Icarus M: Guild War, the latest open-world MMORPG to drop for mobile, is making all the noise this week! Players can enjoy a breath-taking worldly experience in the fictional world of the Red Moon, inhabited by different types of civilizations together. Among this diversity, a specific chaos faction has turned to evil and corrupting the planet’s natural resources. Get to action, and bring the different factions together to fend off this approaching danger! Icarus M: Guild War is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.   

Icarus M: Guild War – Tips/Tricks to Master the Tactics and make Efficient Progress

Icarus M: Guild War is an instance-based landscape MMO that allows players to interact with multiple players in a particular server. Players can enjoy different PvE and PvP game modes, each with their own set of nuances and rewards. In this article for Icarus M: Guild War, we will be providing some of our personally observed tips that will help the players achieve greater progression without much hassle. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the tips for Icarus M: Guild War!

Tip 1. Choosing the Right Class!

Icarus M: Guild War is an MMORPG that is class-based. Meaning, each player gets the opportunity to pick 1 out of 6 classes at the beginning of their account’s journey. Each class is well-endowed with unique skills and abilities, and they also have a substantially different play style from each other. Picking a class should be done based on weighing the pros and cons of each class, since this is a choice you will be making only once in your lifetime if you plan to stick to your current account.

Icarus M: Guild War – Tips/Tricks to Master the Tactics and make Efficient Progress

Icarus M: Guild War has a ton of PvE and PvP game modes, and each class is going to be beneficial in different game modes. For example, the Ranger excels at dealing damage in any game mode, or the Priest class excels at healing allies in any content. 

Tip 2. Following the Main Quests

This tip might be generic, but it’s very essential to your progression. Being an MMORPG, Icarus M: Guild War has a vast world view, filled with different continents. Players cannot always follow the guidelines on the map. Thankfully, the game has a QOL auto-progress feature that allows the player to simply click on the quest and it will automatically take your character to the location. Players can simply sit back and relax while the game plays itself for them automatically. The main quests also have a ton of rewards ready to be given to the player upon completion. 

Icarus M: Guild War – Tips/Tricks to Master the Tactics and make Efficient Progress

Tip 3. Upgrading your Character

Oftentimes, when a player is stuck in a particular quest or not able to complete a dungeon, it’s majorly due to being under-powered in comparison to the enemy. Icarus M: Guild War is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) that has a ton of features to make sure your character is strong and sufficient to clear the different content available. Some of the core methods include levelling them up, upgrading their skills, recruiting strong familiars, and upgrading high rarity equipment equipped to your character. 

Icarus M: Guild War – Tips/Tricks to Master the Tactics and make Efficient Progress

Tip 4. Familiars are your Best Buddies!

Icarus M: Guild War boasts some of the core systems that are present in almost every AAA-rated MMORPG. One of such systems is the Familiar system. Players can recruit/purchase different rarities of familiars via competing in events, or completing certain quests in the game. Familiars are essentially mythical creatures that have landed on the Red Moon. They are blessed with unique abilities that can assist you in & out of combat. Having a strong Familiar by your side is going to prove significantly beneficial to the overall power level of your account. Familiars also come in different types and have certain roles. For example, they can be Attackers that can deal a ton of AOE damage to enemies, or they can be Healers and heal you consistently in battles.

Icarus M: Guild War – Tips/Tricks to Master the Tactics and make Efficient Progress

Tip 5. Make use of the Idle Farming features!

Players might think that Icarus M: Guild War is a hardcore and hand-on MMORPG but in reality, it’s quite user friendly and casual. Make sure to use the Idle auto-farm feature while you’re away or simply not playing actively. You can tap on the “Auto” button in an area where mobs of enemies keep spawning passively. This will result in tons of loot such as Experience and Items for your account, boosting your overall rate of progression. Make sure that the game is active while leaving your character on Auto or else it will not count for.

Playing Icarus M: Guild War on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay, is highly recommended.