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Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

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Girls’ Frontline is not your typical gacha game. Sure, there’s an element of randomness associated with unlocking new characters, like in literally any other gacha game, but there’s also a degree of predetermination with every pull. This is because summoning characters in this game is not just about paying currency and rolling the metaphorical dice; you also need to adjust certain parameters before pulling.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

Every type of character in this game has its own recipe, and you must adjust these parameters as such if you’re looking for specific T-Dolls. In this sense, you can tip the scales in your favor by inputting certain parameters and aim to obtain either SMG, HG, AR, RF, MG, or SG characters. Moreover, the game already comes with a built-in recipe book that will help to guide your summoning efforts, though they’re not really optimized and can lead to wasting resources.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the recipes to summon any type of T-Doll in Girls’ Frontline, as well as how to upgrade them in the beginning.

Should I Reroll in Girls’ Frontline?

Rerolling is a common practice in gacha games, in which the player starts a new game, advances to the point where they can perform the first few summonings, and restarts if they don’t receive the character’s they want. This process is typically done to summon the best characters from the very beginning, and get a headstart in the first few story missions. In some cases, by unlocking the best heroes, they can save themselves a lot of time in the long run.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

In Girls’ Frontline, however, rerolling isn’t strictly necessary, especially since you don’t need 5-star characters to be competitive. In fact, most of the best characters for the mid to late game are upgraded 3-star T-Dolls. This is particularly true especially at the beginning since upgrading and activating Dummy Links for some of these characters is prohibitively expensive.

For these reasons, we suggest simply starting your game as you normally would, use our recipes to get a few good SMGs and ARs to create a powerful base echelon, and start upgrading it after receiving some of the powerful T-Dolls that you receive from playing the main story.

Producing New T-Dolls

The vast majority of new T-Dolls will come from your Factory building, which is unlocked shortly after starting a new game. We recommend paying attention to the tutorial since it’ll show you the basics of producing new T-Dolls.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

In a nutshell, you need certain materials to produce new characters in Girls’ Frontline, including the basic materials such as Manpower, Parts, Ammo, and Rations. Moreover, you also need 1 T-Doll Contract for every character you produce. While optional, you might also want to use your Quick Production tickets to accelerate the building process and receive your new character instantly.

As we mentioned above, you must choose how many of each resource to invest in the production of a character, and this, in turn, will influence the outcome of the process. Depending on the materials you assign, you’ll receive a different type of T-Doll. These specific amounts are known as T-Doll recipes, and you have a few of these in your recipe book at the very beginning. However, most of these are not cost-effective and lead you to waste more resources than what is truly necessary.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes

If you’re looking to produce specific types of T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline, these are the recipes you should follow:

  • HG: 130 Manpower / 130 Ammunition / 130 Rations / 130 Parts
  • SMG: 430 Manpower / 430 Ammunition / 130 Rations / 230 Parts
  • AR: 130 Manpower / 430 Ammunition / 430 Rations / 230 Parts
  • RF: 430 Manpower / 130 Ammunition / 430 Rations / 230 Parts
  • MG: 630 Manpower / 630 Ammunition / 130 Rations / 430 Parts
  • SG: 6000 Manpower / 1000 Ammunition / 6000 Rations / 4000 Parts

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

While these are recipes that give you the best odds of receiving the specific type of T-Doll you’re looking for, it’s also possible to receive other types despite following the recipe precisely. Furthermore, When it comes to the shotgun (SG) T-Dolls, these can only be produced with Heavy Production and, as you can see, they’re prohibitively expensive. Luckily, you don’t really need to worry too much about these at the beginning since they’re not necessary at this point.

If you’re just starting off, however, we recommend producing a few T-Dolls using the basic recipe (430/430/430/230), which will always yield SMG, AR, or RF characters. These types of T-Dolls are very important in the beginning and will be the backbone of your primary echelon for some time.

Upgrading Your T-Dolls

Lastly, even if you manage to produce good T-Dolls like the UMP45, the C-MS, the Vector, or the UMP9, among others, you’ll need to upgrade them before taking them into combat. There are many ways to power up a T-Doll, starting with increasing their level. By taking your units out to battles, they will receive experience and eventually level up. You can also increase a character’s level by giving them Combat Records, which is actually the fastest way to go about it. However, these items are limited, so consider carefully who you want to level before committing.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

Once your characters reach level 10, you can choose to activate their first Dummy Link, which is a way to double their firepower by creating a duplicate of the corresponding unit. You can activate a Dummy Link in the factory, a process that costs Replacement Cores. The exact costs depend on the specific T-Doll, but usually, the stronger the character, the more Cores it’ll require. You can find more of this material by disassembling unused characters. Alternatively, you can use copies of the same character as substitutes for Replacement Cores to lower the costs.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

The last basic upgrade you can perform in Girls’ Frontline is T-Doll Enhancement. By sacrificing unused characters, usually 2-star units, you can increase the doll’s base stats up to a certain limit. Enhancement is the process through which you can squeeze that little extra bit of power from your favorite characters in the game.

Girls’ Frontline Recipes – The Basics of Producing and Upgrading T-Dolls

And that’s all you need to know about the Factory and Girls’ Frontline recipes, at least for now. Make sure to produce as many AR, SMG, and RF T-Dolls as you can in the beginning, as you’ll need them for creating a strong starter echelon.

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