Iron Throne Buildings and Resources Guide

Iron Throne Buildings and Resources Guide

Resource management is the key to sitting on the iron throne: Your kingdom needs a steady stream of resources to grow. You must construct buildings to generate resources, and you must produce resources to continue construction. Likewise, your military power depends on resources and buildings too. In this guide, you can find information about all the buildings and the resource system in Iron Throne, and learn what you need to do to manage your kingdom in a balanced way.

Resource Types

Iron Throne has 5 types of resources: Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, and Silver. Each of these is used both in the construction of other buildings, and to upgrade them. In this context, they are also important for raising new troops: You need these resources to build Barracks and Command Center buildings. At the beginning of the game, you will not feel their importance too much, as the costs will not be so high. However, as your Kingdom improves, even a single piece of resource will become very important. For this reason, you need to set up a balanced and continuous resource generation system at the beginning to help you during the later stages.

Resources come from buildings. You can also get them from quests, events, and town mode missions. When you complete some events, you will also receive resources as a reward. However, these methods are not sufficient for a regular and healthy resource generation. For this reason, we need to establish a large number of resource-producing buildings and ensure that they always continue to produce. You can upgrade every building in the game to level 30, and the higher the level of the building, the higher the production you get. To construct a building, click on an empty area and select which building you want to construct. If there is no empty space, you can create one by clicking on one of the trees.

Resource Generating Buildings


At Level 1 At Level 30
Production Per Hour 1.000 55.600
Maximum Capacity 8.000 444.800

Food is produced only by farms. Surprisingly, you won’t be needing food at the beginning of the game. But in the progressive stages, it becomes much more important. Especially after upgrading all buildings, you will not need much of the other resources, but food will always be needed. For this reason, it is enough to build 5 farms until you reach level 20. After this level, demolish the other buildings and start farming aggressively.


Iron Mine

At Level 1 At Level 30
Production Per Hour 1.200 18.600
Maximum Capacity 1.600 148.800

Iron is produced only by iron mines. Iron is one of the resources you’ll use the least in all phases of the game. Especially after level 15, you almost never need it. For this reason, building 10 iron mines will usually be enough, regardless of the stage of the game. You can reduce this number according to the state of your resources.

Silver Mine

At Level 1 At Level 30
Production Per Hour 100 5.500
Maximum Capacity 800 44.000

Silver is produced only by silver mines. Silver is one of the important resources in the game. You will need a lot of silver especially until you reach level 10. In the beginning, try to build at least 5 silver mines. After level 10, raise this number up to 10. We recommend that you build a maximum of 15 silver mines after level 15 and keep that number.



At Level 1 At Level 30
Production Per Hour 200 18.600
Maximum Capacity 1.600 148.800

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Stone is produced only by quarries. Stone will be the resource you will need the most in almost all stages of the game. For this reason, we recommend you to start with at least 10 quarries. After level 10, try to raise this number to a minimum of 15. Depending on the situation of your resources, you may need to raise this figure even more, up to 20 to 25. Make sure you always have at least 20 quarries, especially after level 20.


At Level 1 At Level 30
Production Per Hour 1.200 18.600
Maximum Capacity 1.600 148.800

Wood is produced only by lumberyards. We can say that Wood is the second most important resource in the game. Like the Quarry, start with 10 lumberyards and build up to 20 more after level 20. You will always need Wood and Stone, so we advise you to upgrade these buildings primarily.

Other Buildings

Other important buildings in Iron Throne are:


This is the building that increases troop capacity and their training speed. Remember that you do not create new troops in this building, it just affects their numbers and speed of production. A level 1 barrack provides 20 troop capacity and increases production speed by 0.5%. A Level 30 barracks provide 6,700 troop capacity and increase production speed by 15%. We recommend that you build at least 5 barracks in all stages of the game.


You can heal your injured troops in this building. Hospital is a very important building because it prevents you from spending resources to produce new troops. Instead of producing new ones, you can heal the injured units in here. A Level 1 hospital can cure 10,000 injured troops. A level 30 hospital has a healing capacity of 51,000 injured troops. We recommend that you construct at least 5 hospital buildings.

How to Generate Resources Faster

If you want to increase the resource generation speed, there are three ways to do this:

  • Become a VIP player. The resource generation rate of VIP players is 11% faster. At the last level (level 25) they can produce Food 40% faster than other players.
  • Upgrade buildings. Fully upgraded buildings generate faster and more resources.
  • Research. By doing research in the Academy, you can increase your resource generation speed.

In this context, it is worth remembering that the Warehouse building is of great importance: You can store all the resources you produce in this building. The resources stored in the warehouse are not affected by enemy attacks. So even if you lose the battle, you can start again quickly with the resources you have stored in here.

These are the most important things you should know about the Iron Throne buildings and the resource system. The key to success is achieving a healthy production rate by creating a balanced setup: The better you control your resources, the stronger you are. Keep reading our other Iron Throne guides to further improve your Kingdom.

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