Looking for a popular turn-based RPG that focuses a lot more on providing unique storylines to each of their characters instead of mind-numbing back to back gameplay scenarios? Limbus Company might just be the title you are looking for! The game has recently launched, just 1 day ago on 27th February 2023. One of the biggest releases for 2023, Limbus Company has already broken records altogether on multiple platforms. The game features some refreshing stories from the underworld and crime scene featuring different characters called the “Sinners” in the official in-game terminology. Its highly recommended that players make an account now to get access to the juicy pre-registration rewards being sent out along with couple maintenance rewards. Limbus Company is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics of Summoning System
  2. Understanding the Combat Mechanics
  3. Know Your Sinners

In this beginner guide for Limbus Company, we will be explaining in detail some of the generic guidelines for a player to make efficient progress. We will also be explaining the different types of systems set in place that might be confusing for a new player who’s not aware of the intricacies of such genre of games. Primarily, expect everything to talk about related to Limbus Company. We will try to give out as much accurate and abundance of information as we can, since the game is still fairly new. Keeping aside the visual treats that are in store for you, gacha games like Limbus Company always to tend to be more of a managerial work since you need to min-max on the different resources provided. As a free-to-player, you will be very starved off important resources such as premium currencies, and more. We will try our best to give our personally observed tips and tricks for efficient resource management. Lastly, we will try to keep the language of the guide quite beginner friendly which may sound repetitive to the veterans of the genre.

As we previously mentioned, Limbus Company is still a fairly new game that has just released yesterday. As such, some of our explanations and tips might be irrelevant in the future when the community unearths hidden methods to get faster progression. Some changes or discrepancies might be found if the game’s systems are changed in the future updates. Here are the different sub-topics being covered in this guide:

  • Understanding the Summoning System
  • Understanding the Battle System and Combat Mechanics
  • Know your Sinners

Basics of Summoning System

If you were not aware, then yes, Limbus Company is a gacha game where you have to summon for your favourite Identities and their E.G.Os. All players are given all characters called “Sinners” in the official in-game terminology, completely for free at the beginning of the game. Yes, they are unlocked but they are at their base form. Players can equip them with multiple different Identities that possess different skills and abilities. Consider each Identity like a different version of the Sinner altogether. Players can get these Identities from different areas of the game such as events, rewards, and the gacha system. The latter option is considered the best and most reliable method as waiting for events or rewards is very lacklustre since they occur once or twice a week. The gacha system, called “Extraction”, on the other hand is a permanent aspect of Limbus Company where players can use their collected premium currency called Lunacy to summon for their wanted Identities.

Naturally, the gacha system is quite diverse, and features multiple summoning banners. Identities come in different rarities as well, where according to the rarity of the Identity, the probability differs as well. The higher the rarity of the wanted Identity, the lower the probability of summoning it. Meanwhile, the lower the rarity of the wanted Identity, the higher the probability of summoning it.

Here are the different rarities of identities along with their rates to be summoned:

  • E.G.O (All Rarities) – 1.3% Probability of being summoned
  • 3-Star Identities – 2.9% Probability of being summoned
  • 2-Star Identities – 12.8% Probability of being summoned
  • 1-Star Identities – 83% Probability of being summoned

Players can obtain these Identities from the different summoning banners. Here are the different summoning banners new players will see when they first go to the Summoning menu:

  • Targeted Extraction Banner – In these types of summoning banners, players can summon 1-3 Star Identities with a fixed probability. This banner stays on for a specific duration of time. Players will have a higher chance of summoning the featured rate-up Identity on the banner. Players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 2-Star Identity in 10 summons. When players summon a duplicate Identity or E.G.O, players will instead be rewarded with Egoshards.
  • Standard Extraction Banner – In these types of summoning banner, players can summon 1-3 Star Identities with a fixed probability. This banner stays on permanently and never disappears. Players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 2-Star Identity in 10 summons. When players summon a duplicate Identity or E.G.O, players will instead be rewarded with Egoshards.

