In Honkai Impact 3rd, your Base is divided into two main subcategories: the Dorm and the Base proper. Each of these fulfils its own functions and requires different upgrade materials. Although they might seem like a side to the main game – which, to some extent, they actually are – these locations can generate invaluable resources and upgrades when managed properly.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

Of course, like with everything else in Honkai Impact 3rd, the Base is expensive and must be planned out carefully if you’re going to use it to its best potential. To this end, we’ve put together the guide below, which is meant to teach you just how important each building is and why you should prioritize some in the detriment of others.

How to Unlock and Use the Dorm

Early in the game, you will unlock St Freya’s Dorms and become able to interact with Chibi versions of your characters and their Stigmatas. To begin with, the Dorm is composed of a bedroom and a living space, each with unique furniture and functions. The more your renovate the Dorm, the more furniture you can include and the more residents you can ask to move in. In some cases, a renovation will also allow you to construct a new room!

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

The purpose of the Dorm is to make your Valkyrie and Stigmatas feel as good as possible. This, in turn, helps them generate more energy faster. You can then use the energy to either train specific Valkyrie and grant them more XP, as well as other bonuses. To make your residents happier, you must unlock and place better decorations and furniture. This is mostly purchased with premium currency from the shop, but can also be done through rare achievements and events.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

If you’re up for it, you can also take a few moments to watch your characters interact inside the Dorm. You can make them talk to one another or interact with furniture and, if you’re lucky, you will sometimes proc special events during which you will get to learn more about each Chibi.

How to Unlock the Base

The Base proper becomes available at Captain level 23. In order to unlock it fast, follow the tips and tricks in this guide to maximize your XP gain. In addition, you should always activate a Captain XP chip to increase your gain by 50% when you play. You should do this right as you log in because the bonus is limited to one hour and should be used accordingly.

Once the Base is unlocked, you can access it by clicking the “Base” button on the right bottom side of the screen. Then, select the “Enter Base” option, which will appear right next to the St Freya Dorm.

How to Navigate Your Base

There are four unique and six Valkyrie-specific buildings inside the Base. Before we look at the functions of each of these 10 constructions, we must first learn how to improve them. Basically, there are three possible actions you can take for each building.

The simplest upgrade you can make is to level up a building. This requires specific materials and takes a certain amount of time. While one building is being upgraded, you cannot upgrade another, so it’s important to set your priorities straight from the get-go. Once you hit the “Level Up” button, the game will tell you what materials are required to complete this action.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

Although requirements are similar for different buildings in terms of the materials used, some take longer than others to complete. The fastest upgrades are done for the Refinery, while the Hub comes in a close second. Next up are the Valkyrie buildings, followed by the Powercore and, finally, the Command Centre, which takes the longest amount of time to complete.

Once the level cap is reached on a structure, you can then expand it. This is completed instantly and raises the max level for the building in question, although any subsequent levels will require higher quality materials. The further you expand a building, the higher the boost it provides, but the more costly each level becomes.

Finally, you can also activate Buff Modules for each building except the Powercore. These are accessed by clicking a building, then the “Enter” button, followed by “Increase”. Buff Modules unlock significant bonuses and should be activated whenever possible. To become available, some Buff Modules require adjacent modules to be activated, as well as a considerable amount of EP. This resource is generated and stored inside the Powercore, which must be upgraded constantly in order to keep up with an increased demand.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

Base Buildings and Priorities

Valkyrie-specific buildings fulfil a simple function. Once you hit Captain level 39 and you can unlock such a building, it provides bonuses to one or two specific characters. The Shooting Range, for example, improves both Kiana and Kallen’s stats, although the building itself does not add any enhancements. All boosts come from activated Buff Modules, each of which improves a stat by a minimum of 5%. The more Buff Modules you activate in a Valkyrie-specific structure, the better all versions of that Valkyrie become.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

Meanwhile, the Powercore serves as the backbone of your Base. Its purpose is to generate EP, which you can then use to upgrade buildings and to activate additional Buff Modules. The higher the level of this building, the more EP it can generate and store at a time.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

The Hub is equally simple, although perhaps less useful than the Powercore. Its function is to increase the number of Friends you can have at any one time, which, in turn, can help you obtain more points for Friendship Supplies.

The Refinery functions like the Powercore, but generates Coins, rather than EP. It can play an essential part in your progression once you hit Captain level 50 and above and this soft currency becomes increasingly scarce. The amount of Coins generates and the number that can be stored at a time must be increased through Buff Modules.

Finally, the Command Centre is the most complex and most important building inside the Base. This allows you to send Valkyries on missions to gather Coins and upgrade materials. At first, you can only send one expedition at a time, but this can be increased through Buff Modules. Additional modules can unlock more dangerous (and rewarding missions), as well as help you obtain more resources per mission. Although Valkyries sent on missions cannot be deployed elsewhere in the game, this is a good way to gather resources while not online, so the Command Centre should be your topmost priority; unless, of course, you need more EP, which means the Powercore should be upgraded next.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: How to Unlock, Navigate, and Upgrade Your Base

In Honkai Impact 3rd, the Dorm and Base proper are two unique worlds of their own. They allow you to keep your Valkyries happy and well-trained, on the one hand, as well as gather more useful resources, on the other. If you find that it takes too long to progress in these game modes, don’t forget that playing Honkai Impact 3rd on PC with BlueStacks can help you significantly reduce the grind!

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