Guns of Glory on PC: Buildings Guide- Construct Your Kingdom, One Stone At A Time

Guns of Glory on PC: Buildings Guide-...

We know that you just want to swing your sword and drink the blood of your enemies like a true mad king, but fighting alone won’t do you any good in Guns of Glory: You also have a kingdom to take care of. In order to gain a healthy resource flow and lots of troops, you must construct a lot of buildings and upgrade each of them. Doing so will be a challenge, as all buildings require a lot of resources to construct. Therefore, you need to prioritize them and have a plan: Luckily, we already have that plan for you. Below, you can find information about all important building in Guns of Glory and which ones to focus on.

Basic Information About Buildings

Before we start to give you tables, here are the most important things you should know about the buildings:

  • All of them can be upgraded to level 40 (the tables below show the data of fully upgraded buildings).
  • Constructing and upgrading them will always require multiple resources.
  • Almost all of the buildings will give you power points, which is crucial to determine how successful you are.
  • It is possible to speed up the construction process by requesting help from Alliance members and using speed up scrolls. However, do not use your scrolls during the early game phase: The free ones are rare and you will need them later on, when construction/upgrade times become very long.

Your buildings will contribute to this power.

And here is the speed up scrolls – save them for later.

Resource Production Buildings

There are four buildings in this category and two of them are available right from the start. Construct at least three farms and lumberyards until you reach the mid-game phase and fully upgrade each. Once your castle becomes level 10, you can start constructing iron and silver mines. It is best to build at least three of them – iron and silver become important during the end-game phase.

Farm 7.630 76.300 31.374
Lumberyard 7.630 76.300 31.374
Iron Mine 1.526 15.260 35.843
Silver Mine 387 3.870 44.780

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Also, construct at least two warehouses – resources stored in this building are protected from enemy attacks. A fully upgraded warehouse will also give 2.425.282 power, which is a quite big number.

Troop Production & Military Buildings

You get to construct one of every troop building, so upgrading them as fast as possible will be your first priority. However, you can construct more than one military tent, which allows you to train more troops and increase the size of your army.  Up until you reach the mid-game phase, it will be enough to construct two military tents.  You don’t need that much military power during the early stages of Guns of Glory, especially if you are not into PvP. Once you get to the mid-game phase, however, construct at least five of them.

Military Tent +20% +205 538.988
Shooting Range +5% attack power 2.147.142
Barracks +5% health 2.147.142
Stables +5% attack power 2.147.142
Trap Factory 125.000 1.185.701

Also, make sure that you have at least three hospitals at every stage of the game. They can heal your troops and this is much faster than training new ones. A fully upgraded hospital will also give 377.290 power.

Other Important Buildings

You can construct only one of these buildings, but they are pretty important for your kingdom – so make sure you have them all in your city.

Academy Skill research – start with development and fully upgrade “Construction I” 3.560.395
Forge For crafting new equipment 1.077.931
Embassy Increases the number and duration of Alliance help requests 1,886,340
Trade Station Necessary for trading resources with Alliance members. If you will use the Farm Mode and create your own Alliance, it is a must. 970,092
Hall of War Allows you to rally with your Alliance members and attack the same target 808,398
Munitions Exchange Trade your soldiers used arms in exchange for resources 646,702

You also have a castle and an airship dock of course, but these are given to you at the beginning of the game – you don’t construct them. However, you should keep upgrading them, as a fully upgraded castle gives 8.316.788 power and a fully upgraded airship dock gives 754.540 power. And here is a last tip:  If you run out of space to construct new buildings, you can always “destroy” the forest – doing so will unlock new spaces.

Well, you have learned which ones are the most important buildings and how many of them are needed: It is time to start construction. Leave that bloody axe for a while, milord, and grab this shovel: We have a lot of hard work to do. Take a look at other Guns of Glory articles too, it will make our job much easier – especially the one we explained the benefits of using BlueStacks. Let’s build the largest kingdom these lands have ever seen and play on BlueStacks together!

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