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Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

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To succeed in the Iron Throne, you must develop both your military strength and your production capacity equally. This is not an easy thing to do: Most players focus on increasing their military strength and completely forget resource production. Even if you get an advantage for a short time by focusing on your troops, your kingdom will be vulnerable than ever in the long run because you won’t be able to produce enough resources to “feed” that army. In this guide, we will talk about how to build a balanced kingdom and how can the equipment of your heroes help you to achieve this goal.

The Importance of Research

As we mentioned in our previous guides, resource generation and construction speed play a very important role in achieving your goals. The way to win the game is to build a balanced resource and construction system. For this reason, you should always focus on producing resources quickly, regardless of which stage of the game you are in, and use these resources to upgrade buildings. You cannot increase resource generation speed by upgrading buildings. Many players fall into this misconception. Upgraded buildings only generate more resources, but there is no change in their production speed. There are two ways to make them produce faster: Lord Skills and Academy Research.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

Let’s start with Lord Skills. Every activity you complete in the Iron Throne allows you to earn skill points at varying odds. Do not confuse them with the XP points your heroes earn. Skill points are for the Lord, a.k.a you. First, let’s see what these look like. While on the main screen, open the Lord screen by clicking on the avatar image in the upper left corner.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

On this screen, you can see what your personal level is. You see the “lord skills” button in the upper right corner? Click that button to open the screen where you can use your skill points.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

As you can see, you can use your skill points for two purposes: Economy and Battle. We recommend that you only use the Economy preset until level 10. As you can see from the screenshot, this preset can increase both your construction and research speed.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

Moreover, the points you will spend on this preset will increase your troop production speed too after completing the previous tiers. It is easy to miss the Lord Skills screen and as of now, many players are not aware such an option exists. You are not one of those players: When you reach Level 10, you will have enough points to increase both construction and research speed so do that first.

Using the Academy

In the Academy, you can research many different categories: battle, production, city, march speed, dimensional battle, craft, and troop training.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

We will deal with two of them: production and city. This is because the research under these two categories increases our production and construction speed. Under the production category, you can find the research that will help you generate all the resources in the game faster. Under the city category, there are studies that increase the speed of construction.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

Remember that these studies split into different tiers and you cannot switch to the next before completing the previous one. For example, the Construction Speed research consists of two tiers and you need to complete the Tier 1 first to unlock Tier 2.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

There are several ways to improve your research speed. First of all, you can increase the research speed by 10% by fully upgrading the related lord skill, as we mentioned above. By doing this, you can complete a 1-hour research in 54 minutes, for example. Another method is to seek help from Alliance members. Your call for help is relayed to all members, and anybody can send you additional resources to help you complete your research faster. (Likewise, you will often receive a call for help, which we recommend you comply.) Appointing a hero with the scholar trait to your castle will also allow researches to be completed more quickly.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

The last method is to use a speed up boost. At the beginning of the game, there are many boosts that you can use for free, but we recommend keeping them for later stages. The first tiers of all studies are completed in no more than 20 minutes and you do not need boosting at this stage. If your free boosts are over, you can buy the new ones with real money.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

A final hint that most people are unaware of: You can upgrade your resource production rate by upgrading your Citadel.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

The Importance of Hero Equipment

You may think that the items that your heroes use give only an advantage in terms of combat, but you are mistaken. Iron Throne contains a set of items that can be used for various purposes, some of which can be used to increase both resource generation and construction speed. For this to work, you must first appoint two heroes with the architect and treasurer traits. Later, you can give these heroes items that increase the effectiveness of their traits.

Iron Throne Research & Equipment Guide

This is one of the reasons why Iron Throne is different from many other mobile conquest games: The item sets in the game are not only for combat, they can also be used for non-combat purposes. For this reason, be aware of which item you are giving to which hero: For example, giving an armor that increases the speed of construction to a hero who has undertaken the task of guard captain will be completely pointless. In short, you can increase your production and construction speed by appointing your heroes and equipping them with the right items.

Do not let the academy sit idle and make sure you are constantly researching something. Raising your production and construction speed before other players will give you a valuable advantage and help you grow your kingdom faster. Good luck and don’t forget to read our Heroes guide too: It contains info about the heroes in the game, which will further help you to pick the right equipment for them.

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