You’ve no doubt played many survival-type mobile RPGs. They come laden with spells, items, and all sorts of mechanics meant to encourage more purchases on the part of the player. Although Frostborn does have loot goodies you can purchase with your credit card, the in-game spells are often the ones that make a difference in hand-to-hand engagements between high level players. If used correctly, they can turn the tide of any battle.

To unlock spells, you need to level your character beyond a certain point, something we also mentioned in our BlueStacks guide to raiding and plundering. If you want to find out how you can do this in the fastest way possible, feel free to glance over our BlueStacks tips to fast levelling in Frostborn.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

In this article, we’ll focus more on the utility, use, and benefits of each Norse spell you can get. Some of them are have niche value, while others will undoubtedly be helpful in any given situation.

The Newbie Spells

A crucial aspect to all spells is that they have very long cooldowns, so it’s essential that you learn how to effectively use the ones you have. This makes even more sense when you consider the fact that you can equip only two spells at once, and that switching in-between them will trigger a cooldown that is just long enough to abolish the possibility of anyone becoming a complete Viking archmage. At least for now.

The Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Healing Wave and Cone of Fire are the first four incantations you get in Frostborn. By level 10, you should have all of them unlocked. Healing Wave heals everybody in front of you, as well as the caster for 20 points. Whenever your clan finds itself in a tough situation, the Wave can easily save your behinds. It happened to us more than once. Don’t count on it being available in every situation, though – it has a huge 200 second cooldown.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

Fire Bolt is your first spell and we guarantee you’ll never forget it. Its damage is quite negligible, but it can be really useful when employed with other sources of destruction. The Bolt’s massive range and short cooldown (just 60 seconds, one of the fastest in-game) make it a versatile choice for situations when you’re trying to support a teammate and you can’t manage to close the gap fast enough. Be careful, though; this is a skill shot with a steep learning curve.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

Despite the fact that you get Frost Bolt as early as level 5, its utility is immense. The 3 damage is less than negligible, but the 30% slow in movement speed will guarantee you a kill when somebody is trying to run away from your ambush. Furthermore, it is a crucial spell when you’re trying out harder instances, such as the Sanctum of Thor, Hellheim, or the Sanctum of Tyr. With the Frost Bolt, you can kite enemy bosses around while everybody heals up or gets a chance to switch their abilities, allowing you to easily destroy stronger enemies.  Its cooldown is 90 seconds.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

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The last beginner spell is the Cone of Fire. This one is a beauty to look at, as it inflicts a lot of burn damage to a potential endless pack of enemies gathered in one place, but its 2-second casting time make it a highly situational pick. CoF’s CD is 50 seconds.

 Strong Spells

These are the incantations you really want to use throughout the game. Learn them, figure out how they work, and become an adept at casting them in all sorts of situations:

  1. Tree of Life and Armor Rune – these two create a big AoE where your allies are either healed for 16 health over 8 seconds, in the case of the former, or benefit from +3 armor, in the case of the latter. Don’t underestimate these two, as they can work wonders in a PvP engagement where you want to regroup.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

  1. Stun Rune – this is probably one of the most versatile spells you’ll encounter in Frostborn. The 8-second AoE stuns everyone in its grasp for 0.5 seconds every 1.5 seconds. It works marvellously on both players and monsters, so make sure to include it in your team’s rotation for kiting and chasing purposes.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

  1. Wolf Howl –you get this beauty at level 16. The howl increases everyone’s damage within its AoE by 3 for 7 seconds. Just make sure everybody’s inside when you cast it. It may not seem like a lot, but when your fellow Vikings have a high attack speed, such as the one given by Reaper or Ash staves, the buff will allow them to do over 50 more damage than without it. Pretty neat, huh? Its downside is its 200 second cooldown.
  2. Fire Strike – at level 20, this spell can help out with burst damage. Its instant cast makes it a good choice for PvP despite the fact that it does only 20 fire damage. With an 85 second cooldown, however, it offers great utility.

Situational Spells

We wouldn’t use these unless the situation demands it. As you will see, they tend to be useful only in certain instances:

  1. Shock Wave – this one is particularly useful for doing Sanctums. Odin’s is one of the stronger ones, but it tends to work just as well in any dungeon or tomb that throws a lot of monsters at you in a tight space. The Wave strikes all enemies in a frontal cone, stunning them for three whole seconds. This should be enough time to either cast more spells or regroup and figure out how to kill everything. Chain-stunning mobs or players with this does not work, so don’t get any naughty ideas. Its cooldown is 140 seconds.
  2. Summon Spirit Bowman – you get this one at level 40 and it also happens to be the last spell you get by levelling up. Although the bowman unit does only 24 damage, it can tank up a great deal of incoming DPS for you (so it can have the full utility of a Healing Wave), the damage is always done, and its cooldown is ridiculously small – just 40 seconds!

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

A Wizard is Never Late

We have excluded just one Frostborn spell from our list and that is Magic Shield. The reason for this is that its utility is currently too marginal in order to be more useful than the Armor Rune. So when you need the extra beefiness, just cast the latter.

This concludes our guide to the utility and value behind every spell in this fantastic survival RPG. Too bad there’s no enchantment to help us grow our carrots faster. Until such a time, you’ll find us watching over our beautiful garden.

How to Become an Archmage: A Guide to Frostborn Spells

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