Best Toons To Collect In Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem

Best Toons To Collect In Looney Tunes:...

Do you remember how many characters in Looney Tunes cartoons you watched as a child? There were hundreds of them, right? Well, World of Mayhem also has that much. There are literally hundreds of toons you can collect and this is just the beginning, the number will increase with every update. So, how do you find the best ones among so many toons? What do you need to pay attention to when setting up your team? In this guide, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Character Archetypes: What Are They?

If you have not done so, we recommend that you first read our guide about the Battle System. The information we provide in this guide requires you to know the basics of the battle system. Looney Tunes has turn based battle mechanics and you can add up to four toons to your team. The roles that the team members can assume determine which archetype they belong to. In this regard, we can say that there are three basic archetypes.

Tank Archetype: This character draws the attention of enemies using the “taunt” ability. Once this skill has been used, enemies can only attack the tank. (This applies to you as well.) So, as long as the tank is alive, other toons do not get damaged. (AOE –area of effect- attacks are the only exception to this rule.) Your team must have a toon from the tank archetype.

Healer Archetype: This character can replenish the health points of other toons by using its healing skills. They can also give other toons various buffs, like attack and defense. Their health/defense points are very low and if they are not protected by the tank, they die pretty quick. Your team must have at least one healer.

Damage Dealer: This character has very high attack points. They give the enemy the most damage. When they use an attack buff, they can kill an enemy toon even in a single attack. It is possible to say that they are divided into two: the damage dealers who attack an area (AOE), and the damage dealers that attack a single target. Your team must have one of both.

In short, you must create your four-man team as follows:

  • 1 tank,
  • 1 healer,
  • 1 AOE damage dealer,
  • 1 single target damage dealer.

You cannot change the archetype of toons. So, how will you know which toon belongs to what archetype? This information is located in each toon’s own info window. Take a look at the following screenshot:

The icon in the marked location indicates the archetype of the toon. In this context:

  • Red Sword Icon: Means Damage Dealer.
  • Blue Castle Icon: Means Tank.
  • Green Potion Icon: Means Healer.

You can tell which subcategory the Damage Dealers belong to by looking at their skills. For example, Sylvester is an AOE damage dealer. He can also give a debuff to the enemy toons:

Let’s Form Up The Team

Unfortunately, we can’t give a list of the best toons in this guide. The first reason for this is that the game is still very new and there is not enough data to make comparisons. But the real reason is that there is no such thing as the “best toon”. If you think that you can create a single team and use it in all battles, you are wrong. Even if you gather the rarest and strongest toons in the game and set up a team, you cannot use it in every battle. Each battle requires a different set of toons. The friend/rival system determines what this setup should be. So before entering a battle, you must examine the members of the enemy team and create your own team accordingly.

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So, what is the friend/rival system? As in cartoons, some toons are hostile to each other and some toons are friends with each other. If you place toons who are friends with each other in a team, you gain a defense buff.

If there is a rival in the enemy team, you get an attack buff this time. Keep in mind that this also affects the enemy team. So if you don’t choose team members correctly, you’ll also give the enemy team an attack buff.

These buffs are very powerful: The attack buff affects not only the rival character, but the whole enemy team. The 15% increase is actually pretty high and especially useful in tough battles. A Bugs Bunny with this buff can lower the health points of enemy toons down to 50% with one special attack.

So, how do you know which toons are friends or rivals? Don’t worry if you can’t remember this from the cartoons: The game gives you this info.

Look at the part we marked. Red toons are rivals, and blue toons are friends. Everyone knows that Bugs Bunny’s rival is Elmer, but if you can’t remember the friend or rival of a specific toon, you can refresh your memory from this section.

Focus On All

There’s another reason why you have to use different toons for every battle: The origin point of the toons. World of Mayhem has a feature called “Toon World” and gives each toon a point of origin. For example, Bugs Bunny is a toon of forest origin. Hector, on the other hand, is a town toon. For more information on this topic, take a look at our Looney Tunes World guide.

This distinction is important in the main story campaign. As mentioned in our Battle System guide, there are 6 chapters in the game. Each chapter takes place in a different part of the world. You must also choose toons according to this: You cannot use a forest toon in a town chapter.

For example, in the town chapter, you can use only toons from the same area. Take a look at the screenshot below: Although we have unlocked the Bugs Bunny, we cannot take him to this battle, due to it is being a “forest” toon.

In short, forget choosing a single toon and focusing on it. For each chapter, you need to create a different team and develop them separately. This is one of the original features of Looney Tunes: You can’t re-roll until you find the best characters like Idle Heroes or Knight Chronicles. You have to create 6 different teams and develop 24 different toons. This is a job that will take quite some time, but you can be sure that it will be also fun: Who wouldn’t want to collect all Looney Tunes characters? By reading our other guides on Looney Tunes, you can make this adventure even more enjoyable. Good luck!

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