The gameplay of Gemstone Legends revolves around solving tile-matching puzzles in order to defeat enemies. It is a style of gameplay that requires plenty of strategic thinking. As you progress through the campaign, the enemies you encounter will become stronger and tougher to kill. At that point, simply matching gems with one another may not be enough to win.

In order to continue winning and progressing through your epic journey, you can try these several things to aid you in defeating enemies. 

Balancing Your Team

The 217 heroes of Gemstone Legends are characterized by various factors such as colors, roles, and classes. Taking said factors into account may greatly contribute to the overall strength of your team. 

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

As detailed in this guide, heroes have their own roles and classes which determine what their main purpose is during battle. Depending on the enemies, certain heroes of certain roles may work better than the others. 

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

The main takeaway is that you always need to strategize before entering battle. That is to say, it is important to deploy a team consisting of heroes that are appropriate for the battle. Before starting a new level, check first the details about the enemies that you will be facing by holding their icon. This will tell you their role as well as their stats. 

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

Use this information to guide you in choosing the best heroes for the battle. For weak enemies, we recommend deploying mostly Attack heroes to quickly wipe them out. For strong enemies on the other hand, we suggest deploying plenty of Tank heroes to give more protection to the entire team. For moderate enemies, a balanced team consisting of two Attacks and Tanks, and one Specialist will do fine.

Equipping Artifacts

Completing levels will usually reward you with Artifacts. Artifacts are essentially gear that heroes can equip to increase their base stats. There are many types of gear in the game and each type follows a “set” system. Whenever a hero equips a specific number of artifacts of the same type, a set is created and bonus stat increases are given. Creating more than one set will accumulate bonuses. For example, if an artifact type requires two artifacts to fulfill a set and each set gives a 15% bonus, equipping six artifacts will give you a total of 45% bonus.

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

The complete list of Artifact types in the game is as follows:

Artifact Type No. of Artifacts to make a set Stat bonus per set
Life (Green) 2 +15% HP
Guardian (Blue) 2 +15% DEF
Warrior (Orange) 2 +15% ATK
Curser (Purple) 2 +20% ACC
Protector (Light Blue) 2 +20% RES
Hawkeye (Light Orange) 2 +15% CRIT RATE
Crusher (Tangerine) 4 +40% CRIT DMG
Swift (Yellow) 4 +25% SPD
Berserker (Brown) 4 +45% ATK and +20% HP DECREASE
Mystic (Bright Green) 4 +20% ACC and +15 SPD points
Brave (Pink) 4 +20% ATK and +20% DEF
Giant (Red) 4 +20% HP and + 20% CRIT DMG
Caster (Cerulean) 4 +4 MANA GAIN points

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

Make sure to equip heroes with artifacts that appropriately suit their roles. For example, a Tank would benefit a lot from the Guardian Artifacts because this type provides a 15% DEF bonus for each set. 

Upgrading Artifacts

Artifacts can be upgraded with gold. Once an Artifact reaches a specific level, it can unlock another stat increase called a substat. However, this depends entirely on the rarity of said Artifact. For example, a Common Artifact will have no room for substats but a Legendary one can fit up to three substats.

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

Level 15 is the maximum level of all Artifacts. Levels 1-3 are guaranteed. Afterward, the game will randomly decide whether or not the next upgrade will succeed. So once your Artifact surpasses Level 3, there is a small chance that it will not successfully upgrade to Level 4 next time, which would ultimately waste your spent gold. The chances of an upgrade succeeding become smaller and smaller as the Artifact reaches a higher level. Furthermore, it becomes even more expensive as well so upgrading can be quite a huge gamble.

Upgrading Heroes

Leveling up heroes will generally increase their strength. With that said, upgrading them is a paramount step to take in order to increase your chances of winning in battle.

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

Heroes level up with XP. This is earned simply by completing battles. Alternatively, you can also sacrifice XP dummies and unused heroes in exchange for XP for a selected hero.

Four Things That Can Help You Win Battles in Gemstone Legends

Another more efficient method of farming XP for your heroes is multi-battling. Multi-battling is a feature that allows you to loop a battle for a specified amount of times. Throughout this loop, the game will automatically play the game for you. You can even adjust the speed at which the loop runs.

To activate this, you must first win any battle in the campaign. Afterward, you can repeat the battle by clicking “Multi-battle”. You can then indicate how many times the battle will repeat as well as other conditions. Keep in mind that multi-battling will continuously spend energy so make sure you have enough to sustain the loop. 

These are four things that you can try to make your team of heroes stronger. In summary, always strategically devise the lineup of your team depending on the enemies you will encounter. Equip Artifacts to your heroes and keep upgrading them as well. Doing these routinely will ensure that you can win any battle in the campaign without ever having to repeat them.