Thriving kingdoms don’t defend themselves. As a hopeful hero and aspiring adventurer, it’s your job to get strong quickly and stop at nothing to defend your kingdom and make it thrive. If you’re brand new to an honest day of hero’s work, you may not know where to start to get off your feet and dive right into the brawl. Here at BlueStacks, we are dedicated to bringing you all the helpful secrets, tips, trick, and strategies that will have you climbing the ladder all the way up to heroic success whether you’re an Android or Apple user. Check out our list of tips and tricks for the wildly popular, real-time strategy, tower defense game, Magic Rush: Heroes



Get Your Heroes

After you download and install the game on BlueStacks, the first step to getting in the game will be getting your heroes. Here’s how it’s done. Heroes are summoned through the wishing pool by using diamonds. They can also be summoned using Soul Stones that are acquired through Elite and Legendary stages of the game, the Abyss Dungeon, and several other special events. As a newbie, you won’t get those just yet as the Soul Stone wishing pool is open only to VIP 8 and higher.



You may also be wondering about Legendary Heroes and how to get them. In short, the Legendary Heroes are powerful, and very rare, heroes that you can get only during certain events and the Soul Stone wishing pool, so don’t forget to always keep your eye on the events page. But if you forget, don’t worry. As a fresh VIP 0, you’ll get there eventually. Work your way up the ladder, plan your battles, and make it there through the storyline.



Tip: Here’s a tip for summoning. Don’t just try to get heroes every time you reach the minimum purchase amount. To best utilize the wishing pool, save your gems until you reach two thousand or so and then hope for a good role. You may or may not get lucky, but you’ll increase your chances at a better hero by saving your gems and spending them on one big summon.


Stack Your Teams Wisely

Team-building with your characters is the most important part of success. They are your heroes after all. In addition to treating them with the love and respect they deserve, you should also get to know them on a deeper level. And yes, we’re talking about stats.



Not every character is optimal for every battle, and some heroes fare far better than others in certain areas. Honey, Mira, and Aurora are great heroes for Arena battles, for instance, and Gearz is perfect for targeting the back row for when you need to strategize. It’s the little details that matter. Keep in mind all your heroes’ abilities and equipment before sending them out off to battle. Take note of their special skills and the layout of the battlefield.



Tip: The best thing you can do for early strategy is to choose a tank unit, a healer, and a marksman and level them up with experience elixirs right at the beginning. Give them preferential treatment and take care of their runes and abilities before any other units. That way, you’ll have a strong team that allows you to get farther in the game without having to struggle in battle later on. It’s always better to build the right units early rather than grind after you’ve reached a boss too tough to beat.



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Also, once you reach level twenty, the Academy becomes available. Be sure to level up there as often as possible to stay strong and competitive for later boss battles.


Stay on Top of the Updates

You’ve got mail, and you better check it. That’s right, don’t you dare forget to check your mailbox and stay on top of those updates. The Magic Rush Support team sends you useful game and character updates so that you can stay up to date with any changes that are being made.



You may get a good tip about special tasks to complete. If not in the updates section, then just go to the Screen to check on stages that might have some special tasks that you can complete for more gold, equipment, or runes. You’ll really be surprised what you find in the updates.



Tip: Oftentimes, you’ll get a little bonus from the updates too. After scheduled and impromptu maintenance, the support team will drop you a few diamonds and gold as a form of Maintenance Compensation. Trust us, it adds up over time, and you’ll be happy that you didn’t just leave it collecting dust in your mailbox.


Rake in the Gold

Money makes the world go round. Gold is the form of cash in your kingdom, and it is incredibly important for the advancement of the game. Gold serves as a summoning currency that allows you to gain Soul Crystals, Runes, and Blue Items at the wishing pool. Gold is also needed to level up your skills. To get gold, utilize your free wishes at the pool, find chests, and get grinding. You get five free gold summons per day, so be sure to make the best of them.



Tip: Here’s a few more gold tips. On water levels, you can touch the floating chests to get additional gold. Also, after beating Growth and Experience trials, you can go back and sweep the trials to get tons of gold and extra experience. After the growth and experience trials reset, you can get more items and resell them for gold. Gold watches will earn you a pretty penny. You can also revisit multiple levels to pick up some more gold and runes.


To Do or Not To Do

Take full advantage of the To Do button in the drop-down menu. The To Do button shows your achievements to reach and quests that you can do to increase your levels, gain equipment, and pull in more gold. Always check the To Do section when you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do next or you think you need to do some grinding.



While you’re up and about checking things, you should also remember to always check for your free summons. They don’t always stick around for too long, so be sure to snatch them up as soon as you see them.

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