With the release of Neocraft’s most recent MMORPG, Immortal Awakening, players can now explore a brand new world and partake of many fun and exciting adventures. However, just like with any MMORPG, your journey will begin by choosing your starter class, which in turn will greatly influence your enjoyment of the game.

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

If you’re getting started in this game and don’t know which class to use, then this guide is for you. In the following paragraphs, we’ll be giving a brief overview of the different classes in Immortal Awakening, as well as share our thoughts on their play style and approach to the combat in this game.


The standard cookie cutter melee class in Immortal Awakening, which comes with a vast HP pool, high defenses, and a lot of crowd control, but with a tradeoff in offense. The Barbarian is the perfect class for beginners since mistakes are hardly ever significant, considering that you always have a lot of HP to cushion any damage you might take in combat. What’s more, the Barbarian also has lots of skills that can beef up his defenses in a pinch, making him an even harder class to take down.

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

The Barbarian is the only tank class in Immortal Awakening, which makes him into one of the most important parts of any group. Luckily, they’re also quite easy to play, though they’re a bit lackluster when it comes to mobility, which makes them a bit subpar in PvP.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Mages trade in their defenses and survivability for unmatched magical prowess and destructive potential. These casters stand at a distance and rain destruction on their enemies using a variety of magical spells and incantations, making them into excellent DPS units both in PvP and PvE, as well as in both single-target and AoE situations.

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

Considering their meager defenses, however, Mages require a bit of know-how and positioning in order to not only survive, but also to make the most out of their destructive kits.

Demon Hunter

While the Mage is all about magical power and pelting enemies with spells from a distance, the Demon Hunter is similar, except her damage comes from powerful ranged attacks using her crossbows. What’s more, while the Mage has limited mobility due to needing to stand still while casting, the Demon Hunter is very nimble and can stay mobile at all times, making it quite easy to dodge attacks while keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

Just like with the Mage, however, it takes a certain play style in order to take full advantage of the Demon Hunter’s kit, which makes her into one of the most difficult classes to play in the game. Nevertheless, in the right hands, this class has the potential to be the best in the entire game.


Commanding his army of minions and spirits, the Necromancer is one of the most interesting classes in Immortal Awakening. This spellcaster hangs behind and uses his magic to fight. However, while the Mage is more keen on using spells that directly damage the enemy, the Necromancer instead uses magic to command undead fighters and spirits to do his bidding, therefore allowing him to summon dangerous minions.

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

Since the Necromancer relies on his summoned units to fight for him, he can also use a variety of support skills to both boost the power of his allies, as well as weaken enemies to make them into easier targets. As such, this class is the closest that you’ll get to an actual support role in Immortal Weakening.

How to Play with All Classes at the Same Time

If you’ve read our Immortal Awakening class overview above and still can’t choose which one would be the best for you, then you might be in luck: If you play Immortal Awakening on PC with BlueStacks, you won’t even have to choose as you can easily play on all four classes simultaneously using the Instance Manager.

The Instance Manager is a feature that lets you create as many instances of our Android app player as you want, potentially letting you access one game on multiple accounts at the same time. For Immortal Awakening, this essentially means that you can download and Install the game on multiple instances and play on all four classes simultaneously. 

Immortal Awakening Class Guide - How to Choose the Best Class for Your Play Style

In this sense, instead of having to settle for just one class, you can play and progress on all of them, and eventually settle for your favorite after testing them all. Alternatively, since Immortal Awakening has some pretty beefy automation features, you can potentially create parties with your different characters and tackle the most challenging content in the game, without having to rely on strangers in order to get a good group going. 

And this is only one of the things that you can achieve by playing Immortal Awakening on PC with BlueStacks. Check out our BlueStacks usage guide for this game if you want to learn a bit more on how to use our Android app player to enhance your gaming experience with this new mobile MMORPG.

What is your favorite class in Immortal Awakening? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!