War is normal in games like Game of Thrones: Conquest, where the main goal of the stronger players is to eliminate any threats that will challenge their claim to the Iron Throne. The game may seem peaceful during the first few days that you’re playing the game, but as you continue forward, other players will take notice of your existence in the realm. Before that happens, you need to prepare for what’s to come by bolstering your defenses against the other more intimidating Houses.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

The military aspect of Game of Thrones: Conquest is probably the most overlooked part of the game and is the one that’s easiest to make a fatal mistake doing. Having too few or too many soldiers can be a real problem for you both in terms of defenses and economy. Troops add upkeep that needs to be managed. You can learn more about this on our BlueStacks Economy Guide so that you’ll be able to train troops and keep them well-fed in your House a lot more efficiently.

Troop Types

There are four troop types in Game of Thrones: Conquest which are the infantry, ranged, cavalry, and siege units. The first three types work as the primary troop types that are used both offensively and defensively, whereas siege units are specialized units that are used to break the enemy’s base. It’s advisable to fill your army with a healthy mix of the first three troop types unless you’re planning on breaking an enemy player’s defenses (e.g. their walls) some time in the near future.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

Having a good diversity of troops is one of the most important things to keep in mind in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Each troop type is strong/weak against the other types, which makes it absolutely crucial to have at least a sprinkle of diversity, so that the enemy doesn’t roll over you when you’re defending. Once you’ve understood which troops are fairly dominant in your area, you can try shifting your focus to one troop type. Each has a unique set of stats that you’ll need for different attacks.

Upgrading the Army

Upgrading troops is an essential part of strengthening your army. Having a large militia to fight for you is nice, but you should also keep in mind that the quality of your troops also plays a big part in having a strong army. One way to upgrade your army is to level up your training facilities until you unlock a new soldier type. Each soldier upgrade increases the troops’ individual stats, which marginally improves the deadliness of your army per food upkeep.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

Another way to upgrade your army is to research military technology. The progress of your research helps not only your current soldiers but also any soldier that you will train in the process. Hero equipment and some limited boosts also help if you’re that desperate to pump your army’s stats. It’s important to always make sure that you upgrade your army, otherwise your enemies might be able to run down your soldiers, even if you have them beat in quantity.

Defensive Maneuvers

Attacking isn’t the only way to use your army. Some people just like the thought of provoking other players into attacking them so that they’ll waste enough resources to strike back safely. The defender will always have the advantage because there are more bonuses and structures that help when defending, like walls and traps. Even if you don’t plan to focus on being defensive, you’ll still need to build and keep a few tricks up your sleeve that will ultimately help you survive the game.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

Traps are the best defensive tools that you can use to prevent attacks from becoming too draining on your resources. Unlike troops, traps don’t consume upkeep, so you can essentially have as many as the limit allows you. Each trap type is strong against specific troop types, so it’s also a good idea to diversify the amount of traps that you have. Walls and also certain types of technology (researchable on the Maester’s Tower) can also add to the defensive value of your army. 

War Preparations

Before rushing into battle, a wise general should gather as much information on the enemy as possible so that they are almost never at risk of losing the battle. The most basic way to gather information is to do a basic background check on the player. One should check out their target’s level, allegiance, and if they have any troops lying around the map gathering resources. It’s also a good idea to observe an active player’s behavior such as know what time they are mostly offline so that they can’t react in time.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

The most efficient way to gather information is to Scout the enemy player. Scouting gives you all the necessary information that you need, from the amount of soldiers and traps they have, to the level of their wall. Remember that to win a battle, you should probably have 30-50% more soldiers that are of better quality than the opponent so that you don’t end up with massive losses. Even if you have equal amounts of troops, you’ll surely lose the attack because of their defensive bonuses.

Economic Skirmishes

Soldiers aren’t simply used for all-out war. You can also use soldiers for economic skirmishes that help your kingdom progress. Aside from the standard sieging that’s aimed on totally destroying the opponent and their base, a raid is a type of attack with a single purpose: to steal resources from a weaker player. Raids are low-risk attacks because they aim to attack players with little to no soldiers or traps in their House so as to not lose any troops.

BlueStacks' Military Guide for Game of Thrones: Conquest

The best way to initiate a raid is to find players that have probably quit playing the game or those that were recently attacked by a bigger player. These players often don’t have a lot of defenses built up so you can send an initial party to clear out the remainder of their troops. If they don’t have any troops, you won’t have to worry about losing anything and simply profit from attacking them once or twice every day so that they have time to refill their resources.