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Honkai Impact 3rd : A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early-to-Mid Game

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

The first 5 minutes you spend in Honkai Impact 3rd might give you the impression that this is a simple real-time combat game with cute Valkyries and a tempting Gacha system. However, before the end of your first day, you’ll realize that it takes much more than smashing the attack button to get anything done in this game.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

Of course, it’s important to know how to use your Valkyries and how to approach combat. Yet perhaps the most important thing you must learn in order to become a successful captain is to carefully plan out your use of currencies and resources. Unfortunately, the game won’t tell you just how rare and useful some of your resources are. Instead, it will try to get you to spend them as soon as they land in your inventory.

That’s why we’ve prepared the guide below. It doesn’t include all the materials you might use while playing Honkai Impact 3rd, but it does give you a good idea of the game’s economy for Captain levels 1 through 50.


Gold is the soft currency in Honkai Impact 3rd, but this doesn’t mean that you will always have as much as you need. On the contrary, although you’ll be swimming in Gold during the early-game, this will change drastically as you hit level 40 and above. All upgrades require Gold, from levelling up your Valkyries to improving their gear and enhancing Stigmatas. The better your characters become, the more expensive their upgrades.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

The best way to manage Gold – which you mainly obtain from events and campaign levels – is to have a thorough plan of which Valkyries and which of their items/skills you will use the most in the future. Once your reserves begin to dwindle, focus exclusively on upgrades that are absolutely necessary. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve put together a guide to the best starter Valkyries for F2P players that might help you out.

Premium Crystals

Premium Crystals can be used to purchase virtually anything in this game, but you’ll use most of them in Focused pulls for high-quality gear and Stigmatas. Before you get your first S Valkyrie, you can spend most of your Crystals in Standard pulls, where the first 30 draws are guaranteed to land you one. Once this is accomplished, however, the Standard pull becomes one of the worst ways to spend your hard-earned Crystals.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

You can accrue more Crystals in a number of different ways. The two most significant ones are by clearing new campaign levels (at 15 Crystals each) and by successfully taking part in some of the weekly events like Dirac Sea, Path of Apotheosis, or Memorial Arena.


You might not think it straight away, but Stamina is actually more precious than any other type of currency in this game, especially for F2P players. To begin with, it determines how much XP you have access to as a Captain. The higher your level, the more activities you can perform on daily basis and the more rewards you can earn for your Valkyries.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

Like with Gold, your Stamina reserves will overflow to begin with. Later on, however, you’ll have to set strict priorities for yourself. Our recommendation is to use Stamina for Limited Time Events first since the rewards you get from these don’t stick around forever. Whatever is left you can spend performing Open World tasks for rare upgrade materials and Flame Sakura fragments. Weekday events are next in line for more common upgrade materials and EXP, while campaign progression usually comes in last.


Asterite is a 4-star rare resource that behaves just like another currency. You can’t use it to upgrade things, but you can trade it in for extremely useful items. You can get more Asterite from the weekly event Memorial Arena, as well as from participating in Open World Activities. All in all, you’ll want as much of this material as you can possibly get your hands on.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

It’s very likely, however, that you still won’t have enough. Once again, this means you’ll have to prioritize between different Valkyries and purchases. You should always have your core team in mind, as well as the following guidelines. One of the best ways to spend Asterite is to buy A-Rank Valkyries, including Flame Sakura, whose fragments are available in the shop. Other important purchases include Mithril, Ancient Willpower, ELFs, and Imaginos, in that order.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

Honkai Pieces

At the Foundry, you can use Honkai Pieces to build 3-star items and equipment. Although you’ll generally want to save other materials for 4-star gear, there are a few 3-star items and Stigmatas that can be considered useful and that are fairly easy to obtain. These include all three Yae Sakura Stigmatas, the Raider Missiles weapon, the X-01 Azure Eye, the Azure Storm and Karmine Steel, as well as the Crimson Queen and more.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

In most cases, you won’t want to go out of your way to farm Honkai Pieces. However, if you do have many of them lying around, you should drop by the Foundry and see if any of them can be put to good use for your Valkyries. You’ll find more Honkai Pieces during events and you can purchase more using Mithril.

Rare Upgrade Materials

Some upgrade materials that are 4-stars and higher are extremely rare and very difficult to farm. You will need them for your best core Valkyries, so it’s important that you save them up to a later point in the game. In order to do this, though, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: A Guide to Currencies and Resources for the Early- to Mid-Game

Such rare materials include Honkai Crystals, which you use to rank weapons to 5-stars, various 4-stars Moon Wills and Shards for gear enhancement, as well as Broken Handles, Microreactors, Phase Shifters, Tesla Turbines, Iralloy Sparkplugs, and Super Alloy Shields. When in doubt, hoard any upgrade materials that is purple and you’ll save a lot of time on tedious farming during the late-game.

Though it might seem like a lot, this is just the beginning. In addition to the currencies and resources mentioned here, there are a ton of additional materials that you will discover once you hit Captain level 50 and above. Yet there is one thing that will help you farm more efficiently regardless of the resource in question and that is playing Honkai Impact 3rd on your PC with BlueStacks!

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