Real-time strategy games like Land of Empires: Immortal are all naturally competitive in nature and those that manage to secure a lead in the early stages of the game naturally become the most powerful players on the server. These players aren’t just quick on their feet, they understand the fundamentals of the genre that is necessary to propel them further toward the top. For new players, the task of reaching the top is a challenge but luckily, it’s not completely impossible to achieve.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

This beginner’s guide aims to help players understand what they need to prioritize when playing not just land of Empires: Immortal specifically, but also other real-time strategy games as well. The learning curve in these games isn’t that high so you’ll be able to catch up even if you’re completely new to the genre. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to play every RTS game in existence with everything you’ll need to know that’ll make you an independently better player overall.

Kingdom Economics

A kingdom’s economy is the most important part that needs to be maintained properly if the player wants to compete against other players. Having a working economy will ensure that the player is free to do whatever they want in the game without delay since they will never run out of resources to use on construction, upgrading, training, and research. Keep in mind that everything you do in the game will require you to spend a specific amount of the basic resources that you have.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

Land of Empires: Immortal uses an extremely basic set of mechanics when it comes to economy inside the kingdom domain. However, the real challenge is about maintaining economic stability by diving into the other sectors that provide profit when trying to collect necessary resources. Most players end up failing at trying to discover how to get more resources since the game gives them an abundance of free loot. We suggest not to rely too much on these and try to discover new ways to gather your own resources to boost your economy.

Military Presence

Building a strong army may seem like an easy task, but most players fail to do so because they fall into a sense of security, thinking that their armies are decent because their displayed count looks enough. Having a weak military presence when your beginner’s protection goes down means that you’re a delicious target for the advanced players because they can easily take down your defenses and take all your hard-earned resources as a reward. One of the highest priorities in the game is to make sure that you have a powerful military.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

The military is a highlight of Land of Empires: Immortal. Epic battles with your army and heroes fighting side by side is a prevalent theme in the game so you’ll really be encouraged to build a stronger army to make sure that you can clear more difficult opponents as your progress into the game. The PvP system in this game can be harsh with even the strongest players in the game attacking smaller empires. Before that happens, you need to build up your defenses to fend off potential attackers.

Maintaining Constant Activity

It’s important to maintain constant activity in any real-time strategy game. Whether it’s construction, training, research, or marching orders, players need to have a task active so that they don’t waste time. There’s no problem playing the game slowly if you only plan to do it casually, but if you want the full experience, you’ll need to step up your game. If your empire has too much idle time, it’s more likely that it’ll fall behind in terms of progression and cause you to be an easy target for other players.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

Being able to play the game 24/7 isn’t really something that most players are able to achieve, especially if they’re beginners who are just looking for a game to play casually. However, if you’re looking to make it into the end game, it’s recommended that you log onto the game every hour for 5-10 minutes and try to complete different tasks such as upgrading buildings and training troops. This is a reasonable amount of time and should help you keep up with most players in the server,

Collecting Heroes

Collecting heroes is one of the tasks that is often overlooked in the game. Heroes are usually important in campaign missions where you’ll need to fight against specific monsters and bosses in turn-based combat. Even though it may seem like it’s not a relevant part of the game, it’s actually important that players participate in this so that they can earn all the important rewards that allow your empire to earn more resources than your economy and military powers can do alone.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

Collecting heroes is pretty straightforward and the game offers many ways for you to do so. It’s important that you manage to get really strong characters because there are many benefits to having very good units in your empire. They aren’t simply used for questing because they have other important functions as well when you’re continuously trying to develop into a powerful empire.

Growth and Expansion

Growth and expansion is a natural progression system in any game that involves managing your own domain. In Land of Empires: Immortal, growth comes in the form of leveling your buildings and upgrading the other sectors that make your kingdom richer and stronger. On the other hand, expansion is straightforward in the sense that players can acquire more space to construct new buildings or accommodate more troops inside their empire so that they can continue to grow stronger.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Land of Empires: Immortal

Growing your kingdom isn’t as easy as you might think. The demand on resources becomes increasingly difficult to afford so your kingdom often gets capped at a certain point. If you don’t manage your economy properly, you’ll start slowing down and eventually get left behind. Every factor in this guide is necessary for the growth and expansion of your empire so make sure to keep them all in mind when you’re starting to shift towards being more competitive in Land of Empires: Immortal.