Learn the Best Resource Strategy in King of Avalon on PC

Learn the Best Resource Strategy in King...

If you want to win in King of Avalon, you should follow a clever growth strategy and use your resources in the most efficient way. There are many resources in the game and each one can be used for multiple purposes. Which resource is more important varies according to the strategy you follow. If you want to build a fast-growing kingdom, you must prioritize the production of resources – if you make random choices, the end-game phase will be very challenging for you. We are here to help you: In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the resources in King of Avalon and how they should be used. First, let’s have a look at the types of resources.

Resource Types

There are four main types of resources in King of Avalon: Food, Wood, Iron, and Silver. (Don’t forget to check out our “Buildings” guide to learn about the buildings that produce these resources.) You will start producing food and wood from the beginning of the game, while iron and silver will be available after Stronghold level 10.

Every production and upgrade in the game requires a certain amount of resources. You won’t be able to figure this out until your Stronghold reaches level 12. That’s because the amount of resources required will be very few in the beginning. Until you reach this level, you will be able to continue production and upgrade without interruption. However, after level 12, each production and upgrade will require much more resources and you will have to wait for a long time between these operations. Therefore, you need to have a healthy and balanced resource flow until you reach level 12.

Food is especially important in terms of the size of your army because the more troops you have, the more food they use. So if you have an army of 10,000 troops, you can see that all your food supplies are exhausted within 24 hours. Iron, silver, and wood are generally important for building upgrades. They are also used to produce high-level troops.

You have to build and upgrade the related buildings to produce these resources. But no matter how many buildings you construct, after the stronghold reaches level 15, you will see that you cannot achieve a healthy resource flow. There is a limit to the tiles that you can construct a building on, and more importantly, the construction of each building costs additional resources. To give you an idea, you need to obtain an average of 35,000 pieces per day of each source during the end-game phase. It is not possible to achieve such an income by constructing only buildings: You need alternate means of obtaining resources.

Getting Additional Resources

In this respect, we will recommend two methods: Monster/Barbarian hunting and the mines on the World Map. Let’s examine both of them separately.

Monster / Barbarian Hunting

First, switch to the world map and click the Hunt button in the lower left corner.

In the window that opens, you can see the list of monsters and/or barbarian camps. Choose the one closest to your level.

You can attack the monsters alone, but you need an ally to attack the barbarian camps. Both types of attacks allow you to win resources in the game. As can be expected, barbarian camps give more awards.

Let’s note that these targets are unlimited: You can always find a monster or barbarian camp to attack on the world map. By attacking these targets every day, you can easily get the additional resources you need. But there is a problem: If you don’t make the necessary upgrade and research, you can only attack one target at a time. Therefore, you need to increase the number of your “march” slots. You get only one slot at the beginning of the game, but you can open two more slots by doing Combat research at the University building.

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When you reach VIP 8 level, you will have another march slot. You will be able to open the last slot when the University building reaches level 20. So you can have upto four march slots, allowing you to attack four different monster/barbarian camps at the same time.

Mines on the World Map

Finally, let’s say that you can capture the mines on the world map. You will see many mines on the tiles on the map. Ideally, after your Stronghold reaches level 20, we recommend that you relocate to an area that has more resource tiles. The closer the tiles are to you, the faster you can collect resources. Note, however, that this process will also use up your march slots.

There are other things you can do to get more resources. Check out the list below.

Boosting Your Resource Gathering

The first method is to increase the production of a given building using buff scrolls for 24 hours. The building for which you use this buff produces 50% more resources.

Another method is to complete the research that increases the amount and speed of production in the University building. If you complete all the research, you can increase your production by 40%.

Finally, you can use your Lord talent points for this job.

Use BlueStacks For Maximizing Resources

However, even if you use all of these tactics above, you will find that you still cannot produce enough resources during the end-game phase. This is the game’s monetization system: You need to buy VIP membership and other production buffs to stay competitive. You can avoid this disadvantage by using BlueStacks. All you have to do is create four different accounts using the BlueStacks Multi-instance featureThe strategy involves using one of these accounts for food production. So there will be farm buildings only in this kingdom. The other account should be used for the production of wood. The third account should be used for producing iron and silver only. The fourth account should be your main account and all resources generated by other accounts can be sent to it.

To do this, you must also create an alliance or join the same alliance with all your accounts. You can then freely transfer your resources between your accounts using the “Goods Exchange” system.

 Kiss goodbye to resource scarcity forever. Pretty neat, eh?

Tips and Tricks For Resource Production

  • The most difficult resources to collect are iron and silver. Food is the fastest-consuming source but can be collected quickly. In the end-game phase, you will have a hard time finding iron and silver. Therefore, as soon as Stronghold reaches level 10, start building and upgrading the buildings that produce these resources.
  • You can increase your resource gathering speed using your dragon too. If your dragon is in your city, don’t forget to switch to the “Gathering” skill.

  • Barbarian camps only award food and wood. You can win iron and silver from the monsters. So, focus on the monster attacks after your Stronghold reaches level 10.
  • Sign up to an alliance as soon as possible and start storing your resources in the “Alliance Storage” building because the resources stored in this building are protected and even if your city is occupied, they are not affected. So you always have the resources to make a fresh start.

This was all about the Resources and Tips & Tricks to optimize them for your benefit. Of course, if you have enough money, you can buy every resource in King of Avalon, but our goal is to play the game completely free and still be competitive: You can achieve this goal by using the above recommendations. Don’t forget to read our other King of Avalon guides, they contain all the information you need to play the game more efficiently. GLHF on the battlefield: Now you’re ready to build a much stronger kingdom!

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