  • New Manager’s Extraction Banner – In these types of summoning banner, players can summon 1-3 Star Identities with a fixed probability. This is the best banner for players looking to re-roll. This banner stays on permanently and never disappears. Players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 2-Star Identity in 10 summons. When players summon a duplicate Identity or E.G.O, players will instead be rewarded with Egoshards.

Here is a brief overview of the different summoning currencies used:

  • Paid Lunacy – A consumable material that is used to summon Identities and E.G.O from the different summoning banners. Paid Lunacy can also be used to summon 1 time at a discounted price. Players can acquire Paid Lunacy only through purchasing in-game packages via microtransactions.
  • Free Lunacy – A consumable material that is used to summon Identities and E.G.O from the different summoning banners. Players can acquire Free Lunacy through multiple processes such as completing dailies, in-game events, main story, compensation rewards, and more.
  • Extraction Tickets – Extraction tickets are primarily given out as compensation by the developers in the in-game mailbox. 1 extraction ticket is equal to 10 summons on any extraction banner.

Understanding the Combat Mechanics

Coming to the combat mechanics of Limbus Company, they are quite complex to understand at first glance. Added by the fact that the developers have put no effort to detail the basics of the combat system makes it even more challenging for a new player. Do not worry, as we have tried to greatly simplify the different tactics available to you, as the player while engaging in combat. First things first, the combat plays out in a turn-based order. Players are tasked with chaining skills of each individual ally in the team to form a chain attack. Each ally will target another enemy in the matches. Same for the enemies, as they will also target a particular team member. Players can check these matchings by clicking on the arrow icon located at the top right-hand side.

Each ally or enemy on the battlefield deals 3 types of damages – Slash, Pierce, and Blunt. Similarly, each damage type has it’s own resistances and strengths against enemies. Each Sinner can take different damage from different elements. Yes, the elements in Limbus Company are of 7 unique types. Here are the different elements:

  • Wrath
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Pride
  • Gloom
  • Envy

You might have seen each of these elements being highlighted by their colors when you chain skills. The more color/elements you match when using your allies skills, the stronger the skills will become. This is due to the fact that matching same sins will make them resonate. When chaining 3 or more of the same elements, the condition called Absolute Resonance will be triggered that boosts the skill power to the maximum.

Another mechanic to keep in mind while engaging in combat in Limbus Company are the Coin mechanics. Each skill has a base power set and some additional effects that can trigger as well if the Coin flips in your favour. Coins can add or remove these extra effects from your skills. The extra effects only apply if the Coin flips Head. Next mechanic to talk about is called a “Clash”. When two skills collide with each other, they give in to a Clash. This usually happens when you and an enemy attack each other. It’s possible to cancel the enemy’s skill during a Clash if you skill completely overpowers them.

Know Your Sinners

Here are the different roles that each character is classified into:

  • Yi Sang – Formerly the youngest chief researcher at the [REDACTED] Wing, this sinner possesses higher intelligence compared to most others. We estimate that everyday conversation with this sinner will prove difficult for managers selected by our current screening process. Avoiding communication altogether will pose a risk on its own, however. If the sinner remains silent for a long time, that means he is currently processing a line of deliberate thought; we recommend waiting patiently for him.
  • Faust – The sinner who developed the engine of Mephistopheles, the bus operated by Limbus Company. She claims that there is no one in the City who could rival her library of knowledge and wisdom, and she isn’t necessarily wrong. You might find her high and mighty attitude when she allows you to converse with her displeasing, but as seen with how she treats everyone with subtle gestures of arrogance, there is no hope of her parting with it, ever. We recommend simply nodding once and getting over it. Even though she has an unparalleled genius, we can’t quite figure out how to use this one. Perhaps you could be the one to find out?

