Last Day on Earth—How to get Started and Progress in the Game

Last Day on Earth—How to get Started...

There are games that, for lack of vision, or simply by design, do not provide a tutorial nor any other indicator of what we’re supposed to do—or how to do it, for that matter. “Sandbox” games, in particular, are guilty in this aspect, which is why they usually appeal to a specific niche of gamers. Games like Last Day on Earth, as we mentioned in our BlueStacks usage guide, revolve more around the survival, resource gathering, and base building, over the PvP and social interaction aspects.



Nevertheless, due to its sandbox nature, there is more emphasis on exploration and experimentation so the player can discover all there is to do in this game, over simply handing this information to him in the form of tutorials and guides. Because of this, this game could initially come off as intimidating or overwhelming for some people and, in some cases, could even appear boring since the objective of the game is not immediately apparent.

For those gamers that need an objective to work towards, or for those that enjoy this game, but are put off by its sandbox aspects, we have created this guide with some handy beginner’s tips, as well as some suggestions on how to progress through this game.



Arriving at the Encampment

The game begins with the character creation, after which you will arrive at your camp where you will find some useful objects to start your adventure. These objects include a small cottage that has several pieces of furniture, a storage box, and a broken radio. Beside the house, you will also spot a makeshift garage with a broken motorcycle and a broken gunsmith bench.



Your character, on the other hand, will start off naked and without anything to protect himself. Furthermore, your cottage will be surrounded by zombies at the start, which you’ll have to eliminate before taking your first steps in the game. But don’t worry, these roaming zombies are very weak and die (again) in a few hits, even without weapons. Don’t forget to loot the zombie corpses after you defeat them; some will have useful objects and materials, which will come in handy shortly.



The very first thing that you’ll want to do after cleaning your base from enemies is to learn the hatchet and pickaxe recipes, and craft one of each. These are essential tools that allow you to cut trees and mine for rocks, respectively. On a side note, if you’ve ever played ARK: Survival, you will notice that, in the survival and gathering aspects, these games are very similar. Once you have both tools, we recommend that you run around your entire base cutting down trees and mining every rock that you find, as well as picking up all those stray limestones and pine logs that are scattered on the ground.



Hunger and Thirst

If you’ve been playing for a while, it’s possible that you might find that your character becomes hungry or thirsty. Be careful when this happens! It is far easier to die of hunger and thirst than to the first zombies and enemies that you encounter. You can always check your hunger and thirst levels in the inventory menu, right above your character model, represented by the stomach and raindrop icon, respectively.



Luckily, your new home comes equipped with a few supplies that you can use to stay healthy at the beginning. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you find new sustainable ways to generate your own food and water. For this reason, the first recipes that you should learn (after the hatchet and pickaxe), are the campfire and rain catcher blueprints. The former takes the meat you obtain from wolves and deer and turns them into cooked meat, while the latter takes your empty water bottles and refills them after some time has passed.



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Keep in mind that, while it is possible to eat raw meat, they will fill you up much more if you cook them first. Furthermore, if you don’t want to invest in the campfire, you can simply hang your meat out to dry on the wooden structure in front of your house, which is another way to cook it. On the other hand, when it comes to water bottles, you can find them out in the wilderness by looting boxes and other containers.




Reinforcing Your Base

Once you’ve cleaned your base of zombies, trees, and rocks, you may rebuild its damaged walls, as well as create the means for surviving in the long run.

If you picked up every single resource and dealt with all the enemies, it’s likely that you increased a few levels. Every time you level up, you will obtain points that you can invest in new skills. However, the most important part of leveling up is the blueprint points that you receive, and which you can use to learn the recipes that we mentioned before. You can open the blueprint menu by clicking on the icon with the sheet and spanner, in which you can visualize all the recipes in the game.



Before you make your way into the vast world, we recommend that you spend some minutes reinforcing your walls, and patching the holes that your base had from the beginning. Even though these weak walls can’t resist an attack by a zombie horde, they can keep hostile players out, and safeguard your valuables within.



Exploring the Map and Gathering Resources

Once you finish reinforcing your base, you must continue acquiring experience to unlock more blueprints and continually upgrade your structures. Nevertheless, there are two issues with this task: you can’t acquire more experience after finishing the initial constructions—since there is nothing else to do in your base—, and that you won’t have enough materials for your base building efforts.



To find more resources, as well as to continue training your character, you can visit the areas near your campsite, which are hostile zones where zombies and hostile players constantly visit. To travel to these places, you must first run to the edges of your campsite and choose your destination on the map screen that appears. Depending on the type of resource that you want to gather, you will either go to the pine bushes or to the limestone ridge zones.




Regardless of the place that you want to visit, try to take only the essentials in your bag, so that you may have enough space to accommodate the materials that you will gather at your destination.

This is all the information that you need to keep in mind to begin your adventure in Last Day on Earth. The general objective is to constantly gather experience to learn new recipes in order to continually upgrade your base. Nevertheless, each newer blueprint requires increasingly complex materials, which will prompt to you find the perfect balance between construction and gathering. Luckily, with everything we discussed in this guide, you are now prepared to brave the wilderness and claim victory for yourself. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more, check out our blog to find more guides that will help you to improve your performance in this game.

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