Lily’s Garden is, on the surface, a simplistic match-3 game with a garden renovation aspect. Your objective here is to complete many different puzzles to earn currency such as stars and gold, and then use these items to renovate and customize your very own garden. In this sense, while you can spend lots of time beating the game’s countless levels, you can also hang back, relax, and work on landscaping your home.

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

However, beneath the simple match-3 gameplay, Lily’s Garden has a fair bit of intricacy and many different elements to find throughout its stages. And if you want to win and progress as fast as possible, then you’ll need to become intimately familiar with these elements, which is why we’ve created this guide.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a few useful tips and tricks that will help improve your success in Lily’s Garden, and hopefully, help you complete stages without losing too many lives in the process.

Try to Create as Many Power Pieces as You Can

Like with most match-3 games, there are a series of special “power pieces” that you can create by combining a certain number of tiles. These pieces are created via long combo strings, and are often the key to beating the toughest levels, thanks to the enormous chain reactions that they can cause when used properly.

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

There are three different power pieces that you can create in Lily’s Garden, including the following:

  • Rockets: Created by combining 5 to 7 tiles. Once activated, rockets can clear an entire column or row in the field, depending on their orientation. The orientation of the rockets seems to be randomized, but it also seems to be somewhat related to the positioning of the tiles used in the creation of the rocket—if the tiles are mostly horizontally-connected, the resulting rocket will be horizontal, and vice versa.
  • Bombs: Created by combining 8 to 9 tiles. Once activated, these pieces blow up and destroy all the tiles in the immediate area.
  • Magic Flasks: Created by combining 10 or more tiles. Once activated, these pieces instantly destroy any other tile of the same color in the field. The color of the magic flask is determined by the color of the tiles used in its creation

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

Keep in mind that these pieces are created in the location where you first clicked, regardless of the length of the combo itself. For example, if you’re creating a rocket power piece by combining six tiles of the same color, the resulting special piece will be created exactly at the location of the tile that you clicked initially. It’s important to keep this in mind for when you’re trying to create multiple special pieces in order to combine them later on for greater effect.

And speaking of combining special pieces…

Combine Special Pieces for Even Better Results

While you can create the three power pieces mentioned above simply by combining a specific number of tiles of the same color, you can also combine these special pieces to achieve better, often larger results. These possible combinations include the following:

  • Rocket + Rocket: Creates a dual rocket that clears both the column and row in which it’s located.
  • Bomb + Bomb: Creates a much larger explosion that clears a big chunk of the field.
  • Magic Flask + Magic Flask: The best and most difficult combination to create. Clears the entire board when used.
  • Rocket + Bomb: Once combined, this power piece clears three rows or columns in the board, depending on the orientation of the rocket piece.
  • Rocket/Bomb + Magic Flask: Functions similarly to a regular flask, only instead of directly destroying the pieces, it turns them into rockets/bombs, depending on the combination used.

It’s worth pointing out here that, when combining two power pieces, other power pieces in adjacent spots will also get pulled into the combo, though they won’t alter the result in any way. In this sense, you might lose an important power piece when combining them if you’re not paying attention. For this reason, try to use any surplus power pieces before combining, so that you don’t lose any of them in the process.

Don’t Skip the Results After Clearing a Stage

Whenever you clear a stage, you receive gold for your efforts. This currency is used for several purposes, including purchasing an extra chance to complete a stage whenever you lose. For this reason, it’s often worth farming and saving as much gold as you can. 

A quick trick to scoring a few extra coins at the end of the level is through the fact that, if you have moves left when you clear a stage, they will be turned into random power pieces that can create additional chain reactions and earn you additional gold. However, if you immediately tap the screen after beating a stage, and still have moves left, this final step will be skipped and you’ll miss out on the extra loot.

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

Though it might take a bit more time, it’s always worth waiting until the bonuses play out, especially if you’re planning on watching the ads to double your payout.

While Entertaining, the Renovation Aspect is not Mandatory

As the title suggests, some people play Lily’s Garden to get the full package, while others are simply here for the puzzles. And while there’s nothing wrong with being the latter, it’s worth pointing out that the renovation aspect is actually completely optional. In this sense, you can install the game and play only the puzzles without a problem, and never miss out on anything. Nevertheless, we find that the renovation aspect of the game can be quite relaxing and also serves as an indication of our progress in the game, as our places will get neater and better decorated as we complete stages.

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

Complete Challenges to Receive Boosters, Infinite Lives, and Other Rewards

One last tip that will really help with completing stages actually revolves around the different boosters that you can get from playing the game. These boosters give you a ton of advantages in the game, such as by letting you start a level with a few power pieces already in place, or by letting you destroy specific tiles, or even entire columns or rows, without using up any moves. They can even give you infinite lives for a short duration, which is particularly helpful for the tougher stages.

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Lily’s Garden

These boosters are very important, and also very rare. For this reason, we recommend completing as many challenges as you can, as these often give chests that contain them. Also, think carefully before you use them, as there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to get them back anytime soon.