Idle Heroes on PC: Equipment, Artifacts, and Treasures Guide

Idle Heroes on PC: Equipment, Artifacts, and...

Gaining levels is not the only way of strengthening your heroes: You can make them stronger by using equipment, artifacts, and special stones. Idle Heroes contains hundreds of items and you need to find (or produce) them, just like the heroes. You can read our guide to find out what these items are, how to get them, and how to use them.

Idle Heroes Equipment

Let’s start with the most generic item type you can use right from the beginning: equipment. Idle Heroes has a total of 4 equipment types. These are weapon, armor, shoes, and accessories. From level 1, you can get these items and start giving them to your heroes. It is not possible to prepare a list of all equipment in the game, because there are hundreds of pieces available and every major update adds new ones. But we can tell you how to use them and how to “produce” them.

As you can see in the screenshot below, your heroes have a total of 6 item slots:

You can use 4 of these for armor, weapon, shoes, and accessories. The remaining slots are reserved for treasure and artifacts – you cannot start using them immediately. Every piece of equipment provides extra stats to the hero that equips them. For example:

In general, we can say that weapons and accessories give attack points, and armor and shoes provide extra health points. However, as the equipment quality increases, these benefits also change and become better. High-level equipment can increase more than one stat at the same time. For example:

  • Thorny Flame Whip, Weapon, gives 3,704 Attack + 5% Crit Damage
  • Flame Armor, Armor, gives 52.249 HP + 2% Less Damage

  • Glory Boots, Shoes, gives 20.146 HP + 2% Block
  • Flame Necklace, Accessory, gives 2.469 Attack + 5% Skill Damage

If you succeed in achieving set items, you can gain extra bonuses too. Set item means that a hero has items from the same tier in at least 3 equipment slots. Some examples:

  • Night Set Bonuses: 3% HP, 4% attack, 1% HP
  • Guardian Set Bonuses: 8% HP, 11% attack, 5% HP
  • Flame Set Bonuses: 16% HP, 21% attack, 8% HP

For example, by getting the first item in the Night set, you gain an extra 3% HP (in addition to other stat bonuses). If you find the second item of this set, you get 4% attack points in addition to 3% HP. Getting set items is not an easy task, and needs a bit of luck. But remember that one of the daily login awards is a set item.

Where to Get & How To Use Equipment

To obtain equipment, you can:

  • Complete all the missions and events in the game (campaign, tavern, etc.) and get them as a reward,
  • Produce them yourself in the Blacksmith building.

Campaign missions will be your basic resource for acquiring equipment. For this reason, try to complete all campaign tasks.

Completing these missions will also provide you with the shards you need to build equipment in the Blacksmith building. For example, the following screenshot shows that you need to collect three shards to build that ax:

Since we have collected these shards by completing campaign missions, we can now produce this weapon:

In the Blacksmith, you can even produce set items. It will be much harder to find their parts, but it is certainly possible. Do not forget that the number of stars on the left side of the equipment icons shows the quality levels: The more stars there are, the stronger the equipment is.

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You can give equipment to your heroes “manually”, but there is a much easier way to do it: “Onekey Equip”. If you press this button, the ideal equipment for that hero will be placed automatically.

Idle Heroes equipment is not tied to character classes. Every class can use every type of equipment. It is even possible for a mage to use plate armor and swords. The only thing you need to consider in this regard is the benefits of the equipment: For example, we recommend that you give equipment that provides extra HP points to a warrior, who will be the tank of your team. Sometimes the automatic equipment system cannot make this distinction, so check frequently that your heroes are using the right items.

Idle Heroes Treasures

Treasure is a special item type you can put at the 5th slot:

Though their names are treasures, they are actually “stones”. In order for a hero to begin using stones, it must first be level 40. When it reaches this level, the corresponding slot is automatically unlocked and your first stone is given as a gift by the game. The stones also help to increase the stats of your heroes. However, they give benefits that you cannot get from classic equipment, such as armor break and speed. You can increase these benefits by upgrading the stones themselves:

You can see the stone categories and their benefits in the table below:

Twilight 180 Magic Dust Attack + Hit + HP
Amber 180 Magic Dust Attack + Hit + HP
Crystal 720 Magic Dust Armor Break + Block + Crit
Jade 2.160 Magic Dust Precision + Block + Skill Damage
Agate 6.480 Magic Dust Holy Damage + Skill Damage
Celestial 23.000 Magic Dust Armor Break + Crit + Speed

Another difference of the stones is that they are exclusive to the heroes. You can trade equipment between heroes, but you cannot trade stones.

Idle Heroes Artifacts

Artifacts are the most valuable and rare items in the game. You will place them in the last slot.

When the hero reaches level 40, the artifact slot will also unlock, but artifacts do not start to drop before the 7th stage of the campaign missions. In fact, for the most valuable artifacts, you need to play these missions up to the 29th stage. Even reaching only the 7th stage will require you to play for a few weeks, so do not expect to find an artifact immediately. Artifacts raise special stats just like the stones and allow your heroes to do more damage against certain Aura classes. For example, using the artifact named “Ancient God’s Whisper”, a hero’s damage against mage classes will increase by 90%. Since they are quite rare, very few players can give artifacts to all of their heroes. Sometimes, however, you can buy them from events with the Lucky Coins:

You now have information about equipment and other item types in the game: You can equip your heroes in the most accurate way and be more effective in combat. Good luck on the battlefield: You can increase your knowledge of the game by reading our other guides!

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