Limbus Company, the turn-based SRPG by Project Moon has been received quite warmheartedly by the community as it has already garnered over 1 million downloads just under 1 week of global release. Project Moon are Korean-based developers that are known for their quirky games such as Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina. The combat and storyline of their games are top notch and said to be as unique as they can get. Players can make an account now to get access to the juicy pre-registration rewards being sent out along with some maintenance rewards. Limbus Company is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Table of Contents

  1. Tip #1. Focus on Clearing the Main Storymode First
  2. Tip #2. Try Re-Rolling for A Good Start
  3. Tip #3. Prepare for Combat the Right Way
  4. Tip #4. Timing E.G.O Skill with your Sanity Level

Limbus Company, in their own words give this introduction for the game – “Each of your sinners has a colourful tale to tell. As you continue with your exploration and combat, you will gain access to new information; such is a most ideal way to learn about the sinners. Remember: no one is going to look down upon your heartfelt endeavour for a deeper understanding. Our kind gesture of writing all this down to help you in better comprehending your job should tell you as much. You will find many Nests governed by different Wings. The bus our corporation provides will help you find your way into even the most unapproachable of Nests. Expand your sociocultural horizons as you visit those new Nests; it’ll serve you well to quickly adapt to the culture and technology about your surroundings.” 

In this article, we will be providing some of our personally observed tips and tricks while playing the global version of Limbus Company. As usual with any live service game that has been released recently, there’s a lot to uncover and unpack while figuring out the best way to make progression. Due to the limitation of the game locking many features behind progression in the story mode and the game being fairly new, we were not able to go very far in terms of progression. Hence, we will be giving our tips based off on our experience in dealing with tough enemies and combating high level opponents. 

Limbus Company being a gacha game, is not a sprint race but a marathon where you get stronger day-by-day by completing missions and getting access to more resources. Referring to our beginners guide for Limbus Company, players can take a look at some of the basic systems of the game in-depth and laymen terms. 

Tip #1. Focus on Clearing the Main Storymode First

The main story mode of Limbus Company can be found in the Drive menu located at the bottom center tab of the main UI. Although the main storyline is not always necessary to be completed first, it is always recommend for gacha games such as Limbus Company since they are the main source for juicy rewards. The main story mode of the game will also provide you with an outlook for the combat system and how it works in practice. One of the biggest complaints that players have with the game is that there is little to no handholding. Players are given free reign over what they want to do and where they want to go. No real new player guide or new player missions to guide players on what to do. In such a scenario, we would always recommend simply farming the main story mode and progressing in the story line. 

This is due to the sheer amount of premium currency called Lunacy that is given to players upon clearing the different stages. Naturally, this Lunacy will be Free Lunacy and not the paid version of the premium currency as that is acquired only by purchasing packs via microtransactions. Apart from the premium currencies, players will also be given character enhancement materials, gold, and more resources. Lastly, experience will be the biggest bottleneck that players will struggle with. Upgrading your player rank should also be one of your main goals in your early game journey. The good part is that completing the story stages will also provide with tons of experience. 

Tip #2. Try Re-Rolling for A Good Start

Limbus Company is a gacha game has tons of different types and rarities of Identities and E.G.Os. Identities in Limbus Company can be considered as separate characters themselves as they have unique skill sets. Identities come in different rarities – 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star. The higher the rarity of the identity, the stronger it is. Re-rolling is the process through which players can guarantee them a good start by essentially restarting the game after completing the tutorial multiple times. Players can refer to a rerolling guide for Limbus Company in order to check out the targets to re-roll for along with the different methods available for re-rolling efficiently. 

Here are the different rarities of identities along with their rates to be summoned:

  • E.G.O (All Rarities) – 1.3% Probability of being summoned
  • 3-Star Identities – 2.9% Probability of being summoned
  • 2-Star Identities – 12.8% Probability of being summoned
  • 1-Star Identities – 83% Probability of being summoned

Tip #3. Prepare for Combat the Right Way

The combat mechanics of Limbus Company are perhaps one of the most difficult aspect to learn about in the game. Using the colored chain combos represented for different types of affinities, Limbus Company’s combat always needs to be played with consistently chaining the skills of the same color in order to awaken the latent resonance effects of the skills. As you all might realize by now, the skills of each character and their identities are unique to each other. Chaining skills of the same color means making them more stronger as they do more damage, and their effects last longer. There are 2 types of resonances that every player should be aware about:

Sin Resonance: Sin resonance can be activated upon using skills of the same type by chaining them together. The color of the skills need not matter to activate the Sin resonance, just the type of the skills. This is one of the most basic combos and can be beneficial to use as it increases the overall damage of all the skills that are powered up by Sin Resonance effects.

Absolute Resonance: Absolute resonance can be activated upon using skills of the same color by chaining them together. The color of the skills is the only criteria needed to activate the Absolute resonance. This is also one of the basic combos and can be beneficial to use as it increases the overall damage of all the skills and their effects.

Tip #4. Timing E.G.O Skill with your Sanity Level

One of the biggest mechanics to understand and take advantage of in Limbus Company are perhaps the Sanity Levels assigned to each ally individually. Sanity levels determine the control you will have over your sinners. If the Sanity levels are below 45, you will have a hard time controlling your character and you might also face bad luck that will drown your E.G.O. By bad luck, we mean the coin not falling in your favor more often, your skills not being chained, your colored skills not lining up more often, and more. If this Sanity level falls below 0, you might also lose temporary control over your characters and they will run rogue. Although, at this stage, their abilities will be more powerful but they won’t be in your control. This is what players refer to as “E.G.O Corroded State”, where the characters will deal more damage than their normal state but you do not know which side they will favour.

E.G.O’s are nothing but powerful skills that every Sinner possesses on the battlefield. You can manually equip powerful E.G.O skills to each individual sinner, regardless of their Identity. To use an E.G.O skill, you need to tap and hold the sinner. This will showcase some options of E.G.O skills to use. Simply press and target them towards an enemy. Each E.G.O skill used depletes a certain amount of Sanity Level. Make sure to not easy a powerful E.G.O skill when your character has a low Sanity level as it might drop him down into an E.G.O Corroded State.

To Play Limbus Company more efficiently and in an optimized manner, we highly recommend playing Limbus Company on your PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.