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Table of Contents

  1. Bronya Active and Passive Skills
  2. Bronya’s Traces
  3. Bronya Eidolon Bonuses
  4. Bronya Light Cones, Relic, and Planetary Ornament Recommendations
  5. Bronya Team Building and Synergies

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

In this character guide for Bronya, we will be listing all of her active and passive abilities, Traces, Eidolon advancements, light cone/relic/planetary ornament recommendations, and teams/synergies.  

Bronya Active and Passive Skills

Bronya is a 5-Star Wind elemental character that is following the Path of Nihility. Bronya is the only offensive support at the time of global launch. Being able to do something unique makes any character quite useful. Bronya can be paired with literally any good DPS characters to deal tons of damage. The best part is that she does not even need to be enhanced with Eidolons to be useful. Her base form is enough to provide more turns to your main DPS consistently to deal overwhelming amounts of damage. She increases the selected ally’s damage, removes 1 debuff from them, and grants them a turn instantly. Furthermore, she buffs all allies Attack and Critical Hit Damage respectively with her ultimate ability. 

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Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Players can recruit Bronya through getting lucky on the Normal Warp Banner or the Starter Warp Banner as of now. Bronya’s official in-game lore states as follows – “Heir to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog, she is the young and capable commander of the Silvermane Guards. Bronya received rigorous education from an early age, and possesses the grace and affinity as expected of an heir. However, after witnessing the abysmal conditions in the Underworld, seeds of doubt began growing in Belobog’s future leader’s mind. “Can all the training I’ve received really help me lead the people to the lives they want?””

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here is a list of Bronya’s skills: –

Windrider Bullet (Basic Ability)

Deals Wind DMG equal to 50/100/110% of Bronya’s ATK to a single enemy.

Combat Redployment (Active Ability)

Dispels a debuff from a single ally, allows them to immediately take action, and increases their DMG by 33/66/72% for 1 turn(s). When this Skill is used on Bronya herself, she cannot immediately take action again.

The Belobog March (Ultimate Ability)

Increases the ATK of all allies by 33/55/59%, and increase their CRIT DMG equal to 12/16/17% of Bronya’s CRIT DMG plus 12/20/21% for 2 turn(s).

Leading the Way (Talent Ability)

After using her Basic ATK, Bronya’s next action will be Advanced Forward by 15/30/33%.

Banner of Command (Technique)

After using Bronya’s Technique, in the next battle, all allies’ ATK increases by 15% for 2 turn(s).

Bronya’s Traces

Traces are like special abilities associated with a hero. The character needs to be ascended in order to maximize the use of their Traces. At different ascension, traces can be upgraded. While some are major upgrades that enhance the abilities themselves, others are minor traces that provide stat boosts. Traces are of the following types:

  • Basic Attack (Active)
  • Skill Attack (Active)
  • Ultimate Attack (Active)
  • Talent (Passive)
  • Technique (Passive)

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here is a list of Bronya’s traces –

Command (Major Trace) (Unlocks at A2)

The CRIT Rate for Basic ATK increases to 100%.

Battlefield (Major Trace) (Unlocks at A4)

At the start of the battle, all allies’ DEF increases by 20% for 2 turn(s).

Military Might (Major Trace) (Unlocks at A6)

When Bronya is on the field, all allies deal 10% more DMG.

Floating Minor Traces

Wind Damage + 3.2% (Unlocks at Level 1)

Effect Resistance + 4% (Unlocks at 3rd Ascension)

Wind Damage + 4.8% (Unlocks at 5th Ascension)

Bronya Eidolon Bonuses

Players who have played Genshin Impact might be familiar with the Constellation system where the characters acquire different abilities when you feed their duplicate copies into them. Honkai: Star Rail has a similar system but it’s named “Eidolon” in the official in-game terminology. Whenever you summon a duplicate character in the Warp system, they will be converted into an Eidolon for the character. Eidolon can be enhanced up to 6 times at maximum. Each enhancement provides an upgraded ability or add-on effect to existing abilities. The 3rd and the 5th Eidolon enhancements always add base stat and ultimate ability boosts, respectively. 

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here are the different Eidolon advancements for Bronya:

Hone Your Strength (Eidolon Level 1)

Using Bronya’s Skill has a 50% fixed chance of recovering 1 Skill Point. This effect has a 1 turn cooldown.

Quick March (Eidolon Level 2)

When using Skill, the target ally’s SPD increases by 30% after taking action, lasting for 1 turn.

Dazzled (Eidolon Level 3)

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Take By Surprise (Eidolon Level 4)

After an ally uses Basic ATK on an enemy with Wind Weakness, Bronya immediately launches a follow-up attack on the target, dealing Wind DMG equal to 80% of Bronya’s Basic ATK DMG. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Unstoppable (Eidolon Level 5)

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Piercing Rainbow (Eidolon Level 6)

The duration of the DMG Boost effect placed by the Skill on the target ally increases by 1 turn(s).

Bronya Light Cones, Relic, and Planetary Ornament Recommendations

Bronya is a Harmony type Debuffer specialist that benefits from core stats such as Critical Hit Damage%, Speed, Wind Damage, and Energy Regeneration Rate/Attack% on Body, Feet, Planar Sphere, and Link Rope. We would highly recommend to build Bronya with substats such as Critical Hit Damage, Speed, Attack%, and Break.

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here are the Light Cone recommendations for Bronya:

But the Battle Isn’t Over (5-Star Light Cone) – Increases the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 10/12/14/16/18% and regenerates 1 Skill Point when the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be triggered after every 2 uses of the wearer’s Ultimate. When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 30/35/40/45/50% more DMG for 1 turn(s).

Memory of the Past (4-Star Light Cone) – Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 28/35/42/49/56%. When the wearer attacks, additionally regenerates 4/5/6/7/8 Energy. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here are the Relic recommendations for Bronya:

Eagle of Twilight Line (4-Set): After the wearer uses Ultimate, their action is Advanced Forward by 25%.

Here are the Planetary Ornament recommendations for Bronya:

Fleet of the Ageless (2-Set): Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ ATK increases by 8%.

Bronya Team Building and Synergies

Bronya is often regarded as one of the best damage amplifier and turn booster in the game. She can fit in almost any team composition that lacks an initiator. She is mainly good with heavy DPS teams as she can give bonus turn to your main DPS instantaneously. Let’s take a look at the different viable options to build a team around Bronya.

Honkai: Star Rail – Bronya Character Guide

Here are some recommended team formations for Bronya:

  1. Pela + Tingyun + Bronya + Bailu (Best Possible Team)
  2. Bronya + Tingyun + Seele + Gepard (Early Game Team)
  3. Bronya + Trailblazer (Fire) + Asta + March 7th (F2P Team)

That covers everything you need to know regarding Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail! Enjoy Honkai: Star Rail on your PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse. Or you can play Honkai: Star Rail on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.