It’s been over 2 weeks since Infinite Magicraid launched globally for all regions. Players should have made some progress over the course of this time and unlocked all the dungeons. The turn-based RPG developed and produced by DHGames is a resource and time-sensitive game where players are gated by resources such as Stamina, Gold, etc to make progress. Infinite Magicraid features over 200+ unique heroes with new one’s being added with every update. The latest update itself added 2 new heroes – Legendary Hero Megan and Epic Hero Leuf. One of the most popular RPGs for 2022, Infinite Magicraid is available to be installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

Infinite Magicraid is a gacha game where players need to summon their favorite heroes from the in-game summoning system. This is a blessing and nuance both as it entirely depends on your luck. The context of the storyline in Infinite Magicraid is that the devil god Lihem and his chaotic forces have wreaked havoc on the entire fictional land of Lowes continent. In the present, we are role-playing as the savior of the entire Lowes kingdom and traveling through kingdoms to unite our forces to fend off the evil ones. One of the most appreciable factors for the story of Infinite Magicraid is the especially animated cutscenes that players can enjoy after clearing any chapter. These cutscenes act as a summary of what’s finished and what’s next which gives players a feeling of indulgence. 

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

In this guide for Infinite Magicraid, we will be trying our best to give players a detailed overview of equipment and emblems in the game. As usual with these guides, it will be more targeted towards the general player base that is new players. Since the game is still fairly new, many things might change in the future. Here are the topics that we will be covering in-depth in this guide:

  • What is Equipment’s?
  • Equipment Sets
  • Where to Farm Equipment?
  • What are Emblems?
  • List of Emblems

What is Equipment?

To put it simply and straightforwardly, Equipment’s are those pieces of gear that can be equipped on any of their owned heroes in Infinite Magicraid. Equipment’s can be farmed, and collected through events and even from dispatch missions. Players can also get equipment from their AFK rewards by clicking on the treasure chest at the bottom right-hand side of the main menu. One of the best parts about equipment is that they are additive stats that can make or break any hero. Any hero, regardless of their rarity or star value, will benefit greatly by equipping them with equipment. Consider them as free stats for your account that can boost your strength of heroes. One piece of equipment can be equipped on only one hero at a time. Equipping a piece of equipment does not cost any gold or other resource to the player. Similarly, removing or transferring that piece of equipment from one hero to another also does not consume Gold or any other resource. Here are some key takeaways every new player should know about equipment:

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

  • Set Effect – All equipment or pieces of equipment come under a specific set of equipment that provides the hero with additional stats/abilities. For example, the Attack Set provides the heroes who are equipped with Attack Set pieces of equipment an additional overall 15% Attack boost. These Set Effects are additive instead of being included with the equipment stats. Hence, they play a fundamental value in increasing any hero’s stats without altering their base stats. Players should make the current choice of equipping the right heroes with the right equipment sets to get the maximum benefit out of that hero. Keep in mind that the set effect of any equipment is only activated once the number of pieces of equipment from the particular set is placed on the hero. Sets come in either 2-set or 4-set where the 2-set demands that 2 pieces of equipment from the same set need to be placed on the hero in order for the set effect to activate. Similarly, the 4-set demands that 4 pieces of equipment from the same set need to be placed on the hero in order for the set effect to activate.

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

  • Areas – Each piece of equipment in Infinite Magicraid needs to be equipped to a specific area of the hero. In the game, each hero has 4 primary areas that can be equipped with equipment/gear. These areas are as follows – Weapon, Armor, Boots, and Accessory. Similarly, there also exist 3 secondary areas that can be equipped with equipment/gear. These 3 areas are called Artifacts. The Class Artifacts unlock when the hero reaches the 1st Awakening. The Mark Artifacts unlock when the hero reaches the 3rd Awakening. The Faction Artifacts unlock when the hero reaches the 5th Awakening.
  • Quality – Just like heroes, pieces of equipment also comes in different qualities with each quality being better or worse than the other. The quality of the piece of equipment also determines how many secondary sub-stats the piece of equipment will have. Equipment comes in 5 different tiers of quality – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the more substats the gear will have. Keep in mind that the quality does not define the base stats of the gear but only the number of substats.
  • Star Level – Another unique feature regarding pieces of equipment is their designated star level. Just like heroes, Equipment is also allotted a star level that decided its value. Each piece of equipment has an initial value and maximum value. The maximum value is achieved when the particular piece is enhanced to its maximum potential at +16 enhancement. The pieces of equipment that have a higher star value will have higher initial and maximum values than a piece of equipment that is of a lower star value. The Star values of equipment range from 1-Star all the way to 6-Star, which is the highest. 