  • Don Quixote – There is no sinner that can outmatch this one’s level of passion. An avid aficionada of all things Fixer, she adorns herself with a variety of Fixer-related merchandise. They won’t affect her performance in combat one way or another, so there is no need for you to restrict her from keeping her decorations. She is deeply immersed in the role of a righteous Fixer, hence the exaggerated mannerisms akin to those of an actor. (Has such a thing ever existed, really?) It’s advised to play along with her for a smooth mission.
  • Ryoshu – As they say, every person has their own creed—and it’s only right to respect it as the Executive Manager. But with some creeds, you will have difficulty in even simply pretending to sympathize. You will have noticed that the sinner in question is a silent chain-smoker whose eyes shine with a euphoric gleam only during battle. She believes that senselessly destroying the enemy’s heads is an uncultured act and a step backward for art. If you are at your wit’s end, please press the red button included in your welcome kit.

  • Meursault – Wants clear and concise commands, requiring no judgement on his part.
  • Hong Lu – A sinner who had lived an affluent life before becoming our company’s asset. As such, he has a certain admiration for a free life; but occasionally, he may make ignorant and unsavory questions in regards to the food cooked by a certain other sinner or other aspects of the low-lives’ lowly culture. This can cause much irritation for the other sinners. However, it is important to note that no sarcastic undertones are contained in his curiosity-driven inquiries, so it is ill-advised to let them get physical over it.
  • Heathcliff – This sinner prefers to take action rather than wait for logic to dictate his course. His thoughts and feelings are blatantly visible in his demeanor, and he has no intention of hiding them; his brashness may cause headaches (or physical injury leading to a headache) in the process of forming a relationship. Please do note that this is not an indication of serious damage to the sinner’s thought process. If his fit of rage persists, please contact the human resources department. Once you realize that he is the type that tends to be simple-minded, you’ll have an easier time handling him.

  • Ishmael – You may be disheartened by the defective state of many of your sinners, but do not worry; this sinner is one of the few who can carry out most missions without much complaint. She is likely to make reasonable judgements, so it is a good idea to start conversations while looking her way if you’re seeking sound advice. However, you mustn’t forget: this sinner has survived an absurd voyage in a far and wide body of water. Her patience may run deep, but once you take a wrong turn with her, it will be a difficult task to regain her trust.
  • Rodion – The unfortunate traits of being Backstreets-born are apparent in this sinner. She loves money, gambling, and betting—so it is advised to pay close attention to her as the manager. She tends to deflect orders with an unimpressive wink or a silly joke; we recommend taking a stern stance at times to remind her that you are her superior. Her mood may be down at irregular intervals. There is nothing you can do to aid her in that state, so we recommend waiting for it to pass.

  • Emil Sinclair – Even with the volatile nature of human growth around his age taken into consideration, this sinner seems to get particularly startled or frown when spoken to. He isn’t used to real combat at the moment, meaning that he may struggle to keep himself together at the sight of something as mild as spilt innards at first. As there may be those with violent tendencies among your crew, we recommend taking an approach focused on positive reinforcement with this sinner. He appears to possess a murderous gaze that he himself isn’t aware of; this is a hopeful sign that he has the potential to grow into an expert of our company’s profession with the right stimuli.
  • Outis – This sinner could serve as an excellent advisor depending on your capability. However, she also has a meddlesome tendency, so it is recommended to keep her satisfied with short replies of agreement. She is an expert when it comes to tactics and various pearls of wisdom about life, making her advice all the more valuable for your mission. In addition, she possesses a vast knowledge of workshop technologies; you could trust her with simple repairs of the bus.

  • Gregor – This sinner is relatively easy to handle in terms of personality. However, an upsurge of emotion or a sudden change of environment may cause parts or the whole of his body to transform into insectile (notably akin to a carapace, resembling that of the _________) tissues. If you do not wish to be a rude manager (not that you’re obligated to be nice), we recommend keeping your facial expression in check so that your disgust is not visible to him. He sometimes uses cynical language, but he can still be reasoned with, and you can get around him without much difficulty as long as you learn the knack of it.
  • Dante – Dante, supposedly Limbus Company’s manager / main character, character with a clock instead of the head. They are an enigma so far with little details about them. We only know they have the ability to rewind time and bring back dead sinners to life.

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