit points, mounted infantry are just more durable versions of ground troops. They are advantageous for attack-oriented tactics because of these qualities. In stables, they receive training.

How to Build a Strong Army in Evony: The King’s Return

You need 3 basic resources to power up any type of troops – Food, Lumber, and Stone. In the early levels, this might be an exception since Level 1 or 2 troops do not require all 3 resources. However, we are looking at the issue holistically and assuming you will easily reach mid-game in a few weeks. By then, you should have enough resources to ensure training of these troops. This brings us to the next question, how to increase troop’s strength? 

20% if your server loses. The duration of these incentives and penalties is 48 hours.

Upgrading Troops in Evony: The King’s Return

Remember that there are three distinct buildings, each of which trains a particular kind of unit. You can upgrade your troops in the Arsenal, which unlocks at Keep level 27. A more powerful but more costly counterpart of the previous tier is this new one.

As an example, the Level 1 ground force is called Warriors. A lone warrior requires 160 food units to train and has a base damage of 100. Conversely, “Conscripts” is the name of the Level 2 variant of a ground troop. Given that they have a higher basic damage of 140, these troops are more potent than warriors. The primary disadvantage is that training a single Conscript requires 220 food units and 40 stone pieces.

How to Build a Strong Army in Evony: The King’s Return

Upgrading your troops can become a heavily resourceful operation once you reach a certain tier of troops to train. It will cost you a lot of resources but the rewards are well worth it as you will have a capable army that can attack & defend. Additionally, depending on the tier of the troops, the training time will also drastically increase. To combat this issue, players can use either speed-ups or Gems if they feel necessary, although we discourage it at the beginning. 

Choosing the Right Generals to Lead your Army

Much like troops are the bread & butter of any army, they can become useless if they do not have a leader to govern them and put them in order. This is where Generals come in. These battle freaks assume the position of the General of the army and help you with massive active and passive buffs. The Tavern is a building that harbors these Generals and you can recruit them from here. T

Three generals spawn at the tavern, and you can recruit one or all of them with gold. Keep in mind that these three generals are only kept at the bar for four hours. The tavern creates a fresh batch of three generals after four hours.

How to Build a Strong Army in Evony: The King’s Return

Generals are mostly useful because they provide your troops with advantages as they advance into combat. These advantages include increased attack, defense, marching speed, and HP. The general will decide just how much of a bonus the men will receive. Troops will receive a good number of bonuses from regular generals. The amazing thing about Evony, though, is that you may truly appoint historical heroes to your general, such as Spartacus and Cleopatra. Generally speaking, these historical generals grant larger buffs than the ordinary ones.

Upgrading Generals in Evony: The King’s Return

Via the “Cultivate” option, you can enhance the quantity of boosts your general grants by using either gems or gold coins. It costs 6,000 gold coins, or 20 gems, to cultivate generals. Coins and gems can be spent indefinitely until the cultivation ultimately reaches its maximum. More precisely, the total number of points gained through cultivation cannot exceed the statistic’ initial value. Therefore, even after adding 100 extra points from earlier cultivations, you will still be unable to cultivate your general if their base attack stat is already 100.

Playing Evony: The King’s Return on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.