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

Players can get to know more about getting stronger and making progress as new player by referring to a beginner’s guide. We recommend players use the equipment that suits their heroes. Each hero deals damage based on their type. For example, a Hero like Melchio deals damage based on his Attack. Hence, putting a Set of equipment like an Attack Set or Crit Set is not a bad choice here. Similarly, heroes like Liz and Vim are better suited with a Speed/Health set as their primary function is to survive and heal allies instead of dealing damage. 

Types of Equipment Sets

Infinite Magicraid currently boasts 25 different and unique Sets of equipment. Out of the 25, 12 sets of equipment can be farmed through the general dungeons while 13 can only be acquired through crafting them at the Forge. Here are the different equipment sets and their set effects:

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

  1. Attack Set (General) – Attack + 15%
  2. Defense Set (General) – Defense + 15%
  3. Health Set (General) – Health Points + 20%
  4. Speed Set (General) – Speed + 10%
  5. Critical Hit Rate Set (General) – Critical Hit Rate + 15%
  6. Critical Hit Damage Set (General) – Critical Hit Damage + 20%
  7. Effect Hit Set (General) – Effect Hit + 20%
  8. Tenacity Set (General) – Tenacity + 30%
  9. Leech Set (General) – Leech + 10%
  10. Mastery Set (General) – Mastery + 20%
  11. Healing Set (General) – Healing + 20%
  12. Resistance Set (General) – Resistance + 20%
  13. Fearless Set (Crafting) – Critical Hit Rate + 15%, Leech + 10%, Mastery + 20%
  14. Wild Set (Crafting) – Critical Hit Rate + 15%, Attack + 8%
  15. Tough Set (Crafting) – Health Points + 20%, Tenacity + 20%, Effect Resistance + 20%
  16. First-Aid Set (Crafting) – Speed+ 10%, Effect Hit + 20%, Healing + 20%
  17. Feather Set (Crafting) – Health Points + 10%, Speed + 10%
  18. Guardian Set (Crafting) – Defense + 15%, Effect Resistance + 20%
  19. Knight Set (Crafting) – Defense + 15%, Critical Hit Rate + 15%
  20. Slay Set (Crafting) – Critical Hit Rate + 10%, Critical Hit Damage + 15%
  21. Bloodthirsty Set (Crafting) – Leech + 10%, Attack + 8%
  22. Hardening Set (Crafting) – Defense + 15%, Tenacity + 30%
  23. Holy Set (Crafting) – Health Points + 10%, Healing + 20%
  24. Endurance Set (Crafting) – Health Points + 10%, Mastery + 20%
  25. Accuracy Set (Crafting) – Mastery + 10%, Effect Hit Rate + 20%

Where to Farm Equipment?

Equipment from the general category can be farmed in their specific equipment dungeons. Players can go to the Dungeons tab located at the bottom left-hand side of the main menu. They will see a variety of dungeons to choose from like Guild Boss, Space Temple, etc. Go to the Dwarven Runes. This is the area where players can get their desired general Equipment Sets and Artifacts. The Dwarven Ruins consists of 6 different separate and unique dungeons: 

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

  • Efreet Dungeon – Attack Set, Crit DMG Set, Tenacity Set, and Resist Set
  • Gwyneth Dungeon – Crit Set, Mastery Set, Hit Set, and DEF Set
  • Rum Dungeon – HP Set, Speed Set, Leech Set, and Healing Set
  • Nedgia Dungeon – Strength Crystal, Defensive Egg, and Domination Fang
  • Graulen Dungeon – Blood Drum, Faceless Mask, etc
  • Marius Dungeon – Faction Accessories

Each dungeon is further divided into 30 different stages which are extremely challenging. The higher the stage level, the better the rewards and the higher the difficulty. Players can grind these dungeons repeatedly in order to gain pieces of equipment, Shards, and even crafting materials that can be used in the forge to craft superior sets of equipment. 

What are Emblems?

Emblems can be considered similar to masteries or talents from other similar games like RAID: Shadow Legends or Epic Seven. It is an integral part of Infinite Magicraid as players can transform into the heroes they want to be. The Emblems come in 3 different types – Attack, Defense, and Support. This might be reminiscent of the types of heroes that are available in the game as well. Rightfully so, Attack type champions are better suited for Attack Emblems while Defense based heroes are suited for Defense emblem trees. Players can mix and match emblems from any 2 selected trees of their choosing. Players can also set up some quirky and unique emblem setups for their heroes that can catch their opponents by surprise, especially in PvP areas of the game. Emblems play a huge role in how much damage heroes can deal or take as they also boost various stats of heroes. 

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger

Emblems are leveled up and allotted via using your owned Emblem chapters. Emblem chapters is a unique currency that is used for leveling up and unlocking new emblems for all heroes in Infinite Magicraid. Players can either farm these Emblem chapters through the Emblem Challenge dungeon or buy them directly from the shop using your owned Diamonds. Keep in mind that the Emblem Challenge dungeon unlocks after players clear Chapter 6 Stage 10 in the hard mode. It is recommended that players purchase the first emblem set for their main damage dealer by purchasing them directly. Emblems provide a huge power boost to heroes just like equipment. Players can also reset their emblems by paying a small fee in Diamonds.

Emblems Available in Infinite Magicraid

Emblems in Infinite Magicraid are currently divided into 3 different categories – Attack, Defense, and Support. Each emblem tree houses different types of advantages offered to the heroes. Here are all the emblems respective to their Emblem trees:

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger


  • Crit Enhancement – Crit Rate + 4.5 %
  • Attack Enhancement – Atk + 6 %
  • Unexpected Attack – When Hp is Full +6 % DMG
  • Shield Slam – DMG +12 % against Shielded targets.
  • Berserk Blood – DMG Dealt/Taken +6/9 %
  • Arrogant – Before the end of the first turn of each wave, DMG +9 % for 1st turn.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Direct DMG +12 % next turn for every target killed. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • The Last Stand – At the start of the turn, Self DoT Dmg +1.8% up to 5 times
  • Strength Buildup – DMG +4.5 % if self has a buff.
  • Victory Rush – DMG +9 % for targets under control status.
  • Pay Off Old Scores – For targets with DoT debuff +9 % DoT damage
  • Brave Enemies – Targets with more HP than self +6 % DMG
  • Weak Point – When target HP
  • New Lease of Life – DMG +9 % when target HP is below 50%.
  • Crack DMG – Crit Dmg +24 %
  • Long-term Basis – Mastery +30 %

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger


  • DEF Enhancement – Def +6 %
  • RES Enhancement – Effect Res +4.5 %
  • Armor of Thorns – DMG Reflect +6 %
  • Curse Countercharge – Dot DMG took -9 %
  • Cut Loss in Time – Healed Effect +9 %
  • Harsh Transition – When the ally dies DMG taken -6 %
  • Sacrifice the Dead – HP Restored +9 % for every dead ally.
  • No Fear – Effect Res +9 % before the end of the first turn of each wave.
  • Posterior – If the enemy whose DEF is lower than self, DMG took -6 %
  • Under God’s Wing – When HP > 50% +15 % Tenacity
  • Move with Burden – Control Res +12 %
  • Grittiness – DMG received -9 % when the turn ends decreases by 3 %
  • Spontaneous Recovery – Restore HP by 6 % at the first 3 turns of each wave.
  • Unremitting Efforts – When HP is reduced by 25 % restore self HP by 9 %
  • Rugged Tenacity – Max HP +24 %
  • Tough Skin – Shares 80 % DMG of Ally

Infinite Magicraid Equipment and Emblem Guide to Make your Heroes Stronger


  • HP Enhancement – HP +6 %
  • HIT Enhancement – Effect Hit +4.5 %
  • Healing Enhancement – When self has Shield -6 % DMG taken
  • Shield Enhancement – Shield Effect +9 %
  • Meditation – Healing Effect +9 %
  • The Rescuer – Effect Hit +6 % before the end of the first turn of each wave.
  • Pennies From Heaven – Allies HP
  • Selfish – When buff/debuff is successful, SPD + 9 for 1 turn
  • Hard Survival – Turn Meter Reduction -15 %
  • Beneath Notice – Allies under control effect, Healing + Shield +12 %
  • Magic Touch – 12 % chance to reduce skill cooldown when casting skills
  • Sacred Winds – 30 % chance to remove 1 non-control debuff at end of turn.
  • Better and Better – 18 % chance to increase attribute debuff/ buff duration.
  • More is Better – Targets with lower SPD than self, Effect Hit +9 %
  • Urgent Treatment – Healing Effect +24 %
  • Blue Streak – SPD + 75

Stay tuned for more future updates and guides for Infinite Magicraid. It’s highly recommended to use BlueStacks to play Infinite Magicraid on your PC for the most optimized and lag-free gameplay experience.