Free Fire Clash Squad ranked games are now getting way more competitive ever since the game added the Grand master rank. Before, the only way to reach a Grand master rank was through battle royale. Now both game modes have their own separate Grand master ranks. As you know that in Clash Squad there is a ranking system that is different. Every player starts from the Bronze I rank and then climb from Bronze II to III to Silver and Gold ranks all the way to Grand master. Even when you reach the highest rank you need to compete in II, and III legs. Only the best players of the game reach the Grand master I rank. In this guide, you will get tips to help you in your ranking journey of Clash Squads. 

Character Skill Selection

Every player of Free Fire knows how important character selection is for winning games in battle royale or Clash Squad. Now, just choosing the character skills that you use in your battle royale games is not a good idea. There are many skills that are great for winning booyahs in BR but are useless in Clash Squad. Skills that are driving based or Maxim’s Gluttony are not going to be helpful when you’re in CS. The one character you should be choosing for playing Clash Squad is Antonio. His skill Gangster’s Spirit is going to give you 35 more HP at the start of each round. To put it into context how big of a boost it is, not even two shots from M1887 can kill you. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranking Guide, Climb Grand Master in One Day

Even after taking two body shots from M1887 you will still have at least 10 HP left. Skills like these are more useful in playing Clash Squads. For active skills you have only two choices either Wukong or Chrono. It depends on the type of player you are but if you prefer taking fights from close to mid-range a lot then Wukong’s active skill Camouflage is more suited to your needs. The ability turns you into a bush that can deflect enemy’s hip fire bullets. Most of the Clash Squad games are full of Wukong’s Camouflage skill. The best part of this ability is its cooldown time. You can reset your cooldown timer with each kill making it one of the best skills for an aggressive player. You can take 1v3 fights with ease with this ability and M1887. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranking Guide, Climb Grand Master in One Day

For players who fight from long range, choosing Chrono’s Time Turner ability will work better. This ability does have a long cool downtime, but you can use pet Rockie to reduce the time. Time Turner sphere can take up to 600 damage from the enemy making it the best shield for a long range player. Even better is the fact that you will also get a big boost in your movement speed, so you can run inside cover if the sphere goes down. 

Teaming Up

There is no denying the fact that Free Fire Clash Squad is much more of a team drive mode than battle royale. You can play solo against squads in battle royale mode, but you have to play for a team in CS. Random lobbies are one thing but if you’re serious about ranking up to Grand Master in Clash Squad then you will need a team. At the very least you will need players who you gel well with. Playing with players who go well with your play style will help you in the long run. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranking Guide, Climb Grand Master in One Day

One of the big things that you will gain is being able to buy equipment and run strategies with ease. Clash Squad games take place in a small area and the team that gains control of that area wins the rounds. A good team helps each other by throwing grenades, smokes, and giving assistance when necessary. You can also run strategies which will come in handy when you’re playing at higher ranks. A team communicates with each other to make sure everyone knows where the enemies are hiding. By making well-coordinated moves in your games, you can maximize your chances of winning every time. 


This is something that a lot of players don’t manage well and becomes the reason for them losing the second round. Players tend to either buy useless items like mushrooms and repair kit or too much of items like gloo walls and grenades. A balance is necessary in order to make sure that you are spending your credits properly. One way to make sure that you are increasing your credits is by killing enemies. The more enemies you down, the more your credits will be. Make sure that when you’re buying a gun, to not buy two guns for the sake of it. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranking Guide, Climb Grand Master in One Day

If you have one gun that is going as your primary weapon, and you can play with it then only buy the secondary gun if you need it. Instead of wasting unnecessary credits by buying a gun that you won’t even use you can buy a level 3 vest or just save the credits for the next round. There is no guarantee that you will win the next round, so make sure you have some credits leftover. Managing economy is a very crucial part of winning in Clash Squad. 

Map Knowledge and Awareness

Clash Squad games always take place on the famous locations of the battle royale maps. Since the area is small and ever shrinking you should try to take control of it as soon as possible. One way to achieve that is by using the terrain to your advantage. If you have proper map knowledge of a particular area then doing that becomes a bit easier. A good example of it would be the platform on the right side of the Shipyard or the middle house in the Clock tower. By taking these locations into your strategy you can turn the round in your favor at the start of the game. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Ranking Guide, Climb Grand Master in One Day

Another thing to keep in mind is to be aware of your situation and surroundings. Many players when they get downed, start asking their teammates for a revive. If that is the case for you too then make sure that your teammate is not in any danger when they are coming to revive you. If an enemy player is near you then you should tell your teammate to down that enemy first before reviving you. Trading kills is something that you will need to do if you want to rank up in Free Fire.