KING’S RAID is one of the most popular and well-known 3D Role-Playing RPGs for mobile. It is completely free to play and download on both Android and iOS app stores. KING’S RAID just celebrated the launch of their final chapter in the story titled “Chapter X: The Final”. KING’S RAID features several different characters relative to their own story with beautiful artwork and 3D models playable in-game. KING’S RAID has been on the market for more than 3 years now with consistent updates and more content than ever. It also has a diverse and engaging storyline which has also seen an anime adaptation with the same name. 

KING’S RAID is a multiplayer game with tons of PvE and PvP content for all types of players. Players can recruit different heroes for free or by using Rubies to purchase certain heroes. KING’S RAID is not the usual run-of-the-mill gacha game where players have to summon different heroes through a gacha/summoning system. However, that is not to say there isn’t any gacha system. Players can use the summoning system to summon different Artifacts and Exclusive equipment of different heroes which empowers them greatly.

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

KING’S RAID features beautiful 3D character artwork for all its heroes. The heroes are separated into 7 different types/roles – Knights, Warriors, Assassins, Archers, Mechanics, Wizards, and Priests. Every role has characters that can do either Physical Damage or Magical Damage. We will try to put the tier list in such a way that all players can see the best heroes of every class/role build their competitive team. We will also focus not only on PvE but also PvP areas and hence, different ratings for different characters might be shown for different areas of the game. We will rate heroes in different areas by giving them the following ratings:-

  • SS – Extremely good, top tier hero for the content
  • S – Very good, top tier hero
  • A – Good hero but might get countered or has some limitations
  • B – Average hero, does get outshined by others
  • C – Not at all recommended picking this hero

Knights Tier List

Hero                                                                               PvE       PvP   

Clause                                                                             SS           C

Aselica                                                                             A            B

Glenwys                                                                          SS           C

Neraxis                                                                            SS           B

Loman                                                                              S            SS

Sonia                                                                                 A           A

Jane                                                                                   S            A

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

In the Knights category, Clause is a great tank for any team because of his amazing utility. He has great CC locking abilities, really strong Physical Defense buffs and Physical defense reduction, Attack reduction debuff, slow debuff, and very low cooldown on his stun so effectively he can stun enemies for 5 seconds on a cooldown of 9 seconds. The most important reason is that he is a starter champion which is obtained f2p at the beginning of your journey in KING’S RAID.

Warrior’s Tier List

Hero                                                                                  PvE       PvP

Gau                                                                                     A            A

Scarlet                                                                                B            S

Chase                                                                                  A           S

Kasel                                                                                   B            A

Viska                                                                                   S             A

Seria                                                                                    A            A

Priscilla                                                                               A             A

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Gau is the main goto hero for dragons for his crazy instant CC bar knockdown function. His S3 cooldown is pretty long and RNG-based but if players can get Gau’s Pocket Watch artifact, then Gau’s S3 cooldown becomes 18 seconds. Gau can easily stop the dragon from moving for 5 seconds if you can time the S3. Also with Clause in the team, players can easily lock down the dragon and burst him before he even gets the chance to move. Priscilla is a crazy DPS hero with extreme damaging skills and self-attack boosts. Her S2 also additionally boosts other primary damage dealers by giving them a flat attack buff permanently with no downtime. 

Assassins Tier List

Hero                                                                                 PvE     PvP

Tanya                                                                                A         A

Roi                                                                                     B         C

Ezekiel                                                                              S          A

Mirianne                                                                          S          S

Gladi                                                                                 A         B

Reina                                                                                 A        B

Erze                                                                                   SS      A

Epis                                                                                    S       A

Fluss                                                                                  B       S

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Chase is the most optimal example of a prime DPS unit especially in world boss 2 or other boss stages. Chase’s main strength lies in his S2 during which he powers up to golden mode and gains more physical damage but loses more HP. He gains a maximum of 500% more critical hit damage with his perk along with the Attack speed buff. 

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Erze on the other hand is a versatile assassin who is capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies as well as continuously healing herself using Sweet Blood and Soaking Blood abilities. Erze is a great AOE DPS for PvE content as her Soaking blood ability gives her passive HP regen when her health begins to fall and Sweet Blood is a great AOE DPS skill on a short cooldown which also heals her by part of the damage she does. People have soloed many stages using just Erze due to her nature.

