Iron Throne: Heroes and Leveling Up Guide

Iron Throne: Heroes and Leveling Up Guide

Iron Throne heroes are different from other mobile conquest games: Each has a personality and a special trait. Do not confuse these jobs with war skills. Iron Throne heroes are able to undertake jobs that will improve and protect your kingdom. And if you use them correctly, they are extremely useful. In this guide, we will talk about the Iron Throne heroes and how you can use them to their full potential.

The Heroes

Iron Throne has 13 heroes in total. (This number is likely to increase in the future.) Each one is visually different from the other, and you can even tell who they are by looking at them. (Let’s also say they look pretty “cool”.) Each of the heroes can specialize in one of four jobs. You can see these in the following list:

  • Guardian: Heroes with this trait increase the battle capabilities of your Kingdom.
  • Architect: Heroes with this trait increase the construction speed of your buildings.
  • Scholar: Heroes with this trait increase the research speed of your Kingdom.
  • Treasurer: Heroes with this trait increase the speed of your resource generation.

Open the Heroes screen: From this screen, you can see all the heroes in the game, as well as what traits they have.

At the beginning of the game, you will get two heroes for free: Maria and Haral. Maria is a treasurer, so she can increase resource generation speed. Haral is an architect and can construct buildings faster. When your Castle reaches level 5, the Dimension Battle system will be activated. Once you complete the first chapter, you will get another hero for free: Carl. This hero is a guardian, so he is more effective on the battlefield. You can recruit other heroes when you perform certain tasks. In the table below, you can see the full list:

Rodric Guardian Claim all 2nd Day Event Rewards
Tertio Guardian Defeat Chaotic Strongholds 5 Times
Valentia Guardian Clear Story Chapter 7
Torrs Treasurer Claim all 3rd Day Event Rewards
Freydis Guardian Clear Town Mode Season 1 Epic Quest
Saulus Scholar Reach Academy Level 20
Xenovia Guardian Win Team Deathmatch 5 Times
Achillas Guardian Reach 1st Place in Battle Royale
Mikoto Guardian Purchase Its Package with Real Money
John Guardian Purchase Its Package with Real Money

As you can see from this table, you can get all the heroes, except only two, by completing the in-game activities. Do not hurry to buy Mikoto and John: They are not very special heroes. They just come with a unique rune. These runes have features that can only be useful during the late stages of the game and do not give you a great advantage. In other words, you can play happily with free heroes and not miss anything.

First of all, we recommend that you unlock Saulus: There are no other heroes that can handle the scholar job. Increasing the speed of research is especially useful after level 10. In this context, let’s say that Haral is a very valuable hero too: As of now, it’s the only architect hero in the game.

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Appointing the Heroes

In order to benefit from your hero’s special abilities, you need to assign them to certain jobs. We’ll use Carl to explain how you can do this. Switch to Carl’s screen and press the “appoint” button in the top left corner.

Carl is a guardian, so it’s a good idea to give him the “guard captain” job. You can do this by pressing the “appoint hero” button in the bottom right corner.

You need to assign your other heroes to appropriate jobs too. Do not forget to do this: Recruiting a hero is not enough to use its talents. Without appointing them to a job, you are not using that hero properly.

Finally, let’s say that it is possible to change the traits of your heroes they specialize in. So, for example, you can turn a guardian hero into a scholar. But we do not recommend doing this: Changing a hero’s trait costs lots of gold, and there’s no specific reason to do it. Using hero’s default traits will suffice, there is no need to spend money.

Leveling Up

Your heroes will become stronger as they level up, and the benefits they give you will increase too. You need XP points to gain levels. Iron Throne gives you XP packages that you can use for free at the beginning of the game:

However, these are limited and we do not recommend using them at the beginning of the game. You can earn XP points from in-game activities. In this regard, your primary XP resource will be the quests:

You can repeat these quests every day. Town mode quests are also an important XP source, so do not forget to do them every 24 hours.

Joining an Alliance will increase the number of quests you can do, so we recommend you join one immediately. The faster you level your heroes, the more you can benefit from them. Moreover, further chapters in the Dimension Battle system will be easier to complete and you will receive additional rewards. Do not let your heroes sit idle: Check the Heroes and Quests screens to see if there is a task you can give them. In this context, do not forget to do Monster Hunt tasks too. These tasks will also provide you with valuable items as well as XP points.

These are the most important things you should know about the Iron Throne heroes. Now is the time to practice: Make those heroes work. The more tasks you perform, the sooner you unlock new heroes. Only the kingdom that recruits right heroes is entitled to sit on the iron throne. We recommend you to read the guide we prepared about research and equipment too. Your heroes can become much stronger with special equipment.

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