King of Avalon on PC: Combat 101 Guide

King of Avalon on PC: Combat 101...

If you’re just starting to play King of Avalon, the battle system and its mechanics can be a little challenging. The game’s tutorial on this subject is unfortunately not enough and assumes that you already know most things. King of Avalon is similar to Rise of Civilizations on the battle system and contains mechanics in the same complexity. Don’t worry: After reading this combat guide, you’ll learn how to be in your beast mode on the battlefield. Let’s march forward: A world filled with monsters and greedy players is waiting for us.

The Buildings You Need

You have to train a lot of troops to create an army. You do this in more than one building and you have to construct all of these buildings and upgrade them to have a balanced army. First, let’s look at what buildings you need. However, before starting, let us remind you that it is possible to upgrade all of the following buildings to level 40.

Military Tent

This building is used to “store” troops, not to train them. Your army has a certain size limit and you must build military tents to increase this limit. We recommend that you build at least four tents until you hit the middle-game phase and upgrade all of them. This building also increases the speed of training, meaning the time required to train new troops will be shorter. The last level of the military tent gives +205 troops and 20% training speed.


This building is used to train troops in the infantry class. The more you upgrade this building, the higher the quality of the infantry (spearmen/warriors) you can train. This is a general mechanic: There are multiple sub-classes of each troop class, and in order to have the best of them, the training building must be at the last level. Detailed information about these sub-classes can be found in the tables below. A barracks building upgraded to the last level allows you to get 5% infantry health and gives you 2.147.142 power. Build at least two.


This building is used to train the bowmen class (archers/crossbowmen). A range upgraded to the last level gives 5% bowmen attack and 2.147.142 power. Build at least two.


This building is used to train the cavalry class (light/heavy). A stable upgraded to the last level gives 5% cavalry attack and 2.147.142 power. Build at least two.

Siege Workshop

This building is used to construct siege units, which can be used to attack enemy cities and defend your own city. “Traps” are the most common tool of city defense, and if your army is not accompanied by siege units, these traps can kill them pretty easily. Constructing one siege workshop would be enough. A fully upgraded workshop will give 5% siege defense.


This building isn’t about troop training. But it can heal your troops injured during battle. Healing current troops rather than training new ones saves you time and resources. A hospital upgraded to the last level can heal 20,000 troops. We recommend that you build at least two until you hit the middle-game phase.

So, what kind of troops can you train in these buildings? Take a look at the following table: The names in the left column show sub-classes of the troops. The last name is the most “advanced” version of that troop main class.

Pikemen, Scrapper, Light Spearmen, Sovereign Spearmen, Immortal Guard, Reaper Spearmen Barracks
Skirmisher, Swordsmen, Mauler, Sovereign Swordsmen, Destroyer, Crusher Warriors Barracks
Mounted Spearmen, Mounted Axemen,  Mounted Swordsmen, Men-At-Arms, Mounted Destroyer, Beast Rider Heavy Cavalry Stables
Horsemen, Mounted Skirmisher, Mounted Shortbowmen, Knight, Skull Rider, Demon Charger Light Cavalry Stables
Shortbowmen, Tracker, Marksmen, Longbow Elite, Night Hawk, Phantom Archer Range
Light Crossbowmen, Raider, Double Crossbowmen, Heavy Crossbowmen, Arbalester, Death Thrower Crossbowmen Range

Setting Up Your Army

Your army has a certain size limit, so you need to set in advance which units you prefer: You can’t build an infinite-sized army. Your goal should be to create a balanced distribution. In other words, your army should include all infantry, bowmen, and cavalry classes. For example, using 400 infantry, 300 bowmen, and 300 cavalry in an army of 1,000 will ensure a balanced distribution. But this setup doesn’t work every time: Especially when attacking other real players, you have to consider the units in the enemy army. As in the game of stone-paper-scissors, each unit is more effective against another one. First, let’s see what these are.


Archers Cavalry + Siege
Crossbowmen Spearmen
Heavy Cavalry Warriors
Light Cavalry Archers
Spearmen Light Cavalry
Warriors Archers

So, the first thing you need to do is to use the scout option to get an idea of your opponent’s army. Likewise, you must build and upgrade the Watchtower building to learn about an enemy army that is attacking you. A watchtower building that is upgraded to the last level will allow you to see detailed information about the enemy army, such as buffs they have.

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After you are done with scouting, you should set up your army according to the report. For example, if the enemy army mostly consists of warriors, you must bring more heavy cavalry.

Attacking Monsters

But before you attack enemy cities, let’s practice with “monsters”: This will help you learn the battle system better. Open the world map and choose one of the monsters.

The most important thing to watch out for on this screen is the “troop power” recommended for this battle. As the level of monsters increases, the required power of troops will be higher. Fortunately, we have much more power than is necessary for this battle, so we can easily win it.

From this screen, you can specify the types and numbers of troops that will join the battle. The “equalize” button will be especially useful for beginners, as it allows you to get a balanced distribution automatically. You can start this battle by pressing the “march” button: The time on the button shows how long it will take for your army to reach the monster. Pay attention to this time and do not attack monsters that are more than 1 minute away. Because if any other player who is closer than you attacks the same monster, your troops will be leaving the city for nothing.

Attacking Cities

After gaining enough experience with PvE (monster) battles, you can start attacking other cities. First, set your target and click on it:

As recommended, the first thing you should do is get an idea of the enemy army using the scout option.

Finally, learn about the enemy lord by pressing the view profile button.

Using all this information, you can take an educated guess about what your chances are to beat the enemy. Press the “attack” button to start the attack. But remember:

  • If the enemy power level is higher than yours, you are very likely to lose that battle.
  • If the enemy is an alliance member, you can become the target of all other members. If you are in an alliance, notify your alliance members before attacking.
  • Make sure your dragon is trained and ready to join the battle. It will provide important buffs.

  • If there is a bubble above the city, this means it is using a peace shield. You can’t scout/attack that city.
  • When you launch an attack, remember that your own bubble will disappear. So another player can attack you.
  • Due to this possibility, always garrison troops for defense in your city. Don’t leave your city completely vulnerable.
  • Before going into a battle, make sure your army has all the buffs required.

These are some of the most important tips and tricks about the battle system: You can be more effective on the battlefield by using them all efficiently. But do keep in mind that PvP battles are designed for the end-game phase: We recommend that you do not start PvP battles until you have trained an army of 10,000 troops, and upgraded all your buildings and units. Don’t forget to read the other King of Avalon guides for more insights and useful tips. GLHF playing King of Avalon @BlueStacks 4.

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