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Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

With the resounding success of the first Frozen film, the beloved characters have broken out from the movie format and have made appearances in other mediums, including video games. Elsa, in particular, is the subject many flash games and videos, which you can find with a simple Google search. Similarly, like with everything that gains massive popularity, the mobile phone industry didn’t wait much to start pumping out games based on Frozen Characters.

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

Disney Frozen Adventures is the latest entry in the catalog of games based on the popular movie franchise of the same name. In it, you must assume the role of the royal event planner and help Anna and Elsa with the preparations for the upcoming royal gala. The objective is to decorate the entire castle, as well as to help the girl run important errands such as sending out guest invitations, among others.

As we mentioned in our review and BlueStacks usage article for Frozen Adventures, in order to get anything done in this game, you must first pay a fee in snowflakes, a special type of currency. The only way to receive these snowflakes is by clearing levels that play as a traditional match 3 type of game, much like the classic Bejeweled.

The first few levels of this game are a breeze. However, once you get through the tutorial, the game starts getting really hard and you’ll start losing lives left and right if you’re not careful. For this reason, we decided to create this guide with 5 quick tips and tricks that you can use to easily clear any level in Frozen Adventures.

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

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Go For the HUGE Combos

The most standard move that you can perform in this game is a simple 3-piece combo. While it’s technically possible to clear the first few stages doing nothing but regular combinations like these, you’ll need to improve your strategy before long if you hope to clear the tougher levels in Frozen Adventures.

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

Instead of always combining 3 pieces to slowly clear the stage, it’s better to set up the pieces so that you can create massive combos. In this manner, not only will you probably beat the stage in one huge chain reaction, but you’ll also rack up bonus points, which leads to more coins at the end of every level.

Get Ahold of Those Special Pieces

While your standard 3-piece combo detonates the pieces involved and does little else, combining more pieces will generally yield additional benefits such as creating special pieces. These special units, once activated, produce several different effects that can help tremendously in clearing the field. The special pieces that you can create in Frozen Adventures include the following:

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

  • Line Clears

Lines clears are created from a line of 4 identical pieces and, when activated, clear everything in a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on where the piece is pointing.

  • Ice Butterflies

Ice Butterflies are created from a combo of 4 pieces in a square formation, and clear the spot they’re in and adjacent tiles in the shape of a + symbol. Additionally, when activated, they release a butterfly that flies towards an objective piece and destroys it. If you have to destroy a target, but have no pieces nearby to combo with it, simply create an ice butterfly and have it fly directly to the piece in question.

  • Blast Snowflakes

Blast pieces are tougher to create and originate from a combo of 5 pieces arranged in a T or L formation. When used, they create a large explosion centered on the piece.

  • Rainbow Snowflakes

Rainbow snowflakes are created by combining 5 pieces in a line. When combined with another piece of a specific color, every single piece of that same color is cleared from the field. If activated by tapping it, without combining it with another piece, it’ll simply choose a color at random and destroy all pieces of the said color.

Combine Special Pieces to Create Even Bigger Combos

In Frozen Adventures, Just like regular pieces of the same color, you can also combine special pieces with each other. However, instead of performing their specific functions when combining special pieces, their effects will be greatly increased into an enhanced version of both pieces.

Play Disney Frozen Adventures – A New Match 3 Game on BlueStacks

Ideally, you want to combine different special pieces to create even greater effects. For instance, combining two line clears will simply clear straight lines through the field in a horizontal and vertical orientation from the origin point. However, if you combine a line clear with a blast piece, the same effect will happen, but instead of clearing a single line in a cross pattern, it’ll clear a much larger area. It’ll be easier if we show you what we mean, so take a look at the clip below:

As you can see, we combined a rainbow snowflake with a line clear so, instead of simply clearing all the pieces of a specific color from the field, this combination transformed all the target pieces into line clears, causing a much larger chain reaction.

There are certain cases when combining two of the same special pieces is better than mixing it up, such as when combining two rainbow snowflakes, which clears the ENTIRE board with a massive explosion.

Try experimenting with different combinations, and find many fun ways to clear each level in Frozen Adventures!

Use Your Character’s Magical Abilities!

The character that accompanies you in every level has a specific skill that charges as you destroy light blue pieces. Once you destroy enough of these pieces and the meter fills up, your character will automatically unleash their skill, creating special pieces on the field.

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

Elsa creates line clear pieces with her ability, while Anna creates blast pieces. Meanwhile, Olaf creates two ice butterflies with his special skill. If you’re in a tight spot, and have no possible moves to clear the objective, try to combine blue pieces. If you’re lucky, your special skill will be just the thing you need to clear the stage at the last moment.

Use the Right Character for the Job

As we just mentioned, each character has a different special skill, which makes them ideal for different situations. Depending on your goal in each stage, you will want to choose between the three characters for the best one according to the scenario at hand. For instance, Olaf is great for stages where there are cherries, since his Ice Butterflies can simply fly over to the cherry and grab the objective. However, in stages where you need to spread magic ice, Elsa is your best bet since her line clears can easily spread through the entire stage.

Disney Frozen Adventures on PC—A New Match 3 Game: Tips and Tricks for Clearing Every Level

Anna is more situational since her Blast Snowflakes, while powerful, don’t cover as large an area as Elsa’s linea clears. However, if you’re lucky, Anna’s blast pieces could cause a chain reaction that clears the entire level in one move. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t rely on those odds as they have a tendency of backfiring more than helping.

Clearing every stage in Disney Frozen Adventures is a matter of both luck and strategy. However, with the tips we’ve shared in this guide, you can start relying more on the latter rather than the former, and take an active role in your victory streak!

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