Guns of Glory on PC: Learning About The Castle and Kingdom Screens

Guns of Glory on PC: Learning About...

In many conquest games like Guns of Glory, as well as the hundreds of others available in the market, the vast majority of tasks performed by the player take place in a couple of screens. When it comes to this game, these screens are the Castle, and Kingdom screens, where the players have access to their base of operations, and to interactions with the world around them, respectively.

As we said, players will be spending most of the time in these screens, so it’s important that they become familiar with their intricacies from the very beginning, so that they may start on the right foot, and foster the growth of their settlement without wasting any time.

That being said, we’ll be explaining all the elements of these screens in this guide, as well as give a few pointers on where to focus your efforts from the very beginning in order to have a good start in Guns of Glory.

Your Castle

Your castle is the main screen where you’ll be building stuff, training troops, researching technologies, and improving your forces, among many others. Your estate is the place where you’ll be spending most of the time, whenever you’re not out and about hunting creatures or raiding other players. This screen has many points of interests, which you’ll need to become acquainted with in order to properly build your empire.

Starting with the Castle, which is one of the most important buildings in the game. This structure functions essentially as the heart of your empire, making it one of the most important parts of your estate. Simply put, the Castle determines the maximum level of any other structure in your kingdom. For example, if your castle is lvl 5, then all your other structures are limited to that same level. Furthermore, by leveling up your castle, you will also unlock and gain access to new structures, as well as increase your power and troop marching capacity, allowing you to deploy a higher number of troops to lay waste to your enemies.

By clicking on your castle, you will be able to see, in detail, many of your kingdom’s statistics, including hourly resource production, as well as gaining access to resource boosts in the “estate stats” menu. In the same vein, you may also consult any active buffs in the “estate buffs” menu.

Castle Buildings

There are many vacant slots around your castle, which can be used for building many structures that will increase the strength of your defenses, as well as your power. These buildings also include those that allow you to train all sorts of troops for your army. In this sense, the castle buildings are very important, especially for bolstering your army with sheer numbers. Later on in the game, you will also be able to research upgrades for your units and structures, which allow you to train better troops, or to increase your resource production, among many others.

Among the castle buildings, we can find the warehouse, the trap factory, the academy, and the forge. These structures serve to protect your resources, create hazards to defend against enemy attacks, research new technology, and create equipment for your fighters, respectively. On the other hand, among the troop enlistment buildings, we can also find the stables, the barracks, and the shooting range, where you can train cavalry, infantry, and marksmen, respectively.

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Lastly, you may also find your personal airship beside your castle. An airship is another battle asset that you can deploy. It cannot be damaged, nor destroyed by enemy forces. If you upgrade it, the airship can bestow buffs to your forces, such as enhancing the combat prowess of your troops, increasing your march capacity, and even improving your gathering skills.

Rural Buildings

A bit further down from your castle, you’ll get access to the rural grounds of your estate. In this place, you will build your resource collectors and other buildings that will help you gather all the necessary materials to progress in the game. These buildings are the farms, and lumber yards, as well as the iron mines, and silver mines, which allow you to collect food, lumber, iron, and silver, respectively.

Furthermore, you will find the tribute building, which gives you bonus items ever so often. Be sure to visit every time you see the big icon on top of the building, in order to claim your free stuff.

As you progress through the game, you will gain access to a couple of buildings that can be constructed on the free plots of the rural section. These include hospitals and military tents, which allow you to heal your wounded soldiers, and increase your training capacity and training speed, respectively.

The Kingdom Screen

This is the other screen where you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time.

The kingdom screen represents the territory outside of your estate, in which you will be able to interact with all sorts of elements, including gathering points, and hostile creatures. This screen resembles an RTS game and features similar characteristics, as well. For instance, you may order your troops to a gathering point so that they can harvest whatever resource is contained within. For this reason, it is recommended that you send your troops to gather resources whenever they’re on standby.

The other elements that you can find in this screen are the estates of other players, as well, which you’ll be able to engage, form bonds with, or perhaps even raid and pillage later on in the game.

Be sure to steer clear from the hostile creatures that are roaming around your estate early in the game, as you’re probably not ready to take them on just yet. We’ll explain how to deal with these nasties, as well as increase your odds of success in battle in another guide. For now, make sure to familiarize yourself with these two screens, as they will make up most of your gameplay time in Guns of Glory.

That’s it for our first guide. Stick around for more tips and tricks about this awesome game; the info contained in these pages will surely come in handy to help you get the upper hand against your enemies.

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