Units and heroes play an important part in Kingdom Guard. They are used for the central combat portion of the game that utilizes their power to eliminate enemies that try to push through. Many people think that simply having high-level units is enough to clear most of the levels in this game, but there are a lot more things that need to be considered when building a team. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to units and heroes to help introduce the mechanics of building a proper lineup.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

Kingdom Guard’s units and heroes all play different roles in the game, depending on what type of character they have. Each provides a specialization in certain combat situations that allow them to shine at certain times. If you’re a casual player, you probably don’t need to learn how to make your defense lineup stronger, but for players who are facing a tough time beating an opponent, this guide should help you provide better insight into how these units work in the game.

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Unit Types

The first thing players need to know about their units is that they each belong to a specific class. The differences between these units aren’t just in their aesthetics and animation, they actually do different things in combat. Each unit belongs to a specific type, with each type being either strong or weak against another class. This means that each unit is essentially stronger or weaker when attacking a particular type of monster or enemy unit, affecting their combat efficiency.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

The type countering goes like this: Rangers > Alchemist > Ice Wizard > Fire Wizard > Ranger. The stronger unit deals 30% more damage to the weaker unit. These types also apply to heroes, which are also classified under the same typing system. Type countering is effective when you’re about to fight against a specific opponent, giving you the advantage in preparation to make sure that your attack is always maximized. It’s a good idea to have a diverse lineup of units for coverage.

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Unit Roles

In relation to unit types, it’s time to talk about unit roles. This refers to the kind of attack that the unit does in combat. For example, Ice Wizards provide slows when attacking while Alchemists do damage-over-time attacks. Ice Wizards are helpful when fighting against enemies that try to ignore the map route, giving your other units more time to take down enemies. Meanwhile, damage-over-time attacks are generally helpful because they make it easier for your other allies to rain damage onto the wave.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

There’s also the Ranger, who deals single-target damage, and Fire Wizard, who deals area-of-effect damage. As you guessed, Rangers are great against big enemies, while Fire Wizards are good when fighting against large waves. Don’t forget to adjust your lineup depending on what kind of enemies you’re expecting. Whenever you fail to clear a stage, you should try changing your lineup to include more units to help you rather than sticking to a set formula.


Heroes are a particular type of unit. Unlike the standard units in the tower defense mode, players can’t easily get the heroes that they want because these units can only be acquired by randomly pulling them at the Tavern. To get new heroes, players need to spend tickets on either the Normal Recruitment or the Advanced Recruitment. Advanced Recruitment contains a larger pool of heroes, with the strongest ones available here at a higher rarity compared to the heroes from the Normal Recruitment.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

Play Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

In a fight, players can assign a certain number of heroes according to the level of their upgrades. At first, players can use two heroes that belong to two separate troops. Like standard units, they will attack the enemies whenever they spawn, but they can’t be upgraded the same way. Heroes have a higher base attack compared to standard units, and they come with special abilities that players can activate in the middle of the stage. This helps when fighting against certain waves or bosses. 

Troop Building

The next thing to keep in mind is how to build your troop. Troops are groups of heroes containing one main hero and up to two assistants. Players can make a troop once they’ve unlocked the additional slots from the academy. Once that happens, it’s not a good idea to simply place in random heroes that you think look great together because they won’t be able to benefit from the synergy bonus that players get when they combine different hero types into a single troop.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

To build the perfect troop, players need to keep in mind unit types and roles. Remember that heroes also belong to a specific class that makes them stronger against particular enemies. It’s a good idea to have a diverse set of heroes in a single troop or place in a strong set of heroes specifically for a specific enemy. Depending on the matchup that the player will be facing, choosing the right heroes for the job can be crucial in helping them win against tough opponents.

Upgrading Heroes

Upgrading heroes isn’t the same as upgrading standard units. We’ve already explained this briefly in our Beginners’ Guide, but the way to upgrade heroes is to spend gold and feed them, other heroes, as experience. The maximum limit for your hero’s level depends on the current level of your castle. A hero can only be as strong as the castle level so make sure that you always try to upgrade your castle at all times to help your troops reach the highest level that they can attain.

Kingdom Guard - A Guide to Units & Heroes

Leveling up is only one way to upgrade your hero. The other method is by promoting them to the next rank. This is done by combining two heroes of the same rank and name, unlocking a new star, and allowing them to learn additional abilities, which can either be passive bonuses or an additional activated ability. The hero’s base stats also increase when they become promoted, making them a lot stronger and allowing them to take down enemies a lot faster compared to being lower ranked. Why wait? Play Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.