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Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

Kingdom Rush is the sort of game that you can always come back to. Changing your tower placement, upgrading differently, and using abilities differently makes all the difference. In case, you want to go back and improve your score, or even nail it right from the start, these tips and tricks ought to help you go about doing that.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

In this guide, we will cover good tower placement tricks, upgrading suggestions, and how and when to use abilities and your heroes.

Tower Information

The game’s genre is called tower defense strategy game. Which is why the game has multiple types of towers to defend the area with. There are four basic tower types:

  • Archer Tower
  • Mage Tower
  • Dwarven Bombard
  • Militia Barracks

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

Each tower has its own powers and its own weaknesses. All of them can be upgraded up to level four, at which point you can make a specialized tower out of each. The archer tower can be made into the Musketeer Garrison or the Rangers Hideout. The mage tower can be upgraded into the Arcane Wizard or the Sorcerer Mage. The dwarven bombard gives you the option to upgrade it into the Tesla x104 or Big Bertha. Lastly, the militia barracks can be upgraded into the Holy Order or the Barbarian Mead Hall. Each type of tower has unique quirks.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

The towers have an area they specialize in. The archer tower is good at dealing with multiple low health enemies to hit them very fast and accurately, although it is weak against armored enemies. The mage tower gives more damage to armored enemies while dealing low damage to magic resistant enemies. The dwarven bombard’s speciality is to kill swarms of enemies but it fires at a slow rate and misses fast enemies. Moreover, it cannot hit airborne enemies. Although if there are ground enemies near the flying enemies, it will damage them too. The militia barracks are amazing to hold off enemies in an area but they have the biggest weakness of them all, not being able to hold off hordes of enemies and dealing lower damage. However, it more than makes up for it when it receives support from the other towers to damage enemies while holding them off.

So how can you exploit their quirks while minimizing the weaknesses? Here are some ways to go about doing that:

  • Before you start the level, click once on the enemy wave incoming icon. This will show you how many and what type of enemies will be approaching. Keeping that in mind you can place towers. For armored enemies, keep a mix of mage and archer towers with a majority of mages. Don’t forget to hold them off with the barracks in the range of all or most towers. Similarly, for magic resistant enemies like spiders and shaman type enemies, you would be better off by using a majority of archer towers, barracks and dwarven bombard to take out giant hordes of spider hatchlings or goblins.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

  • Each specialized tower can be given further upgrades on their attacks. Rangers can shoot poisoned arrows, musketeers can headshot enemies and so on. All of these can be used in an efficient way. Rangers must be placed in an area with the maximum number of enemies. They should be able to hit the enemy from most sides of the map. Arcane towers should be placed at the end of the map. Powers like teleportation and death ray are very helpful in tight situations when an enemy might slip past your barracks and heroes. Sorcerers can turn most enemies (besides mini bosses, husks and skeletons) into harmless sheep (click on them to make them explode) and even summon an elemental to fight beside your troops. Placing them in the starting areas of the map helps them curse the enemies for a longer time, weakening them for the other towers.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

  • Knights of the Holy Order have powers like self heal, increasing their armor by an extra 15% and the holy strike gives the attacks 10% chance to become the holy strike, dealing a physical damage in the area. They can soak up a lot of damage, while holding enemies at choke points for a long time and work great at stopping enemies at ambush points. Barbarians are ruthless troops that can throw axes at ground and air enemies, throw nets to slow them down and counter-attack with a whirlwind-like area attack, They can also equip additional axes to increase their damage. Grouping them with heavy armored troops like paladins really brings out their strength, which is high damage. Getting the axe throwing upgrade early on helps them perform ranged attacks, even to different lanes sometimes.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

  • The 500mm Big Bertha is the biggest bombing machine in the game. From homing missiles which have extra range and cluster bombs with area damage. These should be placed near enemy spawning locations to reduce swarms of enemies by taking advantage of it’s high damage and explosive radius. It is inefficient when it comes to dealing with fast enemies, but holding enemies in a spot helps exploit its strength to the maximum. The Tesla x104 is a lightning machine which annihilates smaller groups of enemies with the help of it’s chained main attack. Overcharge ability develops a static field around the tower, damaging all enemies in that area. This is very helpful in fights against weak hordes of enemies such as skeletons and goblins. It can be upgraded to the point where it can target 5 enemies at once. However, it loses against too many durable enemies. In terms of raw power and output, this is the stronger tower of the game.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Kingdom Rush on PC

All of these tips will help you go through the levels with more ease and efficiency. Besides these, it is important to time the reinforcement and fireball abilities. Stay tuned for more interesting guides.

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