Goddess MUA is one of the newest MMORPGs to hit the mobile market, amassing an audience ranging in the hundreds of thousands concurrent players. With a playerbase that large, you’d think the game has something to offer that others don’t, and you’d be right! Well, sort of.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

GM is quite standard when it comes to mobile MMORPGs, it does little to innovate in terms of gameplay. In other words, it’s another mobile game with a focus on auto-battling and auto-questing. However, it’s quite different in the sense that your progression is directly tied to your Goddess companion, and not only to the main story or the strength of your character. In this manner, the game has many different ways in which you can upgrade your character and power them up, which can be quite confusing at first.

In this guide, we’re going to give a brief overview of the different upgrade systems in Goddess MUA so that you know what to focus on from the very beginning.

Goddess Upgrades

One of the most important types of upgrades for progressing in the main story, which is luckily one of the simplest to understand.

Evolving Your Goddess

Throughout your travels, you’ll find a Goddess companion that will join you and help to fight against enemies. You must progressively upgrade this Goddess to help her achieve new forms and unlock their hidden potential. The main way to achieve this is by completing the Demon World missions, which you access by clicking on its button in the upper left corner of the screen. These missions are fairly straightforward and involve defeating powerful boss enemies. You must complete a number of these missions before your Goddess can evolve into her next form.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

However, though these missions often have no requirements, they have a suggested stage power. If your character is under this requirement, there’s a good chance that they will have a hard time completing the mission since the bosses will be too strong.

Leveling Up and Promoting Your Goddess

Other types of Goddess Upgrades include leveling and promoting them. The former is achieved by using Goddess Elixirs, with the required number increasing with every level. The latter requires the Goddess to be max level, and by using Goddess Grade Rising Elixir, she can be promoted, granting significant stat increases and raising her level cap.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

Character Upgrades

Though your Goddess is quite simple to upgrade, your character is a bit different since there are many ways to power them up. Here’s an overview of all the ways to upgrade your Soul Lord.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

Leveling Up

Simple and straightforward. Every time your character levels up, they’ll get a stat boost. There’s nothing to think about here, other than the fact that some of the best ways to level up include progressing through the main story and, once you unlock it, Running the Chaos Void mode on a daily basis. Moreover, keep in mind that, in order to unlock most of the other game modes, you not only need to reach a minimum level requirement, but you also must unlock them by progressing through the main story.

In other words, do the main story first and foremost.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

Obtaining and Upgrading Gear

You can equip many pieces of gear to your character, including weapons, coats, boots, belts, and accessories, among others. These pieces come in different grades, which determines their power. Additionally, every piece of armor can also be enhanced through the forge menu to increase their stats. And though you can obtain pretty decent starter gear from the main story, you can also farm more pieces from the Ghost Wasteland.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

The forge menu offers many different types of upgrades, including leveling up your gear, refining new pieces, promoting them, increasing their star level, and enhancing their quality. This is all pretty advanced stuff that you won’t have to worry about early on, but it’s nice to know about it for the future.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

Upgrading a Character’s State

This is one of the best and most unique  mechanics in Goddess MUA. While your character can continue grinding for at least 12 hours when offline, they can also be upgraded automatically, simply by waiting, via the State menu.

Your character’s State is a series of 10 upgrades that work on a timer. Basically, by waiting enough time, you can unlock each of these nodes, which greatly increase your character’s stats. Once you’ve unlocked all 10 nodes, you can then breakthrough and ascend to the next State. However, your ascension is directly tied to your Goddess, so you might need to evolve her before attempting to ascend your character.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

Class Transfer

In Goddess MUA, your character can transfer their class to a more powerful one at a certain point in the game. However, this is one of the most demanding upgrades since it has many different prerequisites, including Goddess progression, gear, character level, and even advancing enough through the main story and demon world. Nevertheless, these are all things that you should be doing regularly, so you can fulfill these requirements organically simply by playing the game.


The last character upgrade simply requires collecting and investing Anima to unlock veins and enhance your character’s stats. Once a vein has been fully unlocked, you need to collect Vein Breakthrough Pills to ascend to the next level. All in all, pretty straightforward.

Miscellaneous Upgrades

Other than your character and Goddess, you can also unlock and upgrade other elements such as pets, mounts, wings, divine weapons, and your shadow. These are all more advanced and don’t require much effort other than collecting the necessary materials and investing them in the respective menus once you unlock them.

Goddess MUA - Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Your Goddess and Character

If you’re ever in doubt on how to upgrade your character, you can check the “Become” button that appears on the bottom right of the screen whenever you have an enhancement available. This button opens a dropdown menu with all the upgrades you can currently perform so you’ll always know how to improve your character.

Other than that, remember always to focus on the main story so you can level up fast, unlock new features and game modes, and gain access to more materials and upgrades. Before long, you’ll be a powerful Soul Lord d22estroying everyone in their path!