Tier List for Archers

Hero                                                                               PvE      PvP

Arch                                                                                  A          A

Zafir                                                                                 SS         S

Luna                                                                                 SS        A

Selene                                                                               A         A

Shamila                                                                            S          A

Requina                                                                            S         SS

Yanne                                                                               C          B

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Luna is a great archer for PvP currently as her attacks deal crazy damage but cost mana. Her abilities can deal damage to all enemies of the team. Her main strength lies in Luna’s self-cleansing abilities as well as her abilities that directly deal massive damage to the backline heroes. She deals a ton of damage to healers and damage dealers likewise and hence, SS tier is fitting for her in PvP.

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Requina is a great DPS hero as she can easily disable Mana recovery and amplifies damage taken by enemies. Her skill Tears of Mr. Python prevents 2 enemies from using their abilities and in PvP modes. This ability is a game-changer even if it’s on a long cooldown and duration is short. A perfectly timed shot can change the pace of the game. Her 3rd skill doubles the effect of the first 2 skills and her passive.

Tier List for Mechanics

Hero                                                                               PvE      PvP

Rodina                                                                            B            B

Mitra                                                                               C           D

Oddy                                                                               A            A

Kara                                                                                S           A

Annette                                                                         SS          A

Miruru                                                                          S            SS        

Lakrak                                                                           SS           S             

Crow                                                                               B            A

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Miruru’s 1st skill will hit everyone on the enemy team and pushes them back to regain their team’s position. Her skill Roll Over denies enemies getting a turn by knocking them back and unable to move. This skill is a solid skill for both PvE as well as PvP. She is also a strong attack speed debuffer and an AOE Physical Damage sub-DPS hero. 

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Lakrak, on the other hand, is a great damage dealer for your team. He lowers the enemy’s physical defense as well as knocks them back (stuns if the enemy is heroes). Glue Bomb is a great stun ability with above-average damage numbers. Lakrak is a great damage dealer with some crowd control abilities and he takes a good spot in our tier list.

Tier List for Wizards

Hero                                                                              PvE         PvP

Pavel                                                                              A               S

Veronica                                                                       A                C

Ophelia                                                                         S                S

Nyx                                                                                S                SS     

Lorraine                                                                       A                S    

Esker                                                                            A                C

Cleo                                                                              SS              B

Artemia                                                                        SS              A

Aisha                                                                             A                B

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Artemia is a strong PvE-focused hero and more interest in using her in PvP is growing. Her skill, Blessing of Light, increases her Attack passively while also increasing her damage output and decreasing damage received. Pillar of Light is a great single-target nuke. Light’s Judgement hits 3 enemies with great damage as well as stuns them. 

Nyx is a great solo carry-type hero. His skill Dimension Blade hits enemies with Physical damage per stack and he gains 1 stack after hitting enemies each time. The number of targets increases as the stacks of Dimension Blade increase, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. He has innate AOE attacks built and hence, serves a great purpose in PvE as well as PvP content.

Tier List for Priests

Hero                                                                           PvE            PvP

Laias                                                                            S                 A

Lavril                                                                            A                C                           

May                                                                               B                C               

Lucias                                                                           A               SS                       

Leo                                                                                C               SS                    

Juno                                                                              S                S                         

Frey                                                                               A               S

Badouin                                                                        C                S

BlueStacks’ Comprehensive Tier List for KING'S RAID

Juno is a great CC remover/cleanser as her skill Best Dish removes all negative effects from all allies and increases their Defense. She is a great support type hero as she provides Immunity buff, Shield as well as gives 1 mana orb to the ally with the lowest HP which can let him survive. 

Badouin is a great healer who also comes with invincibility buffs which can change the tide of the battle in every PvP aspect of KING’S RAID. He takes a special place in our tier list due to his extreme viability in PvP areas of the game. Holy Sanctuary grants all allies invincibility and heals all allies as well. Spear of Light knockbacks enemies and shackles the targeted enemy. When the enemies are in a shackled state, they will be more susceptible to magical damage.           

To get the best experience, we recommend playing KING’S RAID on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.