Hyper Front is a first-person shooter game developed by NetEase that is in beta testing in four countries: Brazil, Canada, Thailand, and Japan. In this game, which is set in a sci-fi future, players can choose from a variety of characters before getting into thrilling combats. As each one of the heroes has their own set of skills, it is important to understand how they work, so you can match your playstyle with the hero’s abilities.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

As Hyper Front is in beta testing, knowing what you can expect from its heroes before the global version is released will take you one step ahead of your competitors. So, if you want to be remembered in Hyper Front Ranked Mode, this guide will provide you with all the information you need when it comes to Hyper Front characters’ classes and skills.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

At this moment, nine characters are available, split into six classes: Breachers, Guardians, Brawlers, Scouts, and Supporters. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the main aspects of each class and characters, as well as share some tips about how to play with them.

Breachers: strategic characters who take advantage of their opponents’ weak points

Breachers are characters with tricky skills including teleportation, shields, and stun grenades. As they don’t usually cause a lot of damage, people tend to underestimate them; and this is exactly why some players are dying on the battlefield. Currently, you can choose from three Breachers characters in Hyper Front: Storm, Blink, and Valkyrie.

  • Storm: creates a storm that inflicts damage to the opponent and reduces their visibility

Storm is rated as a character of intermediate difficulty but has been seen a lot during beta testing, and there are good reasons for his acceptance. With his first skill, Storm throws a storm grenade that disturbs the pressure where it explodes, causing a small amount of damage to the foes. It costs 300 Star Coins to activate.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

With his second ability, Cloudburst, Storm use the tactical map to generate spherical masses of cloud in numerous areas, reducing the visibility of his enemies. As this skill works as a gas grenade, it will be helpful to distract enemies while your squad is trying to dominate the battlefield. Finally, Storm’s Ultimate Skill generates a cyclone that pulls anyone within its range, causing damage and applying a vulnerability effect.

  • Blink: teleports through the map

A sneaky character rated by the game as an easy-to-play hero, Blink hides in the shadows to attack from behind without being noticed. With her first skill, Blink summons an energy cube that temporarily blinds her opponents. With his second ability, Spacetime Leap, she can teleport through a short-range area, perfect for fighting with dodging tactics. In addition, by using Blink’s Ultimate Skill, she will be able to teleport to any area of the map, then materialize in the selected localization, which will be particularly useful when the enemy’s team is trying to deploy the Starcore.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

  • Valkyrie: generates shields and bombard enemies

Valkyrie is a character who will be useful for both offensive and defensive tactics. Her first skill places an auto turret on the battlefield that will shoot any opponent who crosses its path. With her second skill, Valkyrie generates a shield that protects her while killing enemies. Lastly, with her Supreme Skill, Valkyrie can scan her surroundings, marking all enemies in its area. After a few seconds, a bomb will drop from the sky, causing great damage to all marked players.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

Guardians: characters who protect the team

As the name suggests, Guardians are heroes who have skills that protect your allies. During beta testing, this class has just one character: Cloudcast.

  • Coldcast: slows enemies’ movement and casts frosted walls

Coldcast is a hero who has mastered the element of Ice and has no fear of using it to slow her enemies down. With her first skill, she throws a trap on the battlefield. When an opponent steps into its activation zone, the trap will reduce the opponents’ movement speed and initiate a countdown to the explosion. If an enemy is within the activation range when the trap explodes, Coldcast’s opponent will be frozen during a short period. Besides that, Coldcast can summon a large ice wall. While shooting, all of your teammates can use it as protection. 

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

Even though these two skills are very good, Coldcast will show her biggest power with her Supreme Skill. When activated, it casts an ice storm in a gigantic area, freezing lots of enemies.

Brawlers: short-range heroes

If you are the kind of person who tends to play FPS in close combat, then Brawler’s characters may suit you best. Currently, there are two heroes in this class: Blast, and Raider.

  • Blast: AoE damage character who can jump into higher areas

Blast is a free-to-play Brawler available from the very beginning of the game and is a great pick for newcomers. With his first skills, Blast throws three grenades that will explode when they hit the ground – or their target. Besides that, Blast has a jetpack that allows him to reach higher positions. The combination of these skills results in a perfect combo to use with Blast’s Ultimate Skill, the Mega Shark Rocket, with which Blast shoots a rocket that explodes when hitting the target, causing massive damage.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

  • Blood Raider: self healer who can revive after death

Blood Raider is a strong character, but it takes practice to fully master his abilities. His first skill throws an orb on air that will blind opponents during a short period. With his second skill, Bloodthirsty, this hero can self-heal while killing enemies. Finally, when his Supreme Skill is activated, Blood Rider enters in range mode. If he dies while range mode is active, he will be able to revive himself.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

Scout: long-range characters

Scouts are the opposite of Brawlers and are the best option for those who enjoy shooting from a safe distance. Patience and good timing are some of the most important adjectives for those who seek victories when playing as Scouters. Currently, two characters from this class are available in Hyper Front beta testing: Sentinel, and Faith Arrow.

  • Sentinel: stuns enemies

Sentinel acts as a supporting character, debuffing enemies to improve his chances to get a kill. With his first skill, he flies a drone that helps you perceive the battlefield better. When dominating the drone, you will be able to switch between characters and drone view. With his second skill, Sentinel throws a stunning grenade, allowing him to attack while remaining unharmed. Also, he can create two drones that stun the enemies in nearby range with his Ultimate Skill. 

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

  • Faith Arrow: shoots fire arrows

In FPS games, bows are known for their capability to kill an enemy with only one projectile, but, as they are slow to fire, it’s better to aim properly and avoid missing the target. Otherwise, the chance of being killed is huge. With Faith Arrow, that is no different. This character has skills that will perfectly suit players who enjoy acting from a safe distance and for those who have the required calmness to aim perfectly.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

With her first skill, Faith Arrow can shoot an arrow that will scan the nearby location, showing the enemy’s closest position. Note that the foes who are inside a building will not be shown, as this skill is not able to perceive what is inside walls. With her second skill, Faith Arrow shoots an incendiary projectile that will burn enemies, inflicting damage through time. Lastly, her Ultimate Skill acts like a combo of her other abilities. When activated, her Ultimate Skill will shoot an incendiary arrow that crosses enemies and exhibits their location.

Supporter: heal allies and debuff enemies

As well as in the majority of RPGs, Hyper Front Supporter characters have skills that will heal allies and debuff enemies. During beta testing, Elixir is the only Support hero. Let’s take a closer look at her skills.

  • Elixir: heals and revives allies

Being the only Supporter hero available in Hyper Front, there is no surprise in saying that Elixir’s first skill allows this character to self-heal and to heal an allied player. On the other hand, Slowing Vortex, her second skill, lives up to its role and generates a vortex, reducing the opponent’s speed. Lastly, with her Ultimate Skill, Elixir can revive teammates, which will come in handy when the hard times come.

Hyper Front - Comprehensive Characters Guide (Beta Testing)

Now that you know all characters available in Hyper Front, it’s time to practice with them. Before doing that, what about sharing your thoughts about this game with us? Do you have a favorite character? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Good fighting, commander!