Land of Empires: Immortal isn’t a game that holds the player’s hand just for the sake of having fun. Even though the tutorial stage of the game feels like it’s generous in giving players the resources they need to be able to do anything they want, these resources eventually run out if the player fails to manage them correctly. The first step that players need to do once they start playing the game is learning how to maintain a functional economy that will carry them into the later stages of this game.

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

Economics in real-time strategy games are a central part of their identity. Oftentimes, the player who manages to maintain a stable economy or gets rich early is the one that will succeed and claim victory for themselves. In games like Land of Empires: Immortal, the importance of managing your economy has as much importance as traditional RTS games. That’s why we’ve prepared this economy guide to help players sustain their empires not just in the early stages but throughout the different stages of the game.

Resource Production

There are four primary resources in Land of Empires: Immortal and those are food, wood, iron ore, and stone. Each will be heavily used throughout your playthrough and none becomes more important than the other. The easiest way to get these resources is by having production buildings in your empire and upgrading them to the highest possible level so that they provide the maximum amount of resources they can. This gives a stable resource production that you can rely on for the long term.

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

Many players downplay the importance of production buildings because the game basically limits how many you can construct at a time. While it doesn’t really show any relevance while you are at the lower levels, these buildings scale really well as you get to the later stages of the game so it’s a good idea to consistently have them maxed out. You’ll notice really quickly that it becomes increasingly hard to get resources in the game because you’ll be spending them more as you get stronger.

Rewards and Bonuses

Rewards and bonuses are a good source of resources, especially in the early game where the missions are easy to complete. New players will get a large amount of resources simply for completing all the tutorial missions which should last them for a good while. However, it’s important to emphasize that if you’re extremely active in the game, the resources you stock up can be consumed really quickly so it’s a good idea not to rely solely on the bonus resources that you get here.

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

You can get rewards from completing missions, events, and other types of tasks in the game. So, if you’re the type of player that doesn’t like to follow the quest line, it’s a good idea to follow up if you’re running a little low on supplies. Events are the best source of resources because they include a lot of rewards and bonuses during the event period. Try to maximize the loot that you get by playing all of the events and completing them before the event runs out.

Resource Packs

The game gives you so many free resource packs that you can use when you’re a bit short to upgrade or construct a building. The best part about this is that it’s completely free, and there are a ton of ways that players can collect these resource packs simply by playing the game. These are usually given as rewards as well from missions and various in-game content so there’s no shortage to getting them as long as you’re active. 

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

When using resource packs, it’s a good idea to only open the specific amount you’re going to use so that you don’t end up overfilling your warehouse. Remember that your production buildings passively produce resources as well, but if your warehouse is filled up, it won’t be able to collect anymore resources until you consume the ones you have now. It also ensures that you’ll be able to save enough for the middle stages of the game.

Military Conquests

There are two ways to earn resources using military conquests – gathering and attacking. Gathering involves units collecting resources from nodes in the overworld. Attacking involves raiding other players or monsters to loot resources. Both methods are really great ways to get resources, but can also run the risk of losing resources instead if your army takes heavy losses or gets completely wiped because you’ll be forced to train more troops or suffer being completely defenseless.

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

It’s a good idea to send a large army to collect resources since that will ensure that a smaller amount of troops are lost. Never make an active player your target, especially if they are a part of a high-ranking guild. This is because there’s always a chance that they’ll retaliate and even call their guildmates as backup. This will force you to defend against stronger players that can easily loot your resources and wipe out your army, which will deal a fatal blow on your empire’s economy.

Research Upgrades

Research upgrades are important in the development of your economy. Once you’ve unlocked the academy, you’ll be able to upgrade resource production bonuses under the economy tab. It’s important that you have everything upgraded to the maximum value so that your resources are being produced efficiently. The biggest problem that players experience when playing the game is that they are often hindered by the fact that their production is low so researching can really help out.

Land of Empires: Immortal - A Guide to Your Empire's Economy

Research upgrades usually cost a lot of resources and may feel like they’re not worth upgrading. However, as you unlock new branches and max out more skills, you’ll start being able to break even and eventually have a production value that outweighs the cost. Be patient at the beginning and put a heavy priority on upgrading your economy tree first before trying to upgrade the other sectors because it’s not recommended to participate in the PvP while you’re still low on